A Contemplate On This Date!

The cat was contemplating posting today. I guess I won as I posted at my bay. Or I just let the schedule do its thing. But I contemplated it at my wing. Don't believe me? Yeah, can't blame thee.

Today I may aggravate,
As you do when you contemplate.
Or I may cooperate.
At least I won't constipate.

Will you contemplate on constipate?
If you do you may need to medicate.
Hey, I'm just saying there, mate.
There are many ways to penetrate.

That may not resonate.
But maybe it will stimulate.
Can stimulation come as you contemplate?
Or is it more of a procrastinate?

That question I did facilitate.
You don't have to evacuate.
Why not do a double contemplate.
That will be a mighty fine lazy fate.

Maybe this I should abbreviate?
That may just exhilarate.
Okay, maybe I exaggerate.
But where did that thought originate?

Are you still trying to contemplate?
Is it hard to negotiate?
You have to contemplate to rejuvenate.
Need me to reiterate?

Why not just participate?
That too you have to contemplate?
You are doing a lot of that of late.
Maybe you're trying to circumnavigate?

Or did you overestimate?
Maybe you need to rehabilitate.
That brain needs to meet its maturity date.
Unless you go and inactivate.

Far better to initiate.
No brain can humiliate.
Some may need to authenticate.
For they are trying to assimilate.

Maybe even associate.
I just am throwing out an approximate.
Time for you to coordinate.
Shit or get off the pot as you contemplate.

Are you contemplating what to say? That could be a thing at my bay. The cat is crazy as can be. Are you a contemplater at your sea? Or is that a form of procrastination for you? Are you a word flip flopper at your zoo? Use one to cover up the other with class. You can't fool my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Back to the top
      No Blue guy flop

    2. Taking a nap or two
      At my shoe
      Suza's number one
      Such fun!

    3. No constipating, though
      At the blue guy show
      Procrastinate I might
      Ognoring some bill-paying plight lol

    4. P.S. ognoring is the new ignoring hahaaa

    5. Does it work any better?
      Still get a "pay now" letter?

    6. You know I do
      As true as a missing shoe

    7. Figures indeed
      The way of greed

  2. I don't really flip flop
    I do contemplate though
    It's very relaxing
    To make my brain slow

    1. Slow down the brain
      So it can board the thought train

  3. I will contemplate today,
    About things I have to do.
    As resting my foot,
    Tasks have piled up at my view.

    Great verse Pat.


    1. A hurt foot can sure do that
      As things don't stop at one's mat

  4. I decided to contemplate
    how I wanted to participate
    without trying to aggravate
    without trying to humiliate
    just wanted to ruminate
    .....without being late
    which is often my fate!

  5. No, I'm just all confused and tongue-tied...

  6. I do believe I'll contemplate. Every time I constipate I get hauled off to the Vet!

    1. That is no good
      Have to keep going #2 at your hood

  7. Needs a statue made called The Contemplator

  8. A Contemplate On This Date!
    Rightly not to tempt fate
    Best to sit tight
    Not to take flight
    Being happy it was all made!


  9. I contemplate at times
    But mostly go with the flow
    Even if at times it is slow.


  10. I maybe had a platitudinate or two
    But was interrupted by a coup
    If I think too long it hurts my head
    I guess I should have stayed in bed.

    1. Stayed in bed can be fun
      When you stay with another one

    2. Or on a couch
      Like a blue grouch lol

    3. lol enough room there?
      Beats a stair

    4. Mine's as big as a house
      Makes me feel like a little blue mouse haha

    5. haha one size fits all
      There at your hall

  11. Contemplate and double check my typing.

    1. May need to triple at times
      When pumping out books and rhymes

  12. Wife wondered the cause of my strain
    So doctors explored to explain
    Though tests drove them mad
    Conclusion they had
    Was thinking is bad for my brain

  13. Contemplating the post:)......

  14. hahah - i contemplate how to accentuate the comment i'm going to make
    happy monday!

  15. I am definitely a procrastinator, but I do like the sound of saying that I am "contemplating" instead!

    1. Contemplating wins the day
      Can cover up procrastination at your bay

  16. There's one contemplating procrastinator in my house, and it isn't me. LOL


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