To The Top Of The Crop!

The top of the crop can't be a flop. Or flopped and dropped. Has your mind been cropped? Who will be one? Blue may get it done. A copy and paste. Does that post haste. But nope, not about that. Follow the cat.

This comes with a warning.
It's 7 in the morning.
Isn't that nice of me?
I just warned thee.

A warning chime,
About the time.
Time to play.
It's a new day.

Actually it's not.
Newish is the plot.
Same old same old?
Nah, that won't take hold.

Hey, it may be.
But forget that spree.
Instead we're at the top.
So 7 hours in is a flop.

Unless time zones play.
Then I'll confuse away.
We don't want that.
Let's pretend it's flat.

So 7 hours in.
Still can get a win.
Look, it was Hank.
Blue walked the plank.

Maybe Blue is snoring.
Could be out exploring.
Switcheroo could be Hank.
Whoops, walked the wrong plank.

This is a new top.
A top that may flop.
A top that gets a drop.
After a skip, jump and hop.

Mixed that up a bit?
Who gives a shit.
All is jumping action.
A jumping type faction.

Yep, I'm done now.
Finished my morning meow.
So Top Of The Morning To You.
Damn, I'm a liar at my zoo.

What does that even mean? The top of the morning at ones scene? Does the morning have levels to climb? Does it do it like a mime at each chime? We'll go with when it starts. Which means I'm 7 hours late in my parts. So 7/12 top of the morning to you blogland mass. Now I'm a correct little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 3 in a row
      Getting on slow!


    2. Keeping up the streak
      Filling the creek

    3. Three in a row
      Where did Blue go?
      no copy and paste
      he is busy watching his waist
      or would that be his weight
      hope all have a great day
      will the sun come and play
      or will the sky remain gray

    4. ps 6:00 am is too early on the weekend...

    5. He is working or working out
      Can't be about
      Or maybe on the road
      Like a toad
      Bah, not that early
      No need to go squirrely lol

  2. Time zones are very confusing,
    Others think they're amusing.
    When the US. is going to bed.
    I'm just starting the day ahead.

    Happy Sunday Pat.

  3. Hank was number one today,
    back on his running roll to stay?

    1. I'm sure he had a top of the morning today

    2. Top he was
      #1 with all the morning buzz

    3. When luck on your side
      Let you have first bite!


  4. Seven your time, six ours. And no Blue - Hank for the win.

  5. Move to Greenwich to start your day
    Be the first, get in the fray
    Follow a meridian, take your pick
    Enter the race, a stalwart trick

    1. A tricky spot
      With the time lot
      First and last
      Would be a blast

  6. Haha did you wait till 7 a.m. to click the publish button? That's dedication! About 2 years ago I moved to a different country, but it's still in the same time zone I've always been in, so it didn't change much

    1. That can sure work
      Same time zone is a perk

  7. Top o' the morning
    wishing you a good morning
    Is it an Irish saying?
    or did it originate from a British Isle?
    Who really knows, I think it just means
    welcome to a new day!

    1. That it may
      Could have been anyone who gave it a say
      Time zones be damned
      Sure up one never clammed

  8. Morning, early, early morning is the time to meow loud for breakfast here!

    1. Get the peeps up
      Can be easy whether cat or pup

  9. Got what you meant
    how to reach that #1
    time zones can be confusing
    and if your state doesn't do DST, then its no fun


  10. Yup so many time zones. Just have to stick to where we live and go with that. Too much else to think about other than what time it is somewhere else. Have a great day.

    1. Yeah, much better things to think about
      Then what each time each place has out

  11. To The Top Of The Crop!
    Time zones did help a lot
    Many still snoring
    Kept them wondering
    Was wide awake at your spot?


    1. Was a little before
      Had to pee at my shore lol

  12. I always thought top of the morning to ya, meant have a good morning. Time zones are fun trying to figure out. lol

    1. That is what it must mean
      Although time zones make it less serene

  13. Crazy USA- states can have 2 zones
    TN is too long and straddled the line
    So one side keeps working
    The other can drink happy hour wine


    1. haha that must be annoying
      As a drink some go enjoying

  14. I never saw morning so bright
    I thanked God that I was alright
    For I was a winner
    Of total beginner
    Who survived my own cooking last night

    1. No food poisoning came due
      That is a win for you

  15. Who's on first? What's on second? Oops that's something different. I won't go all Abbot and Costello on thee. all depends where one lives where one can be ahead or behind...makes me think of those math questions I hated

    1. Yep, those dumb math problems came to mind
      As it was being done by my behind

  16. Top of the morning?
    A saying so deep.
    At that time I'm snoring
    and still fast asleep.

    1. Not out cleaning a loo
      Left by a kiddo or two

  17. I think I managed to be #1 once or twice when I was in Hawaii and seven hours earlier than you. No top of the morning this morning ~ I slept in late because I was up late finishing your book. What a wild run! I raced through the last 50 or 60 pages. Great fun! It's my favorite novel of yours, so far, and it's a blast watching you grow as a writer. I'll be catching up on the rest of your posts tomorrow. Have a good one!

    1. Sure learned a thing or two since I begun
      Hey, at least you got number one
      And when you want to race through a book
      Says its good, so works for my nook
      Got the 2 sequels done too
      Trilogy was written before first came due

  18. I have never managed to be #1 and am guessing that's not about to change. I am one who is usually late to the game.

  19. Top of the morning
    Bottom of the night
    Suza is sometimes a topper
    Number 1 makes her shine bright

    1. She can sure get on top
      With a third person crop


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