Rugrat Ville Fits The Bill!

The cat sees you humans all the time. A rugrat gives an embarrassing chime. You then let them off without even a simple scoff. Of course they have very little filter in their mind but why keep it at one of a kind?

The hair puller is here.
They are something to fear.
We just run away.
Not joining that fray.

They say something bad.
At least a tad.
They get away with it.
Would you look at that shit.

No second thoughts.
They say things lots.
Each time getting away with their wonder,
Even when you get an embarrassing blunder.

That amuses the cat.
I can sit and watch that.
No ill will is even had.
None end up sad.

Just smile and away they go.
The rugrats rule the show.
Or maybe that is you.
You shrug off what comes due.

Isn't that a perk?
A perk that could work.
Logic says it is so.
No need for a foe.

Critics hate you.
Hate what came due.
There are always some,
Who like to talk out their bum.

Treat them the same.
They are far more lame,
But shrug off their claim.
Childish fools all the same.

What they say is wild.
Ignore the big child.
What they say is simple?
Treat them like a pimple.

Each time it's the same,
You shrug off their claim.
The rugrat conundrum wins out.
You no longer care what they shout.

Think that would work? Could be a new perk. Treat it like what your kid spilled to the grocery clerk. Just smile and ignore a critical jerk. Good feedback is fine indeed. But with nasty people follow your own lead. Don't let it bother you. They are just childish too. Hopefully no one has to change a diaper on them though. That would be nastier than a hair puller foe. So leave them in their own little "can't bother me" class. Much like the rugrats that try and pull the hair on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Adults who act like kids
    Should be treated as such
    If they're going to be jerks
    Ban them to a hutch

  2. Hi Hank... off to catch some zzzzzs

    1. Going to sleep
      rather early or late at your keep

    2. Hank's got it made
      Good company when awake!


    3. Company at hand
      Across the #1 land

  3. My Pat, this was so enjoyable to read.

    I often wondered what my cat thought of me,
    As I gave her two shots daily.
    She was diabetic for her last four years,
    But she lived her life all the same quite gaily.


    1. Cats can get through a lot
      A thing or two to humans should be taught

  4. Let them play their childish reindeer games and be off!

    1. Maybe give them a red nose
      If they stoop to new lows lol

  5. Cats get amused with us humans and our actions.

  6. Replies
    1. That it is indeed
      Not in a good way at many a feed

  7. Curtain pullers, peek-a-boo
    Attention grabbers through and through
    Smile real big, ain't that a tooth
    No excuse to act uncouth

    1. Just don't lose a tooth
      That may send you to a dentist booth

  8. If smiling and ignoring could work
    They wouldn't be called critical jerks

  9. Adults who behave like (at least) at every job and probably most everywhere else as well. Rarely do they bother me, but there has been a time or two.

    1. Oh yeah, there is always one at every job
      Be nice if they all went to some deserted island as a mob

  10. I had a kid drop a gallon of primer after looking like he didn't have 3 brain cells in his whole head. Then also his mom was dumb as crap for letting him hold it.

    1. haha yeah, many a parent should be wise
      Instead they have brains of flies

  11. Too many of those types at my sea
    I wish they would just let me be

  12. When my cats look at me
    I wonder what they see.
    Do they understand the words that I say?
    Or are they laughing at me just to pass the day?

    1. Could go with the latter
      As they ignore much of human chatter

  13. Rugrat Ville Fits The Bill!
    Childish pranks create ill-will
    They act wild
    with a smile
    Thriving on their own thrills!


  14. I sure hope there aren't any rats in my rugs!

  15. Sometimes it's hard to ignore a critical jerk,
    but smile and ignore is the best, let them wallow in their murk.

    1. Let them wallow away
      Maybe wish they'd drown in some bay lol

  16. I think all can occasionally act like a child
    In some things we say or do
    Been like that all through history
    Probably nothing too new.


  17. An orange rugrat
    Leads the pack
    He needs naps so sweet
    Due to too many tweets

  18. I have a 4 year old grandson and he's a little terror. lol

  19. Spoiled brats, kids and adults too
    Aplenty near my shoe and Scooby Blue :(

    1. They go every which way
      Wanting to hump near your bay

  20. Reminds me of the 30 year old at my nieces birthday party who joined in on Musical Chairs. The bastard was competitive too, trying to beat out the 10 year olds to win the game. A complete immature ass, if you ask me!

    1. Yeah that would just be an ass indeed
      Kids should kick him below so he'd take heed lol

  21. orlin N cassie...a trip down de lane oh memoreez; when de food servizz gurlz mom taked her wee little brother two de store; N de wee little brother sat in de shoppin cart N looked at de dood bee hind em in line N said: you SOB....

    1. lol the things they say
      Can sure embarrass away

  22. Just like those nasty brats
    whether they be young or old rug rats.
    they need a spanking or two.
    Yes, I believe in that, I do.

  23. The cats scatter when the grands come to visit.

  24. I guess rugrats come in all ages...
    I just shake my head and walk away

    1. Walk away works indeed
      Then nothing more will take seed

  25. So weary of all of his blah blah
    And how over breasts he’d go gaga
    Though there was no lack
    To wad that he’d pack
    They gave the boy back to his mama

  26. We're lucky our pets are so tolerant of the little rugrats around us!

    1. Tolerance can be key
      For all to live fancy free


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