A Little Talking Comes A Walking!

Wow, the cat didn't know so much was being talked about. Actually I did as humans swim like a trout. But some of this surprises indeed. Did you know such talks were taking seed?

The cat is in talks.
In talks at the docks.
Maybe near some trees.
In talks is a breeze.

I'm in talks to talk.
Talks with a sock.
Socking talking in talks.
My, socks school of hard knocks.

Pat's in talks with me.
I ignore him at my sea.
I just do as I wish.
In talks only when need to fill my dish.

Ninjas are in talks to return.
I guess ninja status they must earn.
In talks to get status.
I hear they do it gratis.

Blue people in talks to turn green.
Wouldn't that be a scene?
I'm sure in talks they'll stay.
They can talk in talks come what may.

Betsy's in talks with Raid.
Something about getting paid.
New warnings need to be had.
In talks about talks at her pad.

Rednecks are in talks with sheep.
They are talking to little Bo Peep.
Yeah, she's another sheep.
I think they skip the talks and just bleep.

Dogs are in talks about walks.
I guess they want to buy stocks.
Stocks in walks in talks.
Dogs sure have heads full of rocks.

Whelmed is in talks.
Wants to forgo the locks.
Under and over get all the credit.
Whelmed is in talks, here you read it.

In talks we are.
In talks on par.
In talks to rhyme.
In talks to leave a chime.

Are you in talks? Even when no talks are taking walks? Walks on talks or in talks or with talks. Bah, throw them all off the docks. Can you be in talks? Is it like jumping in some box? That I can actually get in. Can talks be given such a spin? Am I confusing you with this pass? Feel free to comment and be in talks with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I'm in talks with my body
    It doesn't seem to hear
    All I want is healing
    It ignores me, I fear

    1. Mine's the same way
      Stupid thing has no idea what i say

  2. As I live totally alone I have no-0ne to converse with unless I go out.
    Loved the verse, enjoyable as always.


  3. Ninja status isn't just a given!
    We'll talk. My people will call your people.

    1. Has to be earned
      I'm sure with the calling much will be learned

  4. I am in talks with my bird
    imagine that how absurd
    I talk about all her turds
    in a few curse words (lol)

    i didn't think Ninjas talked
    I thought they just rocked

    Blue guy talking green
    could a money tree be seen

    1. lol damn those turds
      Can sure get a few curse words
      While the ninjas play
      And Blue gets lots of pay

    2. and she just chirps, chirps, chirps
      as I do all the work, work, work...lol..

    3. lol aww the life
      Free from strife

    4. Lots of pay
      Well, not today
      Or next week
      Dough's playing hide and seek
      A money tree would be grand
      In any land
      Especially Bora
      And its blue um shora....
      True is chirping I see
      In the place to be

    5. Would be nice
      But yep, no dice

  5. I miss talking to my cat. She always talked back.

    1. Fun when back they talk
      And follow you as you walk

  6. I talk to the computer screen
    Even raise my voice at times
    It never answers me
    Though sometimes it chimes.


  7. I'm in talks
    With the docs
    To find out what the future holds for me
    That makes them rich at their sea

  8. Talks with dog at my shore
    Silence interrupted, not a bore
    Dog also talks with her eyes
    What do you want, tell no lies

    1. They can sure talk with a look
      Hook or by crook

  9. I will talk to Ray, but he's watching TV. So I answer myself. I get great answers!

  10. A Little Talking Comes A Walking!
    See to the welfare of other beings
    They're in talks
    The way they slog
    And expected later to go full swing


    1. A full on swing
      Can result in most anything

  11. Sometimes I have one on one conversations with fish, sigh. But best is with my mind to get me up from my grind.

    1. The mind keeps things a going
      Even with a fish showing

  12. All words and no action sometimes with people

  13. Dang, I wonder if my neighbor has sheep?

  14. I talk with cats all the time! Not so much with humans, though :-)

    1. Yep, cats get more out of me
      Here at our sea

  15. I have my best talks
    When I'm taking long walks.
    I talk to the clouds
    though not very loud.
    I talk to the birds and the bees
    and to most everything that I sees.
    (Okay, that's sad.) Have a great day.

    1. haha hey, it kinda worked
      As up the birds and the bees ears perked

  16. Sometimes talking to myself is the only way to have an intelligent conversation.

    1. With many out there
      So true at ones lair

    2. haha - Now, that is funny I feel like that often. Perhaps, we should converse.

    3. There you go
      Two conversing for a show

  17. I am in a lot of talks I don't want to be involved in.

    1. Sucks a ton
      When those ones are given a run

  18. orlin N cassie; over de courz oh centureez; R trout towne ancesturrz ree layed ta each next generationz... that when 98 purrcent oh peepulz talk... they due knot haza cloo what de H they iz talkin a bout.... sew ignore em.........heer in de yeer 2017; we haz finded that thiz ancient teechin....iz troo ~~~~~ ♥♥☺☺

  19. Blue turning green? Say it ain't so;)


  20. The man was so full of hot air
    He’d blah but we just didn’t care
    If we hastily
    Had somewhere to be
    He’d blah blah and we’d soon be there

  21. I'm in talks with Sybil, Georgia and Eve.
    I might even be in talks with Steve.
    They are all part of my personality.
    Oops...been given drugs...ahhhh, serenity:)

    1. Need to pop that pill
      So they don't have their fill

  22. I believe silence is golden. Now that my girls are home for the summer, it's talk, talk, talk. I value the time I spend in bed these days where I don't have to hear a single word for 8 hours.

    1. haha 8 hours they stay asleep?
      What about the dogs at your keep?

  23. Terry and I were in talks about where to live in the future.
    We're tired of talking. Right now we're loving summer in Colorado.
    The grass in Arizona is definitely burned out.

    1. Could live in two spots
      Take in the sun each season lots


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