The Following Is All Kinds Of Hollowing!

Did you know that the following post is intended for mature audiences from coast to coast? You didn't know that? Now you do from the cat.

A word to the wise.
Adult situations arise.
So take care.
May blind a pair.

A naked bun or two.
So adult in view.
A shooting of some bad guy.
Oh me, oh my.

Adult in every way.
Make sure the kids stray.
Speaking of which,
There in lies a glitch.

Adult it is.
But no child care biz?
No screaming in the night?
No kids on a long flight?

No pets anywhere?
No bills to spare.
No filling up on gas.
No condom needed in mass?

Hell, not even gas,
Will come to pass.
Not in the fill up way.
Just in case you're lost at my bay.

No mortgage to pay.
No events for the kids to play.
No running to and fro.
That is a lot of no.

No bags under their eyes.
But yes, the bad guy dies.
Or maybe he fries.
Watch it girls and guys.

So adult this post.
It's adult the most.
Not even a vet bill,
Or recycling for the land fill.

There is no need to eat,
Unless advertising a treat.
Not even a need to shit.
But yep, it's adult where you sit.

Damn, those adult warnings are a little inflated. Maybe they were done by adults who never mated? Heck, they never mated, owned a pet, ate or went to the loo. A robot must have put the discretion warning in view. Skynet is truly coming to pass. You heard it here first from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      In with even flow!


    2. Good Morning Hank
      Not on the road or
      swimming in a tank?

    3. Good Morning True
      Managed to be up
      and not feeling blue!


  2. This verse is so very true,
    This I say is true.
    I wonder who is at fault.
    When things are labelled as adult.

    Excellent read Pat.

  3. Beware adult with inner child in tow
    Just watch the adventures flow
    some you might not want to know
    but, for now it's off to work I go

  4. Rush into adult, it is so very fine
    The young can't wait to cross that older line

    1. Then they want to go back
      For adult sure can lack

  5. The Following Is All Kinds Of Hollowing!
    Adults better be acting nice and behaving
    No kids around
    Nor are pets found
    There're good adults who heed the warnings


  6. Replies
    1. Teenage angst crap
      Can be blown off the tv map

  7. Lol, yes, if they showed some actual adult situations, it wouldn't be half as interesting!

    1. Yep, be very boring
      If it went true adult exploring

  8. I would like to go back being a kid
    Less responsibility and more fun
    Especially being able
    To play in the sun


    1. Yeah, way more fun
      Less adult stuff to be done

  9. I, for one, appreciate
    Warnings at my plate

  10. Warnings are good
    At least an idea
    If there's serious cursing
    Kids should go out
    Or repeat words they will spout

  11. Some of the warnings sound like things to look forward to. :)

  12. Those are probably intended for folks in our neck of the woods!

    1. Keeping them warned on in
      With the warning spin

  13. No kids on a long flight would be a delight.
    Had one cry the full 2 hours to Florida last year. I thought he was going to blow out the drum in my ear.

    1. Damn, that sure would stink
      Bring one to the brink

  14. I think adult warnings are sometimes appropriate, but I also think that parents should evaluate those warnings and decide if they are appropriate or not.

    I don't have children of my own, but I have spent much of my life in the company of children. Today some parents expose them to too many adult issues, and they should not burden their children with worries and fears. But it's a tough world today, and I have a lot of compassion for parents trying to raise children and get through it.

    I've flown on a lot of flights with crying children, and it can be hard for surrounding passengers. I deal with it by putting myself in the child's situation and also the parent's or parents' and summon some compassion for them, especially when the parents are trying to quiet the child.

    That said, there are some parents on flights I get very upset with ~ like those who let their child constantly kick the back of my seat (for example).

    Have a good one!

    1. Yeah, sure can be a pain
      With all on the train
      Funny where this post led some
      As I made fun with my rhyming bum
      Kicking seats would annoy
      I'd scold the little heathen err umm boy

  15. Adult me time is good for me, at least once in a while ~

    Enjoy spring Pat ~

  16. I think parents need to use their own discretion when it comes to adult warnings. In a way, it's good they are there to give parents a heads-up.

    1. Depends on the kid indeed
      With what takes seed

  17. I say, put kids in charge
    the world would be a much better place
    for all animals, and nature, and the human race.

  18. I don't like my youngest to see any of the above. I try not to make a big deal out of it if he does though because then he'd be inteterested even more. ;)

  19. Not even a vet bill.....that would be a treat:)

  20. orlin N cassie

    de stuff kids see N noe two day... wood jaw drop ther own parentz.... oh two day !! ☺☺♥♥

  21. I could handle no mortgage. I could afford a loan to fix my house. ;)

    1. Be the best way
      Live in tv land at our bay

  22. I was just commenting the other day (on someone else's blog) that the word "adult" is too often defined as "X-Rated."

    1. Yeah, not so these days
      Gets labeled if it has a hateful gaze

  23. My favorite childhood memory is not paying bills

  24. Give me Wiley E Coyote, Super genius, being blown up and daffy having his face blown off. Give me Grimm Fairy tales where the witch has hot boots on her feet-those I love-no censorship is needed

  25. X Rated
    love it or hate it.

    I thought my reality shaken
    When birthday to dreamland I’m taken
    To bedroom I hovered
    And there I discovered
    My naked wife covered in bacon

  26. Half of our problems with teens and children can be solved if we start treating children as adults wherever possible. Having different standards for children in terms of behaviour only leads to tantrums in the short term and unbalanced personalities in the long term.

    1. Think they deserve it all handed on a silver platter
      Can't do anything, what does it matter

  27. I'm all for
    Restaurants without kids
    Most are ill-mannered
    And often flip their lids

    1. That they do
      And adults approve of the view


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