A Helpful Way Here Today!

The cat figured he would be nice and help out. I told a few and they never knew it was about. Makes things easier comes to pass. On that you can trust my little rhyming ass.

What do we have here?
Jello to fear?
Nah, nothing like that.
Who needs that scat?

Instead let's help,
Before all yelp.
I'm being helpful soon.
I am a mouthy loon.

Say you wrote a story.
All done in its glory.
Whoops, a word needs to change.
Oh no, that word has range.

You need to change them all.
One by one wastes time at any hall.
So hit ctrl+f in word.
Then flip the one by one the bird.

Type in what you want changed.
Hit replace all so it's rearranged. 
Poof, a minute instead of an hour.
Now that is time saving power.

But ctrl+f is not through.
Say you come to a yappy zoo.
Like Blue here yapping about his shoe.
You want to find the retort to you.

Hit ctrl+f at your sea.
Type what you want to come to be.
Then you can scroll through the page to your name,
Or whatever other word you claim.

Did you hit it yet?
That may be a safe bet.
See how easy it is?
But wait, there's a quiz.

What do you press in Word?
Hint: it allows you to flip one by one the bird.
Not that a computer cares about a finger.
But it may feel good to let it linger.

What do you press in any internet window?
Hint: it makes what you want easy to find and show.
Not that you really want to skip.
But sometimes you may just want to give me lip.

Did you know about those little tricks? Can get things done with a few clicks. A few I told never knew one  bit. So I figured just in case I would share it. Helps a lot when you have to change many things at once because when you wrote it you were umm kinda a dunce. Yeah, been there done that in mass. No need to thank my ctrl+f - ing little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. As editor extraordinaire
    I know all the tricks
    Or I at least pretend to
    And check all boxes with ticks

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Blue
      How are you
      number two
      who would've knew

    2. A fate
      That's not great
      Blue is doing, well, okay
      Working 24/7, no time to play
      All buttons I press
      So that's a yes

      Hello True
      How are you?
      Hello Cat
      How's the mat?

    3. Working that much
      Sucks more than a touch
      With 8 jobs that we knew
      Still above ground at our zoo

    4. I am ok always working at my bay
      One job is enough as I work day & night

  3. Pat when it comes to computers I'm hopeless, any help will be gratefully recieved.
    Your poem was a grand read during my morning break.
    Enjoy your week-end.


  4. Good Morning

    a helpful tip in view
    in excel this I knew
    I never tried it in word
    I wonder why how absurd

    Have a good day at your hideaway!

    1. Can sure work in either or
      Hidey ho at every shore

  5. Tricks and wicks
    Aids and spades
    Cat's the one
    He knows a ton

    1. A lot about a little
      A little about a lot
      Unless the brain goes brittle
      Then things may go to pot

  6. Back in the dinosaur age, before computers had mouses (mice?), I knew all the ctrl tricks. Forget them all!

  7. I've been hitting that control F for about five minutes. It still has not taken the garbage down to the curb. I don't think it works cat and Pat.

    1. Needs to teach in better manners
      Or get some garbage planners

  8. I actually did know the Find/Replace option. I'm not sure where I learned it.

    My Word programs were all free from my school. We were supposed to have access to it for life. Yesterday that ended, lol. Now I'm stuck with WordPad until I decide to fork over some dough to buy the Microsoft programs again. meh #someday

    1. Blah, Wordpad stinks
      False advertising me thinks
      You could sue
      Get it free and dough too lol

    2. I'll pay eventually. I just want the disc though, not the cloud version that you rent monthly. I didn't even know there was such a thing until now.

    3. Yeah, I saw the stupid cloud thing too
      Disc version is way better at ones zoo

  9. All tricks up in the cat's bag it seems. Greetings!

  10. Although I might say Jello for Hello when I answer the phone sometimes, ummm thinking I'm funny, I use find and replace all the stinking time. Great tip!!!

    1. haha it can amuse on the phone
      Making them look at the tone

  11. Know these tricks at my bay
    Come in handy for work I say.


  12. Global search and replace
    Can be a nightmare in the workplace

    1. With things it can screw
      And cause a hupaloo

  13. That's an invaluable tool, especially for writers. It allows us to find and destroy those pesky words and phrases that tend to sneak into our manuscripts and multiply. (I swear, I think aliens must put them there...)

    1. Yeah, we'll go with aliens too
      As they are sure in view

  14. Clicks galore
    Right or left
    I never remember
    Leaves me bereft

  15. aah The cat know all tricks lol

  16. Yeah, Find and Replace sure can save you a lot of time!

    1. Doing it one by one
      Is a time suck when spun

  17. I might try replacing chicken with tuna and see if it works!

  18. What ever, all those little tricks. Not for this non-tech person. You have a great week end Pat.

  19. orlin N cassie.....we had ta shut speller chex N find & ree place off......it kept tryin ta fix R speech ....can ya bee leeve it !!!!! ♥♥♥

    1. lol yeah, how rude
      Spellcheck wants to give you attitude

  20. I'd fear the jello if I was a woman and Bill Cosby handed me it personally

  21. What a neat little trick.
    You must think you're slick.
    thanks for sharing to all...
    will use this at my hall!

    1. Good to share
      Here at my lair
      At least once in a while
      Always being nicey nice could get vile lo

  22. Love find and replace. Not quite as much as copy and paste- but it is a good one for sure. :)

    1. Yeah, sure does the trick
      Maybe not quite as slick

  23. At bar this girl was fantasy
    Of all other men she chose me
    It’s her place she picks
    To teach me some tricks
    For she had me fix stuff for free

  24. I have no editing skills
    But still I chill
    Cause whenever there's a problem
    I use Google at will

  25. I need a guide or help for these tricks, ha ~

    1. lol not much to guide
      To take them for a ride

  26. I do love the control/f tip. Use it all the time here.

  27. A Helpful Way Here Today!
    Little tricks went a long way
    Keep eyes peeled
    And mouth sealed
    Knowing them cleared lots away


  28. I'm filing this handy trick away for future use!
    Thanks, Pat!
    Have a good one where you're at!


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