A Light Show All Aglow!

So those fireworks are about to blast. They scare many of the cast. The mutts run and hide. I think they have no pride. One slips out some pee. Such a weenie he is to me. But us? Meh, why fuss.

They are back.
Flashy lights on the attack.
A loud boom comes due.
Whoopdi friggin doo.

Humans suck.
They'll burn with any luck.
 Maybe just singe a finger.
I do hope it will linger.

It's still here.
A complaining rhyming rear.
Cassie doesn't like that.
Saying I'm a whiny cat.

She stole my spot.
Actually away I did trot.
But still mine when I'm not there.
I don't want to mix cat hair.

Ugg, they are still going.
How long is this showing?
Can't they shoot them off in the day?
 I need my nap before night play.

I'll try this pose.
There she still blows.
Not even covering my ears work.
Stupid firework shooting jerk.

 Quit my whining?
Why don't you go dining?
You are fatter than me.
Go eat a tree.

Now you're lying here?
I have gas in my rear.
Did you hear me?
I'm going to let it free.

Knocked her out.
 There's never a drought.
Always have some gas.
Take that, Cass.

 She may be dead.
I better cover my head.
My gas is lethal stuff.
Finally, the humans have had enough.

That is basically what we do when fireworks come into view. Are you scared of the boom? Do you watch to chase away gloom? Hopefully you don't piddle on the floor like the wiener mutt. That would not go over well at any hut. Now set a fire alarm off and we'll run under the bed. Those things we dread. Fireworks just annoy me and Cass. Especially when I'm a sleepy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Kitties trying to sleep
    Through all that firework fuss
    Enough with blasts and popping
    Or they will start to cuss

    Love seeing Orlin and Cassie
    Handsome lad and beautiful lassie!

    1. Can sure annoy
      They take no joy
      But they just lift their head and look
      Then back to sleep at our nook

  2. It must be terrifying for the animals when fireworks are about. I know my cat and dog used to hide.

    Have a great week-end Pat.


    1. The dogs don't like
      The cats just meh with each strike

  3. The kitties are adorable!

    Orlin is covering his head
    He just wants to sleep in bed

    Cassie is near
    not afraid of his rear
    Even if it's full of gas
    she will give him sass

    Maybe I will view a firework display
    hey, it might light up my day...haha

    1. Didn't want the flash
      Be too tired to dash
      As they curled on up and stayed
      Fireworks could light up but they fade lol

  4. A Light Show All Aglow!
    And where are they to go
    They are in fright
    Throughout the night
    But still adorable though


    1. Throughout they rocket
      Catching many an eye socket

  5. Annoyed them right to sleep. Cats do know how to handle loud noises.

  6. That time of year again, oh yuck
    My dog and I think fireworks suck

  7. Cats look comfy, not afraid of noise
    Enjoying their naps
    Not too much loud noise here yet
    We may be too far away perhaps.


  8. Not mix kitty hairs!
    My heavens, you put on such flairs!
    Such cuties on your blog today!
    Put cotton balls in your ears on Indy Day!

    1. Cotton balls work?
      Getting some stuck in there may not be a perk

  9. It scares our dogs too
    Not much we can do
    To make people around here stop
    unless we want to call a cop
    but than we'd have a neighbor war
    and a bag of poop would be flung at our door
    Illegal or not they're here to stay
    no matter what the holiday


    1. Yep, here they are stuck
      Can't pass the buck
      Don't want a flaming poop bag
      That would be a drag

  10. I think I've only gone to see Fourth of July fireworks twice in the last twenty years. It was so much more fun when I was a kid. Then again, so were most things!

    1. Yep, way more fun as a kid
      Now not much gets that bid

    2. Maybe, you should go this year
      Let your inner child out

    3. Would it pop out all Ghoulie like?
      Or maybe an Alien type hike?
      How gross are you lol

  11. I don't recall fireworks freaking out our fish, so no animals here will be distressed on the 4th.

    Your cats are so cute. I can't wait until we get another kitty.

    1. haha yeah, fish don't seem to mind
      Cats sure are fun and one of a kind

  12. They can rattle the house
    Tough to sleep
    I like the glow
    But babies weep

  13. Fireworks are great, and enjoyable to watch. But same can't be said for pets who may not find it funny. Lovely looking cats!

    1. Yeah, many pets don't find them grand
      As they go off across the land

  14. I wish those evil booms would just go away!

    1. Send them to the moon
      Along with many a loon

  15. The animals don't like the fireworks do they?
    Love your sleeping pics, the felines always know the spot to choose!

    1. They always get the right spot
      Many a pet hates them a lot

  16. Your cats look so cute with the little white paws. I would want to snuggle them and they would look at me with that weary, pissed off, french look saying "Piss off". Big fireworks over Niagara falls is cool but little ones around the neighbourhood can go suck it. My poor doggie, Wallace, freaks out. Our nutty cat, Kaspar, freaks out also and so does Jade. The other 2 could not give a friggen hoo:)

    1. Some just don't care
      Others sure are mighty aware
      haha you'd sure get the look
      They can give it well at our nook

  17. A little bit of fireworks goes a long way for me. I'm not afraid of them, but the noise, smoke, heat, bugs... I'd rather stay in the comfort of our house and watch them on TV with patriotic music playing in the background. Our cats don't seem to mind the booms of fireworks... but they hate the sound of rain. (Nutty cats.)

    1. TV sounds more fun
      Blah to bugs by the ton
      haha rain sets them off?
      I guess at water they truly scoff

  18. orlin N cassie....de mor onz round heer due shoot em off in de day....like we R sew sure that "lite show" iz amazin.............KNOT.....be jezuz.... happee week oh end two all anda happee birthday canada !! ☺☺♥♥

  19. Thank you for the view
    of the zoo around you.
    Distracting as they were
    of rhymes amid their purr.

  20. Took my dog almost her whole life to get over fireworks. She used to freak out and find the nearest human

  21. My female boxer doesn't mind them. My male boxer cowers in fear all night. My pug used to freak out, but I'd say it's a blessing she lost her hearing this past year because now she's blissfully unaware they are going off anymore.

    1. No hearing can be a win
      For some things at ones bin

  22. Mongo the Fat Cat loved the boom and sparks
    What scared him is a flock of aardvarks
    Hahaha just so you know
    At the Kitty Cat Show

  23. My dog could care less about the fireworks as well. There were a couple of illegal ones that got shot off last year around here that scared me they were so loud but Falcor just slept.

    1. haha just goes with the flow
      There at your show

  24. Wow! I think I want to come back as a cat. I'm envious of how these two can chill. But then, I absolutely love fireworks, so I'm happy to sacrifice a good nap for a good show.

    1. A light show gets you going
      Maybe a red dot light showing?


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