Dig Deep At Your Keep!

Are you ready to dig a little deeper? Some sure do it and become a weeper. The cat doesn't like that. They whine like they can't get out scat. Of course that can suck too. But we won't dig into that at our zoo.

Dig down deep.
Forget the weep.
Just dig on down.
Maybe to Chinatown.

Does China go the other way?
To America do they say?
Somehow I doubt that.
No digging into it for the cat.

Now what's with digging?
Are you sitting there wigging?
Wigging out you know.
Does your wig go with the flow?

Think about that.
I'll dig and bury scat.
My digging is now done.
Back to the digging run.

Dig a little deeper.
A saying not for a sweeper.
They just sweep it under the rug.
So things have to be dug.

Find things out.
That's what it's about.
But not where this is going.
Caught on to my showing?

Digging myself a hole.
Ah, now you got my goal.
Nah, I already dug that.
Can we get off the scat?

Found in a lie.
Oh me, oh my.
Sinking in debt.
Look, one final bet.

Two unrelated.
But both are fated.
You sure got it now.
Don't raise an eyebrow.

Digging a deeper hole.
Seems to be a human goal.
Can't admit and try to get out.
Nope, dig on down like a merry trout.

Do you dig deeper holes? Not the ones for places flag poles. Arguing and arguing even when you're wrong? That goes to the dig a deeper hole song. Even trying to get out of a lie with another lie. Whoops, hole dug some spry. Let's get out of debt with more debt. Yeah, that is a safe bet. Could dig deeper all day but the cat now needs to play. Now don't go disturbing the grass when digging near my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Dig Deep At Your Keep!
    Try not to lose sleep
    A deeper hole
    Keep on hold
    A trait pushed by greed


  2. I had to dig holes when I put up our fence.
    I know the Cat likes to dig in the litter box - and bury!

    1. Those kinds of holes are both grand
      Can make good neighbors and not see those in our land

  3. Dig a hole, wow that's deep
    Make it deeper, make it steep
    Dirt falls in, build a wall
    Catch it quick before the fall

    1. Hand may raise
      May get praise
      But in the end
      6 ft you still lend

  4. Let me tell you, I can dig a hole with the best of them and then pile the pile mile high!

  5. You might just find diglett

  6. One lie leads to another "they" say.
    So speaking the truth is a better way.
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  7. Dig deep for some peace of mind
    digging digging what can you find
    maybe, some treasure of rare design
    an ancient ruin that was left behind
    perhaps,secrets hidden from mankind

    Tell me why does the movie Holes
    play in my mind?

    1. Likes to play
      As a digging they went at their bay
      A secret or two
      With dough coming due
      Would sure be a win
      So dig on in

  8. Dig for truth but don't let the lies dig you deep.

  9. There are lots around here that do some digging and then run like crazy. Have a great day.

  10. Maybe when I didn't realize that I was wrong. But if I'm wrong and I know it then I'll say so.

  11. I need to dig out of a hole at work
    Tired of feeling like a jerk.


    1. Get a shovel and dig away
      Or smash one with the shovel and call it a day lol

  12. best to stay mum
    listen to others hum
    oh the holes get deep
    could make it tough to sleep
    I avoid the lie
    best to just sigh

    happy saturday

    1. Sigh and walk away
      Or get ear plugs at your bay

  13. If we dig too far at the beach, we of course reach the water. The kids get a kick out of that, every single time it happens. :)

    1. haha fun to watch it rise up indeed
      When it takes seed

  14. I dig in the garden regularly. Does that count? :)

  15. No point in keeping digging when you're in a hole!

  16. I dig this one
    Digging is fun
    But sometimes it's not
    like digging for snot
    That I don't do

    1. haha even when a booger is stuck
      Still pass the buck

  17. Digging yourself into a hole?/Careful you don't come across the water vole/They it looks like a rat/Perfect dinner for the cat! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  18. He needed a tale that was new
    For lies she had heard quite a few
    And so just for fun
    This son of a gun
    Confused her with one that was true

  19. Most enjoyable to read Pat.


  20. I've dug a hole or 2 with words and my hubby can dig even deeper ones and insert both hands and feet. As for debt, I see this every day in my line of work

    1. haha takes skill to get hands and feet in
      Yep, sure go into the hole money bin

  21. Can't remember digging a hole
    But I may have selective memory, you know
    I try to tell the truth most days
    Covering up is too hard always

    1. Well sometimes covering up can work
      Other times not to is more of a perk

  22. My siblings are always digging holes with their words. Then, they are so stupid, they can't even comprehend what they said to get so far into the ground that they done pissed everyone off.

    1. Yeah, know plenty like that
      They are ignored by the cat


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