When It Gets Away Through The Day!

The cat is not sure home time gets away from you. Does the clock just up and run away at your zoo? A Brave Little Toaster wannabe? Careful, may get sued at your sea. But we'll go with it for this rhyming fit.

Day all planned.
Things are manned.
Everything is ready,
Words can flow steady.

Whether book or blog,
Cleaning or walking the dog,
Everything is ready to go.
Whoops, it suffers a blow.

The phones rings.
Can be many things.
Some even bad.
Hopefully not more than a tad.

So you yap away.
Time gone from the day.
Now someone is at the door.
Damn, you missed another chore.

Look! There is breaking news.
Yeah, good for a snooze.
The kid or pet wants to play.
Or maybe makes a mess on display.

Add another to the list.
Damn, but that was missed.
Plan all shot to hell.
There goes that door bell.

Phones rings some more.
Another yapping encore.
Computer just got infected.
A virus was detected.

Now that must be fixed.
Plans are sure getting nixed.
Oh wait....help!
You hear that yelp.

Need help doing many a thing.
From homework to getting a fling.
Hey, some need more help than others.
Could even just be pestering sisters or brothers.

Where has time gone?
It was just dawn.
My list is still sitting.
Head against door comes a hitting?

Don't you love when things pop up? They sure can create a hiccup. Do you swear and whine when things don't align? If the computer breaks I may swear a bit. But then I just fix it. Still sucks time away from other things. But that is what always springs. Something else will always get in the way or you'll just stay long at play. My OCD helps when that comes to pass, keeping me a far ahead little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Yes Pat life can be full of surprises.

    Enjoy the week-end.


  2. When It Gets Away Through The Day!
    Affecting creative time in many ways
    Computer down
    Showing frowns
    Get ready to fix it up and resume play


  3. time is something mysterious - isn't it? sometimes it runs - sometimes a minute can be endless..

    1. Drag it can indeed
      Or pick up at top speed

  4. The only time the phone rings and someone you like to talk to but is VERY chatty is on the line AND someone then knocks on the door unexpected that you want to see, is when you have a looming deadline and expected to have nothing but peace to get it done. #murphy :)

    1. haha that is when it will come due
      As they are all out to get you

  5. Sounds kind of like a standard day off. haha

    1. That's what it seems to be
      Something always jumping in the way of thee

  6. My new phone tells me what area someone calls from. My cable company keeps trying to sign me up for a new package deal.

  7. I have a neighbor who works from home
    Me thinks she'd really rather roam
    Whenever I work in my front yard
    She appears at my gate, yapping like a bard

    1. Wants some attention
      Must feel like she is in detention

  8. That's what I hate about any project. It's never just that one project. Something else needs to be adjusted or done first to make it happen, then one thing leads to another... And three hours are shot just trying to do something that should've taken thirty minutes.

  9. Life is full of surprises. Yesterday I got a phone call from an unknown caller, so I picked up thinking it was someone trying to sell me something, turns out I got invited for a job interview! :)

    1. Hey, that is a good one indeed
      Hopefully a good job will take seed

  10. Easy to fritter time away
    Mostly at work, not play
    Roam the halls and
    Juggle many balls

    Happy Saturday

    1. Watch what balls they are
      Could get you rather umm far

  11. Things do have a way of making your day!

  12. Time can get away from me
    When spending time on line
    Sometimes need to back away
    And let the sun shine.


    1. Yeah, can find its way away
      Sucking up the day

  13. A day planned ahead/It's a day to leave you with an aching head! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. Yup, there is always something that comes up that interrupts the day. But you just have to go with the flow.

  15. Where has the day gone?
    I got got got no time...

    1. No watches around?
      Damn, time needs to be found

    2. Time is now, meow...lol...ok I just had to..

    3. lol jump on in
      Go for a spin

  16. At work, something always, always gets in the way! Oh well, no smooth sailing, I just need to steer :-)

    1. Steer and hit the gas
      Hoping it shall pass

  17. Each night game of lotto I’d play
    Till finally luck came my way
    Although just a token
    For me luck had spoken
    The machine was broken that day

  18. Fear not the unexpected! :)

  19. Something always seems to get in the way of best laid plans!

  20. Easy to interrupt
    The flow of one's day
    Best to stay in bed
    And rest, read and play

    1. A best of times
      With those chimes
      But who needs rest?
      Sex has more zest

    2. Well when I wrote "play"
      I was alluding to sex
      Was trying to be delicate
      Ha! That would not vex

    3. haha I figured as much
      But went less delicate with my touch

  21. I am a stickler for a schedule. I hate it when something unexpected pops up and throws off my whole day. Then I feel like my whole week is thrown off too.

    1. haha damn, one thing and the whole week
      That is sure up the creek

  22. This happens to me
    And if I got paid a fee
    I would be rich
    I wish I had that glitch


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