Challenging It Is With This Quiz!

The cat will quiz you today. Yep, such a challenge it will be on display. I am going to make you work. Isn't that a perk? Using your mind. Damn, I may break mankind.

2 plus 2.
What comes due?
Take your time,
With my challenging chime.

2 minus 2.
No rushing from you.
Make sure to think it over.
It is okay to ask rover.

2 times 2.
Really getting hard for you.
Work it out on paper.
Even us a calculator for this caper.

2 divided by 2.
Are you turning blue?
I know, such hard work.
Isn't such a challenge a perk?

Now we get rough.
This next section is tough.
Challenging it will be.
But I, kinda, believe in thee.

1 plus 1.
Give it a run.
I know it is tricky.
Aren't challenges icky?

1 minus 1.
Damn, this isn't fun.
It is soooo hard.
Forever you'll be scarred.

1 times 1.
You're under the gun.
We are almost done.
Hint: the answer isn't none.

1 divided by 1.
What could be spun?
This is so hard on the head.
This challenge may leave you dead.

Now add all the answers together.
This challenge you can weather.
Hint: Look on the back of this post.
There the answer you can toast.

Weren't you challenged today? My, what a challenge at my bay. Can you tell I'm being a sarcastic cat? Pfffft to any of that. Have people become so dumb and brain umm numb that such meager challenges about are actually a challenge to more than trout? I'm talking average every day people too. Not learning disabilities at any zoo. Although you'd think many have one. They are so dumb by a ton. The definition of challenge may need to be changed. Or at least rearranged. If it is challenging when you are all but given the answer to it, then I'm a rhyming dog that can roll over and sit. That is all for my oh so challenging challenge pass. I challenge you to prove wrong my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Challenging It Is With This Quiz!
    Putting in all the likely twists
    A 2 into 2
    Nothing new
    A few gets stumped but still persist


  2. I was hoping the answer would be a Rush album...

  3. As my husband says, that's because IQs have just radically dropped.

  4. That was a good one even with an odd unlucky number!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I remember kids in school wouldn't accept that 1000 times zero was zero, not 1000

    1. haha I remember that too
      Couldn't get it wrapped around their head at their zoo

  7. Easy to figure out at your bay
    The answer is a good one
    I will say.


  8. This math I can do. :) Some math is not my thing! I find I have to explain math during transactions at stores at least once ever week or two (change is wrong or something similar).

    1. Yep, they really really stink at many a store
      Finding simple math a chore

  9. Easy peasy, even in grade 3!
    We need to keep using our brains!

  10. It is a Sunday and it is my 2nd last day of my vacation and you decide to quiz us with math?? Really?? The answer is obviously 867,342.

    1. Wowwweeeee
      Look at theee
      Sooooooooooo write
      You clearly have good site

  11. I've seen arguments online recently that there's a new way to do math that doesn't involve using PEMDAS. The funny part is, you get a different answer! Lol, how is that math? There can only be ONE right answer!

    1. Yep, only one shines through
      But all want to be right and can't offend the little feelings of any in view

  12. Riddle me this and riddle me that
    the cat a riddler, does he wear a green hat?

    1. Maybe, maybe not
      There could be a thicker plot

  13. Oh no, not math! Where's my calculator!

    One, two, Freddy's coming for you
    Three, four, better lock your door
    Five, six, grab your crucifix
    Seven, eight, gonna stay up late
    Nine, ten, never sleep again

    -Nightmare On Elm Street

    Now that's my kind of math...bwahahaha

    1. lol getting killed in your sleep
      Damn, your math is deep

  14. Haha, this is a math I can handle but if there are more numbers, my brain will go numb :-)

    1. Well 0 gets argued as to not be one
      So would it go numb with a 10101111000000 run?

  15. My knowledge gap
    is quite a chasm.
    This ain't a snap.
    My brain's in a spasm.

    1. Do you twitch and shake?
      Shout and move?
      For goodness sake,
      Found your groove

  16. Challenges that are challenging, oh but what the hey
    Let us find the answer almost any time of day
    Take off your shoes and stockings, use your fingers and the toes
    You will be so busy counting, you won't notice any woes

    1. Like the bee a stinging
      Or the bills a clinging
      Would that be clanging?
      Oh look, a hanging

  17. HaHa - these are easy questions!! Bring on a few harder ones -- a real challenge!

    1. People will go nuts
      Harder ones will leave them in ruts

  18. Everything is a challenge these days
    Common sense where are you
    May all just be a passing phase
    But we both know this is not new

    1. Nothing new indeed
      Hopefully it passes at each feed

  19. At test taking I was the best
    A fact teachers quickly confessed
    Just ask one or two
    And they will tell you
    If I passed a few I’d be blessed

  20. I was waiting for the word derivative to show
    that could give me hives
    or sine and cosine
    those do not get high fives

    I think I kept up with the math otherwise, I had enough fingers and toes!

    1. As long as you can count
      Can get the final amount

  21. The number 2 gets some play
    22 makes my day...

  22. Math quizzes
    Are no fun
    From this post
    I will run!

    1. How far?
      Did you run to your car?

    2. If I had a car
      I would drive far
      But I'm on a cane
      So hobbling my refrain

    3. You're on a cane?
      Do you bounce around like a pogo stick down the fast lane?

    4. Ha! Now that would be a sight
      Pogo sticking left and right!

    5. May hurt the back/hip/leg though
      As you go all pogo

  23. People have become quite dumb. I had to slap my forehead when I heard the girl at the store ask her co-worker how to make change when the bill was $48 and someone gave her $100.

    1. lmao woweee
      Such a hard question to come to be

  24. This quiz
    Is a whizz
    But I'm weak
    And it's bleak
    Maths is not my thing
    And I can only sing



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