Purr Empire Part One Everywhere Animals Run!

     I thought I was having a nap on the lap of that Pat chap, but that turned out to be fake because we all awoke in some lake. Cassie was not happy with it. She hated water and began to hiss and spit. I had no fear and swam to shore. Pat shook off and then we heard a familiar roar. Once again he was back. It was way easier when all that godly mook did was attack.
     "Drazin was in the middle of..." Drazin's eyes were filled with love.
     "The godly mook and Plum were touching...his bum!" I looked away. That was such a scary display. Give me water any day. Drazin bare was now burned in my mind come what may.
     "Thy demon is in the nude."
     "Way to state the obvious, Pat." Cassie rolled her eyes and stared at Drazin's man parts like they were flies.
     "Don't even think about it, fleabag. Drazin isn't into such things like your crazy human." Drazin searched for something to wear while he used his hands to cover up being bare.
     "Demon, thy shall perish for such remarks."
     "What did you do now, godly mook? Pat wasn't nuts for a whole year. Now he is. Where are we?" Cassie badgered Drazin some more while Pat and I scanned the shore. There was nothing in sight. Not even a sand flea tried to bite.
     "Would it be a shocker if we were back on Island of the Gawker?" I had to point that out. It was familiar until we spotted a talking trout.
     "We swim from here to there searching for some hair. If only we weren't so slippery and wet our hair dream would be met."
     "Is Drazin going nuts or did that meal just talk?"
     "Ahhhhh. Upright humans! Feral cats! It's the end of days." The trout went beneath the sea and we knew this was not the Gawker's place to be.
     "First talking cats. Now talking fish. Drazin is in a Disney movie."
     "Hopefully it's more Lion King and less Princess and the Frog," Pat chimed in, back to his normal self with a movie spin. "I can't look at this any longer." Pat took off his shirt and tossed it to Drazin. Thankfully he wrapped it around himself and we no longer had to look at the thing the size of a raisin.
     "Let's get this over with and find out what the godly mook got us into this time." Cassie sighed and trotted away while we each kept an eye on the bay.
     "This isn't Drazin's doing, fleabag. If Drazin wanted to go anywhere Drazin wouldn't do it while Drazin was bare. If this is like that deranged candy land or those zombies with powers, Drazin is going to throw you fleabags and your crazy human in a vault and lock the door."
     "Give it a try and you'll lose an eye." I trotted behind Cassie with my tail in the air. I too could show my rump all bare.
     "Demon, what has thou done? Where has thou taken us?" Pat grabbed a stick and held it like a sword. His eyes widened as we were being marched on by an animal horde.
     "How is this Drazin's fault? Drazin doesn't want to go to a land with walking, talking animals."
     Animals dressed and walking like humans surrounded us. They were sure all making a fuss. They were even armed with guns. A few looked like they were about to have the runs.
     "Where have you come from? The Island of Forbidden? This will mean war if so. State your business or be shot," a jittery tiger stated to us. We really kicked up a fuss. He was dressed in a suit and tie. The suit was a bright blue and hard on the eye.
     "Great! A stupidly named place. I bet that name drop means it will come into play by the end of this. You'd think talking animals would have less obvious plot devices." Pat mumbled for a while and they found him and Drazin truly vile. We on the other hand were looked on with pity. I guess we did not fit into their animal city.
     "Bring out the humans!"
     "Right away, Tig Leader." A Zebra ran to the back of the crowd and then some snarling was heard and became rather loud. He was yanked back to us by three humans on all fours. These humans clearly had taken far too many brain cell losing tours. The were drooling and howling at us like mutts. This place was completely nuts.
     "Now tell us your intentions and why you are here before we unleash the deadly humans on you." Tig Leader became less jittery. Boy, his hair was so glittery. It was like he got back from some teen group sing a long. A glittery fur, suit wearing tiger was all kinds of wrong.
     "Drazin has had enough of this. Drazin will..."
     "Not like that you disgusting human. You know the drill. You want to live, you sing it." Tig Leader crossed his arms and grinned. It was clear Drazin wanted to see him skinned.
     "Godly mook, this is on you." Cassie scratched a human and he whimpered licking his hand. She wiped off her paw in the sand.
     "Cat, you are lucky you are so naive. If not you'd suffer the same fate as the disgusting humans. Release the humans," Tig Leader commanded. He sighed and then clarified what he had demanded. "Release those humans who are in their correct place on the ones standing."
     "The Great God Duke Drazin has far better things to do." Drazin picked up a rock and left the human coming at him in shock. He whacked him upside the head. I am sure nothing was permanently damaged as these humans were already brain dead.
     "I can't hit a woman." Pat tried to push back the woman biting at his heels. She bit him and the animal horde cheered with some giving weird squeals. "But she devils I may." Pat kicked dirt in her eyes and she shouted howling cries.
     "Humans are so worthless. They can't even take down their own kind. Now we do this the hard way." Tig Leader and his horde eyeballed us while the humans made a fuss.
     "Demon, is thy self bullet proof?" Pat feared the guns as this animal horde had tons.
     "Drazin's armor is. But you had to bring Drazin here while Drazin wasn't wearing it."
     "You touch crazy Pat and we'll turn you to scat." My threat may have been rather bad but I was miffed more than a tad.
     The animal horde raised their guns to the sky and then all looked to that Tig Leader guy. He placed his hand on his chest and then nodded to the rest. They aimed at Drazin and Pat and we got ready to attack the big cat. Before we could they fired and it turns out they never expired. Weird tones filled the air. Eventually they became some tune worthy affair. Then Tig Leader started to sing and Pat and Drazin acted ready to bow to this cat king.
     "We no longer roar and squawk. Now we walk and we talk. We took over where humans failed and the planet is no longer derailed. Purr Empire holds the power and beneath us all surely cower. Humans are mindless cronies. They are the one true phonies. All we had to do was grab and twist'em like a plumber unclogging the system. They fell into line and things were fine. Then you two came to shore and threatened to derail our lore. But we admit a few humans we may have missed and so you will go into the twist. There you will be snipped and sucked. All within you will be tucked. Life will move on as it should when all humans are no longer understood. So fall to your knees and prepare the way to your less thinking brighter day."
     Cassie and I tried to get through the marching hooves and feet but there was no room for retreat. So we dug a hole while he sung, secretly hoping he would pop a lung. That never occurred as Tig Leader simply purred. He was almost done his tune when I did something familiar in the sand dune. I let loose some gas. It was not such a stinky mass but it was what I do in the litter. They all became quite bitter. The tune of my gas screwed up the harmony of the animal mass. They became as bewildered as could be and then I scratched Pat on the knee. Cassie did it to the godly mook and he was about to puke.
     "Drazin can't believe Drazin succumbed to that."
     "The harmony of the animals must have encumbered our brain with some sound wave that in turn..."
     "Shut up, Pat. Run with the cat." I led the way and we ran back toward the bay.
     "No way. I got wet once. That is enough."
     "Cassie, don't be prissy or you'll be a dead missy."
     "Drazin has a better idea." Drazin knocked over a tree with one kick. That thing fell some slick.
     "Score one for the godly mook. I guess you aren't all bad." Cassie hopped on the tree and we followed suit. It is a good thing Drazin is a brute. We floated out into the bay with the animal horde yelling that we would pay. Thankfully we all held onto the bark and never got eaten by a talking shark. We made it to the other side and disappeared into the trees. I was hoping we would not run into talking fleas. The would be the last thing we needed to see. Maybe the second last, after seeing Drazin as bare as could be.


