A Little Prevention Gets A Mention!

I prevent myself from missing a post as I stay ahead at my coast. See how easy that is? Way to go with the prevention biz. I guess I'll see where this goes, but I won't prevent myself from stepping on toes. Or chewing a few. Yeah, I do that too.

A little prevention,
Deserves a mention.
It needs some attention.
Attention to prevention.

A helmet on the head,
Makes you not dead.
Unless whacked in another part.
Like the dear old heart.

Playing it straight,
Prevents a jail fate.
Unless straight in bad,
Then the slammer may be had.

A posture correct,
Helps you stay erect.
Unless stabbed in the back,
May give erect some flack.

A little walk each day,
Prevents a bad body on display.
Unless you eat piles of crap.
Then you may as well just take a nap.

A little look around,
Prevents a bad cat or hound.
Unless you look to late,
Then smashed things may be your fate.

A few words a day,
Prevents no writing on display.
Unless all you do is say,
Then none will come your way.

A stop at a sign,
Prevents a jail time align.
Unless another doesn't stop,
Then you'll still need a cop.

A refraining from buying,
Prevents the need for lying.
Unless the bills are the liar,
Then set them on fire.

A lot of prevention,
Need not a mention.
Odds are at attention,
With a little prevention.

Do you do the prevention? Or are you more of a risk the detention? Or maybe risk death when you could have prevented your last breath. The latter may be dumb to do if a little prevention will see you through. A lot of prevention is rather restricting though. Can't always prevent what you don't know. But odds are most of what you do won't happen to you. As long as a little prevention comes to pass. Just don't try to prevent the rhyming of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Much common sense in keeping ahead.
    Enjoyed the Sunday read.

  2. An ounce of prevention
    Is worth a pound of cure
    So the saying goes
    But at times there's a lure

    I guess it's all about balance
    Easier said than done
    Lots of temptations
    To run and have fun

    1. Temptations there are
      Fun near and far
      But ahead and avoid
      Then fall into the void

  3. My dad used to eat an apple a day. I will have to ask him if he still does that.

    1. Supposed to work
      Or an old wives tale perk

  4. Some are too cool
    To prevent
    These idiots will
    Definitely repent

    Oh wait....most of the time, this includes me as well

  5. I'm a cautious one so all about prevention.

  6. Dang, I usually sleep through the prevention things!

    1. That works too
      A prevention for tired coming due

  7. Come visit the prevention convention
    You may get an honorable mention
    But if you don't why fret and wail
    Next year your ship will surely sail

    1. Oh yeah, will be the best
      Better than the rest

  8. My erect back is hunched over like Quasimodo today
    A pull from moving furniture is preventing my play
    An Open House for my daughter today though is due
    So I'll pay for that folly because I must follow through :)

    1. Must limp along
      Get that back strong
      or star in the Disney remake
      Sure they'll give it a double take

  9. Well that was just a rollercoaster.

    You're safe! UNLESS!

  10. Replies
    1. Keeps things in check
      Don't have to hit the deck

  11. I do prevent as I can
    its safer living that way
    and can keep the doctor away


  12. The plans of mice and men often go astray.
    Plan as you may
    Circumstance will come your way, eh?

    1. Different things may come to be
      As long as you don't fall in the sea

  13. Work is preventing me from having fun :(
    a little prevention is often wise
    helping one safely gets things done
    don't jump without a parachute, unless you can fly

    1. Fly and fall
      One may stall
      As when you hit the ground
      You'll no longer be around

  14. Prevention keeps you from troubles for sure! But I often fall into "oh I should have done that" situation!

    1. The shoulda, woulda, coulda
      Pulls back the umm hooda

  15. Prevention for sure in my world. An ounce of sunscreen helps too

    1. That it will
      No sun burn or need for a pill

  16. Only I can prevent forest fires

    were there any today?

    You're welcome

  17. Keeping ahead and sticking to plans is key.

  18. Try to prevent things, but I also try to enjoy myself- as you never know what is around the corner. :)

    1. Could get smacked in the head
      Those corners can be dread lol

  19. So grand was the love on display
    When I saved my wife’s life that day
    My own safety tossed
    For what would be lost
    On funeral cost I would pay

  20. A helmet on your head
    is good for all.
    Including the heads
    both big and small.

    1. Some may be a tight fit
      As so many are full of shit

  21. What can I say? Prevention is better than cure.

  22. I try to take prevention as seriously as possible, but some things will always be out of our control.

    1. Yeah, some things will sure turn up
      And create a hiccup

  23. I much prefer an ounce of prevention to a pound of cure! Now that I'm finally home for a bit, I'm tackling the prevention, because I'm tired of slogging through the cure. We shall see! Meanwhile I bow down at your productive feet!

    1. Better watch out for the feet
      They may not smell so sweet lol


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