Going Dead So Don't Lose Your Head!

What did you think? Maybe zombie feet will give you a wink? Those nasty things probably can wink. But we don't need their stink. There is more to dead than off with your head.

Things are alive.
Five by five.
Things are dead.
Nothing need said.

But things not alive,
Can also survive?
How is that?
Chew that fat.

Poppy cock I say.
Not alive at ones bay.
Then it can't die.
At least until robots come to fry.

Do you need a tissue?
Do you have an issue?
Well I don't want to hear it.
Nope, not one little bit.

You know what it means?
Nod your head behind your screens.
It means the issue is dead.
A dead issue put to bed.

Look! Something not alive can die.
Ummm, does that really fly?
Dead becomes dead while not even able to be dead.
That will keep the thoughts in your mind fed.

Then let's suppose it is right.
Never ever at any site.
But we'll indulge you a bit.
So no need to hiss and spit.

If you still have the issue,
And are still crying in your tissue,
Does that mean the issue is really dead?
Can it be dead just from what I said?

Just because I ignore it.
Or won't indulge your fit,
Kinda like I'm doing now.
Does it die somehow?

Nope, issue is still there.
Damn, this is one weird affair.
Dead issues are alive issues that aren't really alive so can't really die.
Who knew issues were so spry.

Do you have an issue with the dead issue? Are you going to go cry into a tissue? How can something not living die? Can I make the door die with a fire that will cause it to fry? Too many questions from me? Do I hurt the poor head of thee? I guess that is an issue with each pass. One that is fine being alive for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. You're dead right with this verse Pat.
    Happy week-end.


  2. You bet bet I have an issue
    But first say, "I miss you":p
    Hello Cat!
    How's the kitty cat mat?
    Been a while and all
    Should have given a call
    Or a yell at least
    Or a growl like some wildebeest
    You know, your basic sound
    I have been around
    But couldn't find Bor
    So I'm still on a diet at my shora
    Just so you know
    At the kitty cat show

    Great post
    From coast to coast!

    1. Good Mornung Blue
      nice to see you!

      Be happy you're alive
      not dead at your hive
      stay tuned news at five
      or just skip all that jive

    2. Still on the diet
      Hasn't caused a riot
      Getting in shape for Bora
      Where you and the misses can umm whora
      Issue at hand
      How to get to the sand
      And step in dog poop
      And travelers diarrhea at the stoop
      Oh isn't it grand
      In bora land

      For meee

    3. Grand I'm sure it is
      Minus the dog poo biz

      Cat, tell Pat to check this out: a show called the frigging Reboot! Say it ain't so!

    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnd2D7CAqKY

    5. Yeah, two minutes of that and my head began to ache
      No way in hell, can stuff their reboot partake

    6. That long?
      Didn't make you sing a song
      They can eat a thong
      I didn't say ding-dong :D

    7. Chew it and choke
      The annoying bloke

  3. When issues trouble you, sing baby sing
    Do like the birdies do, sing have a fling
    When the dead and the gloom
    Follow you in every room
    Start the day with tweet tweet tweetin
    It's a special joyful greetin

    1. A zipideedooda kinda day?
      Wasn't that racist, so they say? lol

  4. Thing not alive
    But can die
    Lost a phone rip
    Battery charge was incomplete
    your hair is so alive
    make it more vibrant with dye
    Oops wrong form of dye
    no need to cry
    unless you have an electric car
    and the battery dies, you won't go far
    so much for a car that is smart
    as now it needs a jumpstart

    It's Saturday why am I awake
    i think a few more winks I will take

    1. Smart and car
      Won't go far
      Still can die
      And there they lie
      Or would it be lay?
      Bah, no grammar today
      Dye it pink
      Send on to the brink
      Dye it grey
      Whoops, will get there anyway

  5. I really don't mind stinky feet but those zombies are really scary though.

  6. dead as a doornail. What does that really mean? That's an issue. Don't need a tissue

    1. Doornail never dead
      So came out of a dead head?

  7. Issues aren't really dead if someone keeps bringing them back up.

  8. Going Dead So Don't Lose Your Head!
    Just stay cool so keep staying ahead
    Crying one's head off
    Not to be seen as soft
    They'll notice with some kind of dread


  9. What's the cat going on about?/Zombies? They're easy to spot out/Inert limbs, freaky eyes/give them some blue and they look like ice.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Ice zombie plague coming
      May cause some bumming

  10. Some issues need to die
    Better than giving a big sigh


  11. Why does nothing go dead
    except people we love, cars, computers, and not the people we hate and dread
    Wish they'd go dead instead.

    1. Yep, so do we
      Wish they'd all fall in the sea

  12. Things don't die they just get recycled. ;)

    1. The environmentally friendly way
      At every bay

  13. Wife asked me if I lost my head
    I wondered at what she had said
    Till she started playing
    With something decaying
    "I found this one laying in bed"

    1. Look into that
      Could need psychiatric help where she's at

  14. I guess it depends on your definition of dead.
    If something is breathing it's alive, so it's said.
    If something never took a breath how could it be dead?
    This may no make sense to me or to you, but it's been said.

  15. Speaking of dead issues, read something written 200 years ago about the current politics of the day. BORING

  16. If things weren't dead, I couldn't be hopped upon Halloween the way that I am. Yay for dead things ;)

    1. haha go hallowen nazi at your sea
      Need the dead to come to be

  17. I like the song lyric "diggin' up bones".
    Somethings never die.

  18. I think losing your head
    Might make you dead
    Do dust bunnies die?
    Say no or I will cry


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