The cat figured it was time for another tale and this one hit the trail. The first to pop in as I wrote away. So figured it wanted its say. Been a while since a long arse blog post came due. Now there may be a few. How will the tale go? Damned if I know. The cat shall just go with the flow. But that you probably know. Score one for me passing gas. It's only in tune with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      In with the flow!


    2. Looks like I came in 2
      but, where o where is Blue

    3. Got on in
      With a double spin
      Blue's off dieting
      Or by now he may be rioting

    4. Good Morning True
      Yeah, where is Blue?


    5. Stuck on the road
      Like a toad?

    6. He may be in a moody blue sort of mood
      as away goes pounds and food

    7. His mood will shift
      With each weightloss uplift

  2. Thank you Pat for a wonderful read. After today's fiasco this has brightened my day.


  3. That was quite the tale
    you need a boat to sail
    Drazin is Bare
    look if you dare
    talking animals on land & sea
    what no talking trees(haha)
    I once rode a pink giraffe it's true
    but, was it wearing blue shoes
    it was part of a wild dream
    where all is not as it seems

    Have a good day
    at your hideaway

    1. Pink but didn't sink
      Down in the drink
      So that is a win
      As talking animals try and do us in

  4. Long-arse blog post from your shore
    Came a-knock'n at my door
    Adventure with some of the old gang
    Story begins with one big bang

    1. Long arse it was
      Thought just because
      As the old ones come back
      Another go around, another attack

  5. That was one long story but a good one. Very exciting. Looks like you had a good time writing that.

    1. Was fun to let go and do
      As I went with it at my zoo

  6. Purr Empire Part One Everywhere Animals Run!
    Should not be allowed to be nakedly strung
    Look, humans on leash
    Sought to be released
    Had better get used to being seen as 'junk'


  7. That was fun, Pat.
    And aren't you lucky to have such a protective cat.

    1. Good thing the cat is there
      Or I'd be screwed at our lair

  8. Wow, I can't remember the last time we saw Duke Drazin!

    1. Been a while since he came to shore
      At least on the blog to explore

  9. After all the long tales at my shore
    it's about time one came rolling at your door
    Good to see your style is fast paced
    otherwise I'd have to break out the mace
    and use it on that woman that was after you
    but it looks like she got what was coming due.

    1. Fast paced we are
      Here at our sand bar
      Old One Eye may even appear
      But that may not be clear

  10. You were almost Toast but Cassie and the fart led you away from this dream. Great fun to read and the tiger might be on to something...

    1. That the tiger may be
      With humanity's spree

  11. Long tale or short tail- you are a fearless leader. Or is Drazin? Or is the cat?

  12. I'm still pondering the nude demons!

  13. orlin N cassie; best rhymin long azz storee style post...EVER !!!! ♥♥♥984 paws up ~~~~~ ☺☺

  14. That must have been a sight/A naked bum in broad daylight! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  15. Who knew that's what it took to stop too much singing! :)

  16. Let us hail
    this great tale
    which the hale
    Left its tail
    in some ale
    drunk by snail
    on a trail
    turned this stale
    so I wail
    as I ail

    1. Someone may have taken the ale
      Without fail

  17. If they make a movie on this, don't let Micheal Bay direct

    1. Might blow everyone up
      Leaving all with a hiccup

  18. Nude demon? I bet that was a sight to see.

  19. I gotta keep this score
    What do you enjoy more?
    Or poems?
    Or both?

    1. Both are fun
      Stories hold more significance though due to the amount of work needed to be done

  20. If we ever meet, I'll make sure not to even shake your hand. I certainly don't want to be turned into scat for touching Crazy Pat!

  21. Leave it to The Cat
    To save the crew just like that
    With his famous rhyming air
    And a smell of which to beware

  22. Naked demons
    Roaming here and there
    Do they float and fly?
    Scat falling from the air?

  23. You're an original, Pat! No doubt about it. This had me chuckling all the way through. It will be interesting to see what you do!


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