All Kinds Of Art Taken To Heart!

Never fear. None of the cat's drawing is near. That would scare many away. Maybe not as much as zombie feet on display. But there is an art at the ready. So art may come steady.

The Art of the Sparkly Fart.
Whoops, a shameless plug to start.
Hey, I'm using the art of selling.
There is no need for yelling.

So I don't need to draw?
Not with paw or claw?
And I get to call it art?
Damn, artistic I can be with any part.

The art of walking.
The art of talking.
The art of nose picking.
The art of finger licking.

Preferably not two in one.
Although that is an art run.
Saw such "art" at a job interview.
A pick and eat came due.

Doesn't that scream work there?
They have art to spare.
So much that they eat it.
Blah, my ocd just had a fit.

But it did it to art.
Would you take part?
The art of blogging.
The art of logging.

One you type.
The other you gripe.
Yeah, screw the physical labor art.
Rather go to Wal-Mart.

Now there is some art.
The art of a person part.
Many show cracks to start.
It then delves deeper into art.

Now I'll demonstrate an art.
The opposite art of start.
The art of the finish.
Such art can't diminish. 

Whoops, I failed.
My art has been jailed.
Still no artistic skill.
Guess my art is set to chill.

Does you art chill out? Do you go all art of the shout? Could be art to anything and everything. Even the art of a fling. Hey, it is still spring. You can go for it at your blog wing. There is also an art to each season. Damn, this art thing works every which way for no reason. I think I'll go leave some art in the grass from my ever so artful little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I enjoy blogging and the comments I recieve from kind people like yourself. Everyone is an wouldn't do to be all the same.


  2. All Kinds Of Art Taken To Heart!
    Question of when it is to start
    No sketching
    No thinking
    Hold your breath looking smart


  3. You've mastered the art of rhyming.
    I like art except for the new age pop art.

  4. Guess art can be anything you want to be art. Just a picture is art, just how you look at it.

  5. Art can be anything since it's so subjective.

  6. This reminds me of back when almost every musician called themselves an artist, especially the ones that didn't event write their own music.

    1. Just sang a tune
      Or danced around like a loon

  7. There's an art of everything these days.

  8. Art is in the eye of the beholder
    Some of it though is really weird
    Across all the types represented
    And some to be feared.


  9. Did finger licking really have to come right after nose picking? Ew. hahahahaha

    1. hahaha saw that done a while ago
      At a job interview at our show

  10. The art of chewing gum
    Or may be the art of drinking rum
    Pass the test to be the best
    In a cunning little nest

    1. Cunning and safe
      Hopefully it won't chafe

  11. Betsy beat me to it
    Ewww to the picking/licking bit
    Best to not go there
    Especially with nose hair

    1. Yank the nose hair out
      Adds flavor, no doubt

  12. Im not really very artsy but I do appreciate others talent!

  13. My art is never any good, but the idea of teaching my granddaughter about sparkly stinkers made me laugh. I could never... her mother is very proper and would be MORTIFIED (which makes me laugh even harder). :)

    1. haha now you have to
      Leave her mortified in view

  14. I can draw stick figures. I cannot draw, paint or sculpt.

  15. Art for itself is art indeed. Had students who were artists at the nose-picking. Met some recently who are now adults. Reminded them of their talent.

    1. haha never let them forget that
      Where they are at

  16. I do my part for art
    More like a dabble
    I write, cannot sing
    That would stir a rabble

    Of protest. Ouch my ears!

  17. My dad said I wasn’t the smartest
    I’ll never grow up to be artist
    But soon he would see
    Trophied artistry
    As world acclaimed me greatest fartist

  18. I don't have an artistic bone in my body. Guess I should eat a glitter capsule for sparkly farts that I could call art.

  19. I love art
    Not what one can buy at Walmart.
    It is used for all kinds of crap
    From fashion and food to that shit called rap.

    1. All get the moniker indeed
      When some take no seed

  20. I wish I was good at art...
    but I am not. I guess it
    is too late now. Sigh.

    1. Hey, you never know
      A new hip could give you an art show

  21. Sketching calms me and I love when I have a day to draw- standing up on my deck. :)


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