It's A Race So Keep A Steady Pace!

The cat likes to run here and there and you humans sure do it without a care. There is also the rat race too. But we've been there done that at our zoo. A new race is had. Can you keep up at your pad?

Ready, start, go!
Get your ducks in a row.
Hey, some may own ducks.
Cheaper than trucks.

Oh yeah, the race.
Born with a scrunchy face.
Elmer Fudd you resemble.
At least there's no disassemble.

Now you must speak.
Speak fast at your creek.
You must also walk and talk.
Or maybe talk and walk.

Now you must learn quick.
Everything is your pick.
Learn it all and get ahead.
Don't just lie there in bed.

Now you must choose a school.
Those big names sure rule.
Now you must get in and out.
Hmm not talking twist and shout.

That comes very soon.
First a job that shoots for the moon.
Work your way up from day one.
Kiss ass and brown nose a ton.

Now it's the twist and shout.
Let everything hang out.
Get married and have kids.
No time to take bids.

Now raise them really fast.
Back we go to the past.
Elmer Fudd needs to talk right away.
Get on that at your bay.

Walk and talk,
Learn and gawk.
Been there, done that.
Repeat, repeat, repeat each stat.

Now just die.
Wave goodbye.
The race is done.
Wait, you never won?

Pfffft a race is when you run and there is a winner. Not like some The Game Of Life spinner. Get everything that everyone else does. Just much much faster just because. That will prop you up and you'll win. Win what when you are done in? A fancy casket or little urn? Wowee, that is sure something to earn. On racing through life we'll take a pass. But I'll still race around the house with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. People want it fast
    And they want it now
    Waste of time to me
    Rather milk a cow

    1. Not sure I'd rather do that
      Cows give off lots of scat

  2. "Slow and steady wins the race"

    never worked in Nascar, Indy racing, or any racing ever.

    1. Nope, not a chance
      Have to be gone before even a glance

  3. I would rather take life slow enjoy the moments as they come and go.
    The finish line is death you know, so I am in no rush for that you silly cat

    1. No rush to get there
      Have eternity to spare

  4. Everything is a race. My second oldest got engaged last year on Valentine's Day. People are already asking him and his girl when they're going to have a baby. They're not even married yet. My son is taking it slow and I'm glad. He's seen a lot of families split up over the years and knows the importance of taking the vows seriously. Thankfully his girl understands (they're such a good fit for each other! I think they're very compatible). I am in their corner, but yeah, life's not a race. Slow is def sometimes better. :)

    1. Yep, have to do what is best
      For together they must beat every test
      If you rush, splitsville it is
      Even worse when kiddos mix into the biz

  5. Sometimes it's tempting to want to rush into things, but I enjoy relaxing and enjoying the moment more :)

    1. Yeah, much better way
      At the end of the day

  6. I'd like to say longer but I gotta run...bye!

  7. Life shouldn't be a race to the finish line. Just take it day by day and enjoy the view!

  8. The part about the new job
    Kissing ass, smoking grass
    Sitting like a big blob
    Working with nary a lass

    Don't you get angry when that happens?

    1. Yep, so crappy
      Like to blow it off the umm mappy

  9. Sometime in my early adulthood, I noticed that most children seem to run everywhere they go. I took a good honest look at my life as it was then, and wondered "All that running, just to wind up here?"

    Years later, it occurred to me that children probably run a lot just to keep up with the adults, who have longer legs.

    1. Yeah, they get there in the end
      But children need to get around the bend
      As adults sometimes walk fast
      Either way, exercise for the kiddo cast

  10. I prefer a life slug stroll instead of rat race.
    Take my time, look around, and enjoy the moments. Winner? You bet

  11. Take my word. I wrote something clever and it got lost in the comment/ether world of the internet. So I will just chill. No need to rush about.

    1. I'll pretend to believe
      As it hid up your sleeve

  12. It's A Race So Keep A Steady Pace!
    Keeping sane and alert not to chase
    There's no hurry
    Just being happy
    Determined to stay longer with many days


    1. Hank you are late
      No number 1 fate
      Have a good day!

    2. Many days to relax
      Hoping to avoid any unwanted tax

  13. Older I get the slower I like to go
    It really helps with the flow.


    1. Keep the flow going
      Gets a finished showing

  14. If there was a race to have kids then I completely missed the starting gun.

  15. Todat's the day
    To start the fray
    The race begins
    It spins and spins

  16. I race around a lot, but I'm following my own plan, no one else's.
    So much I want to see and experience before I just die!

    1. Getting it all in
      Before just little old death comes for a spin lol

  17. What about a prancing run?/Surely that must be fun! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  18. Some visitors from outer space
    Had question about human race
    Confused as they were
    Great risks they’d incur
    To find what determine first place

    1. Have to searching high and low
      For that to show


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