Some Friendly Spice In Advice!

The cat will go all friendly today. That may be rare for my bay. But it has to be done. I just want to be friendly to everyone. Don't believe me? Just wait and see.

You want a date?
Take any old mate.
Doesn't matter the one.
Give even a psycho a run.

Hey, just friendly advice.
You wanted to entice.
I'm just saying you can get one.
All friendly like with my run.

Want to get rich?
Not live in a ditch?
Have money with ease.
Get a job, it's a breeze.

Hey, just friendly advice.
Can roll the dice.
Get all kinds of dough.
May take 50 years though

Want to lose weight?
Not a hard trait.
Well maybe for you.
Don't have food in your zoo.

Hey, just friendly advice.
Eat less than mice.
Then you'll do it,
As there you sit.

Want to do a blog?
Suffering from brain fog?
Just put up anything at all.
No one will care about your hall.

Hey, just friendly advice.
Go get a slice.
A slice of whatever you like.
Call it a strike.

Want to retire?
Is that where you aspire?
Give up that dream and work.
Unless you want to live like a grocery clerk.

Hey, just friendly advice.
So friendly it's like sharing lice.
The advice was just given.
It is so friendly it will help you with liven.

Pffffft friendly advice is hardly ever that. Heard any friendly advice that was more like scat? Those that give it and hide behind the friendly bit are usually very full of shit. But hey, I'm just being friendly to that mass as they are such a friendly class. So friendly that they can suck on some friendly gas from my ever so friendly little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. If you want some great advice
    There's no need to shake the dice
    Cat has the answers loud and clear
    First calls for getting off your rear

    1. Getting off and doing
      Maybe even canoeing

  2. Dum dum ta dum ta dum
    Dum ta dum ta dum dum
    is worth what you paid for it.
    And yes love has value like money.
    Now write a poem about cat!

    1. Title it a silly love poem
      about how you lost your love
      about some friendly advice.

    2. Lovey dovey you say
      Been there at our bay
      But we could do once more
      Won't air until next year though at our shore

  3. Friendly advice is never lacking, in quantity not quality!

  4. Some Friendly Spice In Advice!
    Giving it and being rather nice
    Being friendly
    For all to see
    Just so ending it being a lot wise


  5. If you want to do it, then do it.
    Action is the thing to get.

  6. I rarely ask for advice and resent it when it's given without my having asked for it. And sometimes "friendly" advice seems to be anything but that.

    1. Yep, anything but
      Rarely ever makes the cut

  7. A little friendly advice with a roll of the dice!

  8. Friendly advice about being number one

    wake up early

    and be super-human in response time

  9. I know someone who worked his whole life for his family, and now he refused to retire because the insurance premiums would lessen his quality of life so much. That's awful and seems unjust.

    1. That sure does indeed
      Screw you over ever which way at each feed

  10. Most of my advice is not taken
    So don't give much these days
    leaves more time for fun
    And lots of play.


  11. Good advice is hard to find. And if you give advice to the youngins, they ignore you. No advice to the feline population.

    1. That they surely do
      Felines just walk on through

  12. Some friendly advice
    might make you think twice
    sort of like rolling the dice
    a guaranteed winner might be nice

    1. If you're guaranteed a win
      Strings come attached to that spin

    2. Nothing in life is guaranteed
      some advice I do not need

    3. Yep, run far away
      With such a display

  13. Sharing lice doesn't sound so friendly.

  14. LOL thank you for friendly advice! No sugar coating, that makes the best advice:-)

    1. Yep, just spit it out
      And say what it's about

  15. Back hand advice
    Can be annoying
    And usually offered
    In a voice that is cloying

    Bah humbug

  16. Replies
    1. Friendly all the way
      Making you pay and pay

  17. Thanks for all your friendly advice.
    You truly are very nice.
    I seldom listen to advice though.
    Just go with my own little show.

  18. What advise could man’s poor wife say
    When thing just weren’t going his way
    In face of our plight
    Do you think we might
    Try driving on right side today

    1. If across the pond
      May not end up in the great beyond

  19. Haha! Now here is some friendly advice that I really enjoyed!
    Working hard paid off for me,
    as I enjoy retirement at my sea.

    Live below your means is the mantra in the extended MacBeath family.
    So I would add save, save, save, and invest!
    Just some friendly advice from me ~ LOL

    1. lol what if just getting by
      Then no save save save or invest is gonna fly lol

    2. Why then, I'd suggest a second, maybe third job! Who needs to sleep, when you need money to keep?

    3. haha have had 8 at my sea
      Not such a helpful spree

  20. Hey, friendly cat!/You fancy a pat?/Bring yer head here/I'll tickle your ear. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  21. I've received "friendly advice"
    Sometimes once, twice and even thrice!
    I nod my head and smile
    As some yak on for a while
    They don't see one bit
    My eye roll and that I don't give a shit

  22. Friendly advice is the same as unsolicited advice. Just keep it to yourself.

  23. Friendly advice they wouldn't take themselves
    Not even if it were given by elves
    Sound advice and free of charge, too...
    I'd rather snack with Scooby Doo

    1. Be much better off
      Dunk their head in a horse trough

  24. Friendly advice?
    I arch my brow
    Get away fast
    Get away now


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