A Little Attitude To The Platitude!

The cat rolls his eyes a bunch. So many are just out to lunch. I guess such things are ingrained in their brain. Easier than to think and cause pain.

Today there's a post from me.
It was meant to be.
Then why did I write it?
I think you mean you're full of shit.

Don't worry though.
Time heals all wounds, you know.
Like that missing arm.
Err ummm, hey it adds charm.

Good things come to those who wait.
Waiting, waiting, damn, I'll be dead at this rate.
Good things are such a liar.
I hope they catch fire.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.
I love to give this one some insults.
Am I insane for practicing and getting better at something?
Or do you want us all to be dumb and unable with your insane ring?

Everything happens for a reason.
Just like the changing of the season.
Like death, disease and Wal-Mart.
You never know what's in that cart.

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.
Yeah, and it will also make every body part longer.
And I'm really a rhyming mutt,
That can actually talk out my butt.

Hard work pays off.
Ha! To that I scoff.
Maybe pays off those above,
Out the door you just get a shove.

Live each moment like it's your last.
Hmmm that would be a blast.
Dying every moment of every day.
Who doesn't want to live that way?

What goes around comes around.
So life is like a merry-go-round?
Where is the quarter slot?
I want to believe....not!

And now we're done.
Wasn't this fun?
It was just a meant to be trend,
Because everything works out in the end.

Umm in the end you croak? Is that really a good working poke? Pfffffffffffffft to all these platitudes. Just lots of nonsense from human dudes. Like saying my gas will cause miracles to befall on you. Just wait there for 1000 years at your zoo. Now the cat is through with his sass and bursting platitude bubbles with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. "It's character building"
    That one makes me pout
    I've enough character for days
    So up your snout!

    1. haha yeah, character this
      A finger one can't miss

  2. platitudes can be true
    but the redundancy of them
    can give you the flu

    1. Germs you say
      Damn, run away

    2. It'll all work out in the end. ;)

      Stuck your name in the rafflecopter for my latest giveaway. Thanks for all the bloggy support!

    3. lol in the end you'll be dead
      So does it work out in one's death bed?

      Thanks indeed
      From our feed

  3. This is why I love those Demotivational Posters!

  4. You do have a point about practicing something. But if you keep practicing the same crappy thing and doing it wrong, you'll never get better.

    1. Yeah, you have to actually practice something good and in a new way
      Always a flipside there at play

  5. Hard work pays off
    Not where I work

    Good things come to those who wait
    I am doubtful, if you want something you
    better get moving, it ain't conin' to your gate
    (Sorry, feeling a bit negative today) I've been
    Working late...

    1. All of them true
      Bunch of crap on cue
      Wait and you'll be stuck
      Just going cluckity cluck

    2. Hard work pays off... my butt!
      I'd rather sniff a mutt

    3. Yep, mutt would be better
      Need to write those hard work people a letter

  6. I actually like these cliches
    I've said these many a days
    But I feel I'm quite strong
    So no more crap is neededor I'll feel I'm King Kong

    1. Now you have a fate
      Climb good old Empire State

  7. I love a good saying or two
    comes from all that hard work I had to do.
    I can rattle them off for all sorts of things,
    and see what kind of results it brings.
    Sometimes it falls on deaf ears
    so I just kick them in their rear!

    1. A kicker you say
      Causing dismay
      Talking into deaf ears
      Geez, along with one eyed fears

  8. Said many of these in my day
    That is all I will say.


  9. I think I've said (and believed) each of these
    At one time or another, whether or not life's a breeze...

    1. A breeze you say
      Like a fart in the wind on display?

  10. What goes around comes around indeed. Like a fart blown back by the wind.

    1. Or pee
      Never piss into the wind at your sea

  11. Ever notice that a lot of "great quotations" have other, equally "great" quotations that disagree? One such example is "out of sight is out of mind" and "absence makes the heart grow fonder." How about "a setting hen never grows fat" and "a rolling stone gathers no moss."

    And whenever I see "live each moment like it's your last" I think "live each moment like it's your last, and one day, you'll be right!"

    1. haha yep, so many contradict
      With each thing they depict
      For that last one I think, who wants that?
      For if it is your last it will probably be miserable where you're at

  12. You hit the nail on the head with this post. Glad you didn't smash anything else

  13. It's been awhile since I read your rhyme.
    Glad to make it back this time.

  14. A stitch in time as we all know
    Will save 9 thers for Joe Blow
    Say it softly, say it quick
    But always carry a very big stick

    1. haha make sure the stick is pointy too
      For a bird in the hand beats two in the bush for you

  15. Life is but a cycle/So roll up your pants and get on your bicycle! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha you can do that with ease
      Going wherever you please

  16. Sometime a little tude is in order!

  17. orlin N cassie; de food gurl haz comes two de con clooshun that hard werk payz off for de doctor & de farm a cee dood...peer ee od

    coz like at her place oh employ; one iz just az like lee ta haza dam stroke frum all de bull shitz that go on; let a lone...de hard werk ~~~~~~~



    1. lol pays with more doctor bills
      Oh the thrills

  18. A Little Attitude To The Platitude!
    A time for reflection in solitude
    Repeating cliches
    That held sway
    Might impact loudly on changing moods


  19. I really think there is truth to most platitudes. But then again I am not sure about good things coming to those who wait. I have been waiting........and waiting........smiles!

    1. haha each can be proven wrong
      When sung their little platitude song

  20. If what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger...I should be superman by now. lol

  21. Wow. You got a lot of goods in here. Though I do believe in the merry go round:)

    1. Can it come back in a square
      Does it have to be at a round lair

  22. About me the people would say
    That they had thrown my mold away
    In glories they’d stack
    Some info they’d lack
    That mold all grew back anyway

    1. Need mildew remover quick
      Ends it some slick

  23. The rummer is back
    with the summer attack!

    1. Back in style
      As summer has turned the dial

  24. Maybe I'm late in reading this,
    But it's a verse that really excelled.


  25. Platitudes can be good for those who aren't good with words, but I think they are overused many times.

    1. Yep, overused a ton
      As many give them a run


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