Pick A Team Or Live Stream!

The cat touched on this before but it extends to many a shore. Not just sports on the go as people cheer to and fro. Yeah, they yell at a TV. Like anyone can hear thee?

Can't stay whelmed.
Your team is helmed.
Your team? Riiiight!
Been down that stair flight.

Now it's new.
It's all about you.
Or should I say we?
Beats the heck out of me.

We aren't doing so good.
Common in many a hood.
But when out slips the "we,"
What is being done by thee?

Eating and watching TV?
My, that includes we.
Looking at your phone on the pot?
Damn, that may be germy by a lot.

Watching on Youtube?
Your we is such a boob.
No, not an x-rated one.
Although there is a we in that run.

Unless you go more.
Like we as a gender encore.
The male is just bad,
So the we gets mad.

When really you watched it.
Could be some scary shit.
Even if it gave you a thrill,
No other we fit the bill.

More than sports.
Sports and courts.
Told you so.
Now onward we go.

My guys are winning.
That isn't sinning.
Look at them play.
They hit a,b,b,b,a.

Fast on the button.
Sure not a glutton.
We watched the video game.
Wow, we is just lame.

Are you a we? Better not tell me. We three may make fun. More than whelmed with your we run. More like weeeeeeee as you cheer with glee. Acting like you did something for the lose or win. Hey, I think you got mustard on your chin. That can be good luck, right? Pfffft you know what I think of luck at my site. Now I am done making fun of the human mass. At least until the next observation from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. lol sure a going
      With the #1 showing

    2. On my planet, it is a digit that represents the value of being the top person on the comment list.

    3. You have your own planet?
      No one tried to ban it?

    4. On top
      Not a flop
      In the place to be
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooo-WE!

    5. Blue a snoring away
      Or too busy dieting at his bay

  2. I don't like sport,
    So don't view on TV.
    Nor on the phone.
    That about sums up me.

    Have a good week-end Pat.

  3. Not really into sports
    But the Olympics I watched
    Would never say we
    'Cause I would be squashed

    1. Squashed without gold
      Hey, one could be sold

  4. I had to think about it. I say they.
    Now if I go to my YouTube channel and watch the guitar solo, I can say me!

    1. They is the better way to go
      Me works when it comes to your own guitar solo

  5. I don't watch any sports unless I'm forced.

    1. Neither do we
      Just bores us out of our tree

  6. Couch quarterbacks are only good at flinging beer cans.

    1. And even then they miss
      But they still boo and hiss

  7. Watch a little sports now and then
    Especially if it is with a friend.


  8. Tie me down and feed me grass
    I think sports are really crass
    Grunt and groan and sweat like pigs
    I'd rather read and eat some figs

  9. No sports on my end
    on that you can depend.
    I don't even play that Wii game
    whichever one..they're all the same:)

    1. Yeah, no wii
      They have gone the wayside at any sea

  10. I'm not really into sport
    but many are I know.

  11. I must confess to getting pretty excited when watching "my" football team play, but ya know? With the way society is degrading into "them" and "us" sides instead of working together, I kinda wish more of us would consider using the word "we" once in a while.

    1. We would get things done
      Or at least let ideas be spun

  12. My sisters say I'm a really good sport, but they never said which one!

  13. orlin N cassie....think bout thiz fora minit...what if snoozin waz a sport....catz wood WIN....everee game, ever played, any wear, at any time.... GO TEEM !!!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. No one could top any cat
      When a snoozefest was where it was at

  14. Pretty accurate observations here,
    most people these days sure do love sports and beer.

    Have a great weekend. :)

  15. Nope, I say they did it, they won, they saw it, they whatever they did.

  16. I detest the word we. Whenever my mom uses it, it ends up being something I have to do on my own!

    1. hahaha that would make me detest it too
      We'd hide when we heard it at our zoo

  17. Mustard on your chin is good luck? Who knew! :)

  18. Whenever I hear the word "we"
    especially around family
    I know that it means mostly me

  19. I watch sports only when
    The Broncos make it to the SB again
    Or if the Avs or Rockies make it to the end
    And all I need are the last 2 min

    1. Yep, last little bit
      The rest would make us snore through it

  20. WE makes THEM sound like a nurse
    Making me curse

  21. I dont see too much sports Pat !

  22. I like to go to an actual sports game, but only watch the huge ones on t.v. like World Series and Superbowl.

    1. Actual ones can cost a ton too
      If you want a good view

  23. Guys + tv + sports ~ I don't get it. Terry can turn on the tv, get a random game in a random sport, and before he knows what, who, or where, he's already cheering and yelling at the tv screen. I get him back though by screaming at political broadcasts. So we each have a real audience of one! I like to go to Parkway, our local bar and ask to watch curling on the rare occasions there is a game on. It's great fun to watch the regulars scratching their heads and wondering what the heck is going on. Have a good one, my friend!

    1. haha making the regulars go wtf with curling must be fun
      Wouldn't make it so boring for me to give a run

  24. I'm not sure about winning...
    my head is sure spinning!


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