The Start To A Fart?

Don't worry there is no passing gas. That we'll save for the end with my little rhyming ass. For now we will get started fast. I want to make this post a thing of the past.

Away we go.
To where, don't know.
Maybe don't care.
No time to spare.

I'm creating a post.
A post at my coast.
It will be created,
Leaving all elated.

I'll get 50,000 hits.
May give some the shits.
It will be that grand.
I'll receive a hand.

I'll need to bow.
It will wow.
More than whelmed,
Will be helmed.

Even bad grammar,
Won't make any stammer.
I'll be a worldwide hit.
People will throw a fit.

It will lead to much.
Books, movies and such.
I'll be ever so rich.
A butler will scratch every itch.

Or make that a maid.
It's a better trade.
I think I can trust her,
With that feather duster.

I'll be sung about.
People see me and shout.
They'll rant and rave,
Gold paths I'll pave.

Even when I'm dead,
I'll be forever read.
All from this post,
Here at my coast.

My first post ever.
It will be such an endeavor.
Nothing else will compare.
To start, do I dare?

Sadly, some believe that all it takes is one post, one book or whatever to bring about such an endeavor. Are you ones of those? Care to buy my bridge that's shaped like a rose? It will help you when the world bows to you. Trust me, it's true. The key is to start and keep at it. Not going to start with a #1 hit. May never come due. Sorry to disappoint you. Now feel free to smell the gas that just came out my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. True success
    Isn't served up on platters
    Takes time, energy, commitment
    That's what truly matters

    1. That is what does
      Will never win just because

  2. I agree with the above comment that success has to be worked at with time and dedication.
    Well put Pat.


  3. It takes a lot of time, effort, and talent. And patience!

    1. Patience can annoy
      But it sure isn't a ploy

  4. One and Done
    That's it for Some!

  5. First endeavor pull the lever
    Do it right, make it clever
    If you fail try once more
    It's all sweat to the core

    1. Sweat it is indeed
      Have to keep at it to complete the deed

  6. Not too many a one thing success
    Takes time to get it right
    And I am sure
    A lot of work at night.


    1. Yep, work night and day
      To make it come your way

  7. Away you were sent
    No idea where you just went
    As you created another post
    From coast to coast
    Didn't mean to boast
    50,000 bucks would be more like it, though,
    If each hit were a buck at the Kitty Cat Show
    Now, wouldn't that be grand
    As they send those bucks to your land?
    Then some would throw a fit
    And not just a little bit
    As you show off that butler maid
    Or maid butler or whatever you call your aid
    Or would she be a guy maid
    Or a maid guy with a braid?
    Where are you going with that feather duster,
    Gold paths a plenty
    Check my shit out, you cognoscenti!
    The Cat's on a roll minus the rock
    There's a New Cat on the Block!
    Forever read and admired, too...
    Eat your heart out, Scooby Doo!

    Now, how's that for a comment, Cat?
    As Blue feels old on his birthday mat.
    A mat, not a rock
    Or a sticky sock
    Or a toad
    On the road...

    1. 50 grand
      I'd take in hand
      A fine showing
      Look at you going
      A man maid
      Umm, let's trade
      I'll go for vacuum cleaner scene
      She can stay that way to clean
      Hmm I may get whacked too
      Better watch it at my zoo
      An admired cat
      How about that
      Not a dog in log
      Or a frog on a hog
      Just old guy blue
      Who lost his shoe

  8. Wise words, Pat: "The key is to start and keep at it." One of the better decisions I ever made. The irony is that I had no interest in the blogging world, until Ron (.from Sophie's view) pushed me into it. Wow! And you sure model what you preach! Have a good one!

    1. Good he gave you a push
      And you sat and wrote away on your tush
      Keep on a keeping on is the way
      We sure go at it at our bay

  9. Overnight success takes years of sweat. That is for sure

    1. That it will
      And may bring a mighty big bill

  10. A reality check for sure.
    Have a great one.

  11. Keeping at it is not always easy!

  12. No one gets famous from one blog post LOL Stop farting, my dog does enough of that for the whole world!

    1. lol just some added gas
      To the ever growing mass

  13. The first post tends to suck
    And for those who don't give a f*k
    for anyone but themselves
    as if they're more special than
    Santa's elves
    They'll never get
    why they're not famous yet.

    1. Yep, they never will
      End up in the landfill
      There they go
      A trash heap show

  14. Oh heck no. Never gonna happen.

  15. orlin N cassie.....we think we can count on one paw N ewe noe uz N math.......faaaaaaaaa...

    de number oh writerz out ther who hit it off big time with ther furst go round ~~~~

    now everee one else thinkz they will two ....oh well ~~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺

    1. Yep, nuts as they think it
      As there they sit

  16. Just read the other day
    Some people get their likes for pay
    Instead of working hard
    They become a tub of lard

    1. Rather tubby they become too
      There with their like view

  17. Yup, one little post just isn't going to do it. But then who wants to be famous anyway.

    1. Yeah, screw the fame
      We'll take the dough and ignore that claim

  18. One post may get many views
    but, tomorrow you will be yesterday's news
    hard work and patience is the way
    perhaps success one day...

    1. Yep, that you will
      Sure isn't going to pay the bill

  19. So good for you
    It took work too
    and pleased fans to view
    and congrats are due

  20. Do people know Mary Pickford?
    Or Douglas Fairbanks? It sounds absurd
    But nope, they don't. They were famous
    In their day, no muss or fuss.
    They created United Artists and more
    Now they are nothing but folklore.
    So many want fame right away.
    They forget it is fleeting no matter what one has to say

    1. Yep, it goes with age
      No matter how long their credits page
      So why bother with that crap
      Leave it for some other silly sap

  21. I know a lot of people who have been at it for years and have some great content, but hardly get any recognition. Then, you have some asshole like "cash me ousside" girl who utters something stupid, pops up a website and some social media channels and boom. Instant success. The world is a messed up place.

    1. Yep, sadly that is the way
      And such morons get pay


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