Round Fifty Nine Shall Align!

The search engine nuts come slow and steady. Some sure are at the umm ready. They sure have weird things to say when finding my bay. I guess crazy leads them to me. Or Blue does it at my sea.

Blue balls mystery

See? What did I say? Blue's guys to blame for that foray.

Blue mystery box shoes

Blue has strange fans. Soon they will all be getting blue tans.

parking garage signs

Hint: they say pay or we'll tow you away.

riddle me this riddle me that how many seconds are in a mnoth

Easy as can be. 2 is the answer to thee.

pictures of hamsters having sex

You've found what was in Blue's mystery box shoes. Whoops, you lose.

ugly man titties

A fetish for two. At least in view.

all seeing eye

You'll see it all with ugly man titties on the wall.

Tarsier Man Fan

The bug eyed creep has a fan at our keep.

error error error 503

Times three for 503 for thee.

gentlemen at play

Umm golf putting? Or are you smutting?

weird things to do when mom i gone

Roll on the lawn. Stay up to dawn? Not weird enough? My, this is tough.

my lawn needs mown

You're telling me why? Hope it's only grass that's too high.

woodtick on my ass

Pick it off quick. Germy bastards can be some slick.

my home away from home

Awww, how nice of you. We still won't share at our zoo.

And the winner for this round will truly astound. Not that it is weird or nasty like some other ones. But the search engine nut repeated it tons. Reminds me of a crazy person with 50,000 pics on a wall. If Pat goes missing give 911 a call. For I may have a stalker and they could have stuffed me in a meat locker.


Yep, that was all in one search. Someone has a umm scary obsession at their perch. We think we better get better locks for the door. Or maybe install a GPS chip in Pat at our shore. Don't want any Misery moment coming to pass. That just wouldn't do for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Some of those are quirky
    The mystery of Blue's balls
    That will keep one hopping
    Through these hallowed halls

    Hope you don't have a stalker
    That would not be great
    Lurking at your windows
    Poisoning your plate

    1. Had one before
      Real and online at our shore
      They can scare
      Of stalkers beware lol

    2. My balls are no mystery
      In the place to be
      They are blue and number one
      Such fun
      Well, maybe number two or three
      At the blue balls sea

    3. You have three?
      Hmmm freaky

    4. Maybe I can't count
      Might need to jump in a fount
      Which is short for fountain
      Not a mountain
      Or a chick
      On a stick
      Or a toad
      On the road

    5. A cheat rhyme
      A wrong count chime
      Geez need to rework that brain
      There at your lane

    6. haha a fun slap
      Angie can help with that, chap

  2. Most wonderful to read Pat. Thanks.


  3. Yikes
    A woodtick on your bum is bad
    You squish it when you sit a tad
    Woodticks are creepy, suck your blood
    I'd rather watch a cow chew cud

    1. Yep, disease ridden too
      Like to suffocate them in cat poo

  4. stay away from wood ticks
    they can make you some sick

    1. That they will
      And come with a mighty big bill

    2. Someone was looking for Blue .. lol
      Perhaps they found his shoe

    3. Dose it have return to sender?
      They could be a lender

    4. was it a return to sender 3 times
      with the lost mail chime....

    5. Could be
      With a one two three

    6. Maybe it was Scooby Doo
      Trying to find my shoe
      Wow you've got a stalker at your sea
      That's kinda scary
      In the place to be

    7. Scary indeed
      Be careful at your sea

      How are you Blue?

    8. Scary they are
      Hit them with your car

    9. Blue's going to take a nap
      How am I feeling... crap
      Pardon my French and Swedish too
      Let's blame Scooby Doo

    10. Crap is language like that
      Damn, new to the cat

  5. Not me stalking you on line
    That is a weird one
    Lock your doors all the time
    And always be prepared to run.


    1. Have a weapon handy too
      Scissors or a knife will do

  6. Round Fifty Nine Shall Align!
    The nuts must have more lines
    Just create some
    Exhaust old ones
    Continue to irritate is fine


  7. Oh, did Pat Hatt write some books? Pat Hatt books? Books by Pat Hatt?
    I smell a rat. Is it blue?

    Bizarre at your zoo

    1. Could be Blue
      Going all nuts at our zoo

    2. A blue rat
      On a mat?
      Say it ain't so
      In the Kitty Cat show

    3. A blue nibble
      As out you dribble

    4. That's funny
      Now, show me the money!
      What no tree
      In the place to be
      Was True making up stuff
      Do we have enough?

    5. Stuff may have been made
      But no tree of money or shade

  8. That was a delightful read indeed. Search engine nuts, phew.

  9. You are even more search engine famous now!

  10. I decided to google Pat Hatt. You got an internet twin.

    1. haha there are many out there
      At many a lair

  11. Why would anyone even want to see hamsters having sex?

    1. Beats me
      Guess a fetish for them at their sea

  12. Do hamsters have ugly hamster titties? I see enough ugly man titties when it is a hot day and men feel it's Ok to walk around without a shirt on. A woodtick on one's ass? My visual is now of that and ugly titties...thanks Mr. Pat

    1. lol have a nice day
      With man boobs and ticks on the ass at your bay

  13. I never have fun search words like that to my blog. lol

    1. Funny you don't though
      As you have rats on the go
      Think you'd get some sex
      Maybe there's a hex

  14. Doesn't the person who wrote that last one have a space bar on his/her computer?

    And as far as "pictures of hamsters having sex" goes, wouldn't it make more sense to do an image search for "hamsters having sex?" Either way, that's an odd subject to search for, innit?

    1. Yeah, maybe it broke or got stuck
      Probably some kids looking for the hamsters or a mighty strange duck

  15. That last one, that was me
    Too many computer errors to see
    But, just pulling your leg, not really

    1. lol bah, snowflake stalker
      Got your cameras to be a gawker

  16. orlin N cassie....just guessin but purrhapz de wood tick got on de doodz ass when him waz out mow in de lawn with out a shirt on N de tick tried ta stix on de tit but fell off ??? ☺☺♥♥

  17. You must have an obsessed fan in cyber space:)
    And speaking of fans (grin). I'm one of Blue's strange fans;) And I've really overused the word fan in my comment section:)

  18. A stalker in the midst
    is never any fun
    With the nosey internet
    You can never really run

    1. Nope, always can be found
      Until you take to ground

  19. If there’s something that I didn’t know
    It’s off to computer I’d go
    And there I would stew
    Till answer I knew
    Just relax and view sexy show

  20. Seriously, the last one came up ~ You are famous Pat, ha..ha...~

    1. haha not sure I want that kind of fame
      As they super type my name

  21. Thank God I haven't encountered an online stalker (though I have had some weirdos send me Google notification with a pin to their address lol). Now, going to the gym is a different story. Got a fan base there that I'd love to get rid of.

    1. haha that is weird for them to do
      Guess your fan base like the view

  22. LOL! The last one seemed perplexing at first; but then I was reading, "The many works of path att." Duh! The search engine nut had a point though, you do have many works!


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