Pick Your Hit With What Day Is It!

The cat has seen even more weird ones creep in. Or just plan eye roll worthy ones for the win. So let's jump on the bandwagon today. Let's make up a day.

Hop on one foot day.
That may cause dismay.
It may not please.
Could blow over with the breeze.

Lick the ground day.
Isn't that a great foray?
You could catch a disease.
That day sure would please.

Blow with the wind day.
Blow back at your bay.
If you are full of hot air.
It could work grand at your lair.

Ask a random question day.
Go up to the nearest person on display.
Ask the strangest thing that pops in.
You may get chucked in the looney bin.

Kick the nearest thing day.
Could work as a double play.
Random question for one.
A kick for the second will be done.

Random research day.
Make up some stats about any foray.
That will be easy to do.
Just add one plus two.

Contradict stats day.
Join the fray.
Say the opposite of another finding.
The internet will be grinding.

The killer excuse day.
Give your best a say.
If people don't buy it.
Hey, maybe hiss and spit.

The flick an ear day.
Flick them at play.
When you see them on another,
Flick like an annoying little brother.

The make a day day.
Didn't think I'd give that a say?
I declare it make a day day.
Here on the 29th of May.

Hey, Monopoly and barbies have a day. Why can't a day making day join the fray? Although you may end up in jail with a few of these. But you won't blowing back at the breeze. Have any weird ones to add to the mass? Go ahead and make a day day on the day declared by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Although I have family issues I've come to the conclusion that each day is how we make it.
    Another great verse Pat.


  2. Can it really be that today I'm 2?!?
    This holiday must have kept others in the zzzzzzzzoo!

    1. They must all be a sleeping
      No holiday up here so work we're a keeping

  3. Can today be,
    Just for me,
    Shoot a Quilt Day
    At my high altitude bay?

  4. This whole National Whatever a Day is truly getting old! But the Random Question Day might prove to be fun.

    1. Yep, getting very old
      With that one who knows what will be told

  5. I could go for a treats a day day!

  6. Every day is contradict stats day in the USA, trickling down from the very top!

    1. Hey Mr. "Pat Hatt cat rhyme time blog!"
      I found you through a popular dog,
      Ms Sophie Doodle
      who can be found through Google.

      Okay, that's all the rhyming I can do today, or time will get away from me. You certainly had time on your mind when you wrote the last series of posts. Wasting time? Not in your prime! You have definitely mastered the art of the finish ~ no waiting till you retire when your powers may diminish. Resumes and interviews for a computer to peruse ~ I'm glad that I missed that indignity. See ~ I'm all caught up. Had a few zen moments contemplating all the gorgeous kitties at that other lair. I could use a word volcano cat as I dig myself a time sucking hole always searching for the right word. You think OCD is bad, Pat? Try ADHD with OCD! LOL Have a great day at your bay!

    2. haha all caught up
      Not like a top floating hiccup
      Or so they say
      ADHD would give us a scary bay
      We sure get it done
      Finish and away we run
      The next way we go
      All ready for the volcano

  7. Do you like bread? (Random question for you.)

    Is there a Type A Elf day? That would be me.

    1. I like it but can't eat it
      May be crap outta luck with the elf day hit
      But it you can make
      Then all can partake

  8. Perhaps Pat Hatt day
    All must rhyme
    And pay to play

    1. Rhyme all the day through
      Could drive many mad at their zoo

  9. It's No Tobacco day tomorrow

    1. All would go mad
      At least the smokers a tad

  10. Random Research Day sounds interesting. As part of this random research, I would like to know what brand of kitty litter you use.

    1. haha we use the 50 pound box from Costco
      Does the trick at our show

  11. Pick Your Hit With What Day Is It!
    Day to remember a done day to beat
    Day caught napping
    Sent it all reeling
    When beating all odds what a feat!


  12. Guess they have to find a reason for each day
    Can we just go out and play?


  13. I have an annoying little brother I wouldn't mind flicking. lol

  14. A day of sleep
    With not a peep
    From anyone
    Sounds like fun.

    No TV or talking
    And only quiet walking.
    A time with nothing to say
    Sounds like a pretty good day.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Saying nothing at all
      May sure stall
      Especially if at the store
      And there is an uproar

    2. On Quiet Day
      At home I'll stay.
      Spend time in bed
      To rest my head.

      Arlee Bird
      Tossing It Out

    3. Lying and sleeping
      Not a bird be cheeping

  15. Random Research Day sounds fun...at least to me. :)

  16. I want the Contradict Stats Day. Can't wait. *Rubs furry paws with glee.

  17. How about????? No I can't say that "day"
    But I'm thinking it, even though I cannot say

    1. Think but don't say
      Someone may pay and pay

  18. This might make people cringe
    which is aok by me especially if they binge.
    why, would they binge, you say?
    I would have National Bowel day!

    1. lol shit or get off the pot
      I imagine one would be sitting a lot

  19. I like the make a day day. I always thought when I was still working that a 3 day weekend on a regular basis would be great.

    1. Yeah, that would be grand
      And sure is when in hand

  20. It is amazing how many celebrate days there are. Some are for true celebration and others seem to be just for fun. There is a day for everything!

    1. Yep, day for everything at all
      Some are fun, others eye roll at ones hall

  21. No hopping or licking..ha..ha..Today is perfect, sunny and warm, smiles ~

  22. November 19th is Toilet Day. I know because my son told me it was today and I told him no way (it's Memorial Day and that just seemed wrong). Looked it up and got the real day. How goofy (it and me for looking it up). ;)

    1. lmao toilet day would be a win
      If toilet paper was half off at every bin

  23. From church he would stay far away
    While all that was good filled his day
    When good times would flow
    but when world filled with woe
    Guess who’s first to show up and pray

    1. That's the way many go
      A hypocritical show

  24. I've noticed there are something-something day, like every day! I thought nap day would be nice, and I'm pleasantly surprised there is in fact national napping day :-)

    1. Take a nap
      Nothing wrong with falling into the at trap

  25. Ask a random question day. That's something that toddlers and kids like to do every day!

    1. Fun to see what they say
      And they sure say more than one at her bay

  26. How about Pat Hatt Day?
    What do you say?
    We'd have fun and laughs around here
    Then again, that's every day.

    1. Would sure wear out
      When always Pat Hatt about

  27. I would recommend
    National Suzanne Day
    Everyone has to bring a treat
    And we all drink and play


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