A Whoopdi Cheer Of Holiday Beer!

Robbie Raisin is back on the case. I need a show for holiday nuts to embrace. So I've come to see what you all have for me. I'm sure it's something Whoopdi Friggin Doo viewers will want to see.

Take it away, Hank. How do you fill your holiday tank?


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What? You tried double speak? Beer Guys, are you up the holiday creek?

Why wouldn't we want to move to North Korea? Kim Jong Un has made it abundantly clear that everyone there is super happy, and that they have the strongest military in the world. You can even choose between TEN government mandated hairstyles. That's double digits. Tell me that isn't awesome.

This is supposed to bring cheer to viewers. Theresa, are you at the brewers?

Most of the population are amazing, kindhearted people. It's just those assholes that do something stupid and the media sensationalizes it, making us all look like racist, mean, gun toting cows. 

Is that a reflection on our show? Robyn, care to give it a go?

Lots of deodorant I shall buy
To Australia I will fly.

Is it a holiday there? Caitlin, celebrating at your lair?

And I would love to visit North Korea! I think it'd be so fascinating.

Umm, well there would be fireworks coming at you. Jaclyn, are you ready to join the crew?

I'd rather have pee on my knee than a flea!

Enjoy that at your hall. Alex, ready to have a holiday ball?

Float off and die. Everything would. Crap, it would be like a real live Sharknado!

Aren't you a downer. Brian, going to be an out of towner?

That could really be what floats your boat!

Isn't it supposed to float yours? Fundy Blue, off taking tours?

I think it would be such fun to bounce around on the moon. Vomit comet

Your new nickname for fame? Betsy, ready to make a holiday claim?

My boys believe in death by dental work!
Not going would certainly be a perk! haha.

Who wants to think of the dentist today? Birgit, ready to have your say?

I think the only person who wants to fly high
Is that gravity waiver, pot smoking guy

Pot smokers may come after you. Blue, anything new?

Sniffing dog butts, you say?
Like every day?

Wow, now there is a fetish for you. Adam, care to tell us something true?

I more often bark than purr. I might meow though 

Fetishes are lining up. Redneck, are you filling your beer cup?

I bet Eve never had a problem knowing somebody from Adam.

And thinking of the first porn. Truedessa, are you torn?

feeling bad to the moan
or bad to the groan..haha

I guess you like ancient porn. Belva, is something born?

Well titch, titch, titch
Holy smokes ain't that a bitch

Damn, really stuck on the porn, aren't we? Snowcatcher, can something new come from thee?

Always seems to make me groan

I guess not. Silver Fox, has the porn fetish been caught?

Sounds like we're all falling apart.

That you all are. Betty, can you get us on par?

Bit confused today with now and then
trying to figure it all out when
might have to back to sleep and try again
and maybe more answers it will lend

Nope, back to the drawing board. Joanne, what do you have stored?

then, now, tomorrow, yesterday
now and then or both here to stay
up or down, then and now
turn around and take a bow

Is it any wonder why Betty was confused? Bijoux, are you amused?

Lighting a fire under my butt, so to speak, gets the job done!

A little butt play. Beverly, going to join the fray?

I hope all the fireworks are handled with care.
We don't want to lose any fingers there

Thanks for the public service announcement today. Tabbies o trout towne, going to end this foray?

orlin N cassie...happee canada day two ewe all furst off; N thurd...we think bugz R grate; raw, semi chewed, cooked, eaten then hurled....we canna get enuff oh em... tho de food serviss gurl willna let uz mess with moe skeet toez coz oh heart werm ore bugz that haza stinger like hornetz ~~~~~ 

What was that you said? Mary, did it cause you dread?

I am not a fan of bugs
hidden in the rugs
or lurking in dirty mugs
nor the kind one fights with drugs!

Another who is confused. Mary Kirkland, do you feel abused?

Ants are what kills me I had a problem with them a while back until I used a tube of caulk to plug every hole in my bathroom. lol 

Ruining holidays for ants everywhere. Rosey, are you a bug killer at your lair?

I hate them. I cooked up a batch of rigatoni the other day and when I drained it a beetle was in it. Dead and cooked. Not my idea of protein. I pitched it and ordered in. Nasty old bugs.

So you cook them in food? Damn, so ends this brood with bug and ancient porn attitude. Whoopdi Friggin Doo will sign off for today. I hope you all have a bug killing, porn thrilling holiday.


Look at you all go. Quite the holiday show. I never knew you were all so kinky. I guess it's more fun than playing with a slinky. I'll join in and go eat some bugs though. I'm sure there is a few at our show. Even if they give me a little gas, unlike Rosey, they are fine protein for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Back on the go
      No Blue foe

    2. Number 1!
      I may be late but it's still fun
      As the pot smokers are on their way
      Looking for the blue guy night and day

    3. Pot heads at your bay
      That must be as fun as humpers on display

    4. The humpers can hump a wall
      Then smoke some pot at the mall

  2. Have a great 4th July, have fun Pat.


  3. Bugs and porn
    For holiday fodder
    You covered a lot
    Couldn't be odder

  4. A Whoopdi Cheer Of Holiday Beer!
    Holiday's great, a respite here
    For July 4th delights
    Keeping it rather tight
    Just lurking, #1 getting too popular


    1. Lurking one has to do
      For the #1 now to shine through

    2. I gave up on the #1 spot
      number 2 seems to be my lot (haha)

    3. Stuck in two
      What a pair can do

  5. Kinky, Winki, Blinkum and Nod
    Went to sea in a candy pod
    They ate their ship
    And took a dip
    There floats a leather whip with a nod from the cod

  6. I had no idea this holiday could be so busy!

  7. I actually did hear that Kim Jong Un restricted the hairstyle down to just his own

  8. So cute to read
    How you put it altogether
    Took lots of time to do
    And was very clever.



    1. Can take a while
      But fun to turn that dial

  9. Very tricky word twist
    Your followers have their say
    We all need beer as we give a cheer
    For Canada and the USA

    And all other countries. We are the World
    Another beer please

    1. Be a lot of beer
      If the world gave a cheer

  10. A really funny post!!
    Happy belated Canada day :) :)

  11. lol I'm not confused, ants are awful.

  12. Pesky little bugs indeed....Happy belated Canada Day!

  13. Thank you for the holiday wishes, and yes, I'm always amused by random weirdness.

  14. Canada Day
    July 4th hooray
    just some ways to say
    more beer's on the way

  15. Goro would join you with the bug dinner! I hope you enjoyed the holiday:-)

    1. Take a snack here and there
      Good protein at any lair

  16. How coincidental I just cleared my place of teeny tiny ants. Not before they invaded my Keurig of all things. That pisses me off. Stupid ants.

    1. lol they wanted a coffee fix
      Can sure pull some pesky tricks

  17. One has to watch what they say
    as it may come back another day
    off I go to sleep
    hope my dreams are deep

  18. I'm, subject matter not for me
    More than a groan would come to be
    However, wishes for a happy belated Canada Day
    Come your way!

  19. Always have to watch what we say. It always comes back to bite us in the ass. Like ants.

  20. Me near a dentist
    not unless i am pissed
    but smoking a doobie sounds quite good
    Did I spell Doobie right? I am so not of the hood.

    1. lol I think it is spelled right
      Beats me at my site

  21. That was quite a holiday show!
    It really floated my boat! LOL


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