A Rated Time With This Chime!

The cat did the whelmed bit. That was sure a hit. Good and whelmed some can be. Who needs the over and under at their sea? Here is another that never gets love. Not even when push comes to shove.

The path is gated.
Poor old rated.
Add at the tone.
Can't be alone.

Overrated it is.
Damn that biz.
Gets my hate.
Overrated out of the gate.

Underrated it is.
Here is a pop quiz.
For you need to get to know,
This underrated show.

What if neither is true?
Can rated come due?
You never hear it said.
Is rated better off dead?

X-rated gets play.
PG rated comes your way.
R rated joins in.
14+ is given a spin.

G even lends a hand.
NSFW joins the band.
But plain old rated?
Must really be hated.

The truth is true.
99% believe it at their zoo.
Never will all agree,
That's known by you and me.

But most from coast to coast,
Neither under or over they boast.
They just love what has come due.
Wouldn't that mean rated is in cue?

Was that a no?
Is rated your foe?
Why all the hate?
Can't rated ditch the over under mate?

It wants to be whelmed.
Not over or under helmed.
Just whelmed and rated,
With no need to be inflated.

The cat just made a case for rated. Ever think rated is ill fated? Rated sure gets the hate. It's never used without a mate. Unless asking what something is rated and then a new rated is gated.That must get on its nerves. Can a word have such swerves? Can't even get on nerves at one's sea. Even if one has them come to be. Rated just threw me into a whole other sass. I'll just stay a whelmed little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. talk about a god damn plot twist

    2. haha and you said never
      Look at you go with the #1 endeavor

    3. Adam was number one?????
      Such fun!

  2. Ratings are only as good as the rater.

  3. If you get good ratings Pat then you deserve them.
    Well done on another excellent verse.


  4. Oopsy-daisy you got rated
    By a fish you think you baited
    Try again another day
    You just scared all fish away

    1. Shouldn't have peed in the water
      I even offended an otter

  5. Ratings can be subjective
    Based on the day
    Sometimes just have to ignore them
    And do what you may.


  6. I often get underwhelmed with some of the things humans do these days!

  7. Ratings depend on a mood
    Some based on a prude
    Or maybe just too crude
    And some want to be rude

    Whatever's in the wheelhouse
    Sundays are neutral

    1. Rude or a prude
      All goes back to the offended attitude

  8. All things get rated today
    No rating? Pfff, get out of the way.
    Rated best movie, best restaurant, worst company.
    All in all, be wary where you spend your money.

    1. Wary is the way
      Everything out to get your pay

  9. Ha. R-Rating is actually something I had never thought of until recently. I was talking to a publisher and they told me that they didn't accept 'R-Rated' content and I just went...oh. Oh wow. That's my content. haha

    1. haha have to watch the for and flucity flucks
      All come back to them and their bucks

  10. Some people get so mad when a horror movie comes out and it's not R rated. Horror fans are some of the most critical fans ever. They think it won't be as good if it's PG-13.

    1. Yeah, they sure tend to throw a fit
      Need the R in front of it

  11. I'd like to be whelm
    with DiCaprio at the helm.

  12. What happens if it's grated instead?

  13. Rated under or over
    No bed of clover
    It stands on its own
    Might feel all alone

    1. All as one
      Having no fun
      Or all the fun
      When all is done

  14. This man was the king of his keep
    He waded in money so deep
    There wasn’t a plan
    That he couldn’t span
    At least while this man was asleep

  15. A Rated Time With This Chime!
    A case present with odd signs
    Settled for same
    He did it again
    Rated accepted without a whine


    1. Rated on in
      With a spin
      A little win
      Or maybe sin

  16. My mom should pay more attention to ratings. She was miffed when she let her grandkids watch Sausage Party and realized it was just cartoon porn lol

    1. lol that she should
      As that one sure isn't for the kiddos in any hood

  17. I rarely pay any attention to ratings. If I were a parent or had young children in my care, I would be careful what I exposed them to; but I wouldn't hide the truth from them, just soften it a bit as was appropriate for their age. I was the third grade teacher who, during the compulsory MLK instruction, shared a video of the police setting fierce dogs on and the water-hosing of women and children before showing the "I Have a Dream" speech by MLK. I don't believe in censorship, but I do believe parents have a responsibility to vet what they allow young children to see. More than degrees of rating, we need critical thinking.

    1. That we surely do
      Critical thinking to shine through
      Soften it for their age
      Don't need to fully hide the page

  18. Whenever I see this pop up, I know I'm too far behind: "Your comment will be visible after approval." LOL But I'm up-to-date now! You've been on a great run in your posts lately ~ lots of truths exposed in rhyme! Have a good one, Pat, where you're at!

    1. lol the cat is on a roll
      7 back and you get the comment goal


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