It's Combo Time With This Chime!

A combination may take form and become the norm. Or it may take form and send one hiking back for their dorm. As in it is very scary. Some could sure get hairy. That we do know. But in case you don't, here you go.

It's combo time.
Don't drop a dime.
Not that kind of one.
No need to clog the arteries a ton.

Elvis and Bieber together.
A combo one could weather.
Err umm yeah, not.
That may not sound too hot.

Microsoft and cats.
They screw up like dingbats.
Just make mechanical ones.
The thought gives me the runs.

Movies and video games.
Pffft plenty of crap worthy claims.
Very few of them good.
Can that Mario one even be understood?

Pizza and squid.
One to be hid.
Both nasty to me.
But would ruin much glee.

McDonald's and a diet.
Go ahead and try it.
But the combo won't work.
Double the combo perk.

A mime and a dog.
Nope, miming lost in a fog.
Try to get a dog to mime.
They'll yap and have a grand old time.

A car and trash.
BTTF had a bash.
Sorry, doesn't work yet.
Never is a safe bet.

Some rum and dish soap.
Boy, you have to be a dope.
Yeah, I actually saw that.
Not pretty where any are at.

A combo with a combo.
Did a wtf you just go?
I raise it with another one.
A wtf in a wtf for fun.

There are millions that could be spun, especially with a nasty food run. Think of any at your sea? Any scare you that came from me? Squid and pizza some may find grand in some far off land. I think we will pass on them all. Maybe a combo wtf can befall. I'm sure we left some like that in mass. Thus is the way of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Squid and pizza
    Some may like
    If put on a plate
    I'd take a hike

  2. This and that, some will work
    Frick and Frack had their perk
    Others are a silly combo
    like Fred Astaire without the mambo

    1. A silly stare
      Some beware
      May see bare
      With lots of hair

  3. Passing on the squid pizza.
    Asparagus and pancakes. Well, asparagus and anything would be bad...

    1. Yeah, pretty much the case
      Blah, we'd sure do an about face

  4. Well it is pancakes this morning here. No eggs, bacon just dinner a little later. Skip the combo is my motto!

  5. It's Combo Time With This Chime!
    Presents a convenience one a dime
    When it's two of a kind
    Makes it easy to find
    To pick up the combo to save time


  6. Any fast food place and diet would make for a horrible combo.

  7. I suppose you could get a salad at McDonalds? But, are you telling us you don't like pizza at all?

  8. I think I'd run from a Bieber any old time, the dude is weird!

  9. Pizza and squid? No, I don't even like anchovies on my pizza.

    1. No sea on the pizza for you
      There at your zoo

  10. Panera has a choose your own combo
    I like a cup of soup with a Greek salad

    Elvis and Beiber, on that I will pass
    Maybe that will work for another lass

  11. The mario one was pretty bad, especially the goombas and koopas

    1. Yeah, dumb as can be
      That and Double Dragon at any sea

  12. Not squid on my pizza
    Just too weird to try
    Rather keep it the usual
    And enjoy it rsther than die


    1. Bah, just bad indigestion I bet
      If it were met

  13. Gluten free Sugar free Oreos
    What would be the point
    Or a Pepto in milkshake
    That's a sad soda shop joint

    1. Be pointless and cost more
      When they come ashore

  14. Gonna be candid. Read "McDonald's and a Diet" and actually laughed out loud.

    1. lol should be the way
      As doesn't work at any bay

  15. So mane much fear
    What about squid taste in beer?
    Yuk is right! They should just ask us
    ....but then again, people do like Haggis

  16. A combo that I like is pizza and a movie:)
    Enjoy your day, Pat.

  17. Microsoft and cats sure do go together here at my sea. You can never have one without the other.

  18. I'm cringing at squid on a pizza. I've jigged them and eaten them (dried, stuffed and roasted, fried, boiled), but never on a pizza. I've even had them fancied up as "calamari." For a pizza that's really scary, try a double combo: squid on pizza, along with Brussel sprouts and mushrooms! that would send me screaming! LOL Have a good one, Pat!

    1. Hey, hey ~ at your bay!
      I'm catching up in threes this week.

      You threw a new idiom at me: "At least my mind isn't a wreck."
      It wouldn't work for me, because some days I wonder if mine is a wreck ~ LOL!

      I'm a skeptic about driverless cars, at least not anytime soon. I'm more worried about endless drones filling our skies, especially from Amazon. We might end up with a lot of package rustlers.

      I have to order this year's IWSG anthology, now that I am home. And I'm definitely going to order "The Connective." Looks really good. I remember learning all of Nova Scotia's counties in third grade, so I'm thinking that setting might well be near Liverpool, N.S. Good luck with your latest novel. Pat!

    2. haha the cat now knows how to scare you
      Go all super pizza combo in view
      A new idiom too
      Score times two
      Ugg to the drones and the nuts
      Many will shoot them down with heads up their butts
      And that you may be right
      Damn though, remember what you did in the third grade at your site?

    3. I do remember, Pat! Because I went to a one room school in Margaretsville, and we did maps for the first time ever. Drawing a map of our community and studying the map of Nova Scotia was a big thrill for me. That was the beginning of my love of maps and mapping. Weird, I know! LOL

    4. lol hey, if you like it doesn't matter weird or not
      Now GPS helps point the spot

  19. Elvis and Bieber no way.
    Elvis is one of a kind to this day.

  20. A mambo at disco
    is pretty good combo
    but if we let wife know
    then home this one must go

  21. Some bad combos there.
    could make you swear.
    some things don't mix
    and the combo you must nix. haha.

  22. Like combo,
    a fresh taste
    will try though
    Tarot maze...

  23. Those are not good combos. The worst I have is the school system and their transportation department. The two just don't mix these days (half the time the bus doesn't show up to take the kids to school or come to the school to bring them home)

    1. Oh yeah, that is very dumb
      Someone needs to pull their head from their bum

  24. 4-cheese pizza and Netflix.
    Wine and dark chocolates.
    Green mangoes and shrimp paste.

    These combos I love. :D

    1. Got plenty there
      Combo-ing up at your lair

  25. Elvis and Bieber, you say?
    Say it ain't so at your bay....


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