Crane Your Neck To The Rigged Deck!

Now gambling we've done, as a rhyme or two has surely been spun. But that happens right away. Did you know you could still be doing it at your bay? Rigged in every way. As there you stay.

Got a credit card.
Paid for the bigger yard.
Got a new loan.
Paid for a fancy drone.

Got another credit card.
Paid for an even bigger yard.
Got a new loan.
Paid for an even bigger drone.

Boy, this rhyme is lame.
Can make the same claim.
Which is more lame though?
The rhyme or the idiot spending the dough?

Guess what? It's a bet.
No legs broken, so don't fret.
Unless you go to a loan shark.
They may leave a mark.

You're betting you can pay it down
You're betting you won't frown.
You're betting the payments will be fine.
You're betting everything will align.

Whoops, lost job.
Whoops, you owe Bob.
Whoops, new expense came due.
Lost that bet, did you?

Now you're behind.
The goal of mankind.
Stay stuck in debt.
Play the rigged bet.

For you can get another loan.
A loan to cover the loan of your drone.
Yeah, that will help you out.
No more will you scream and shout.

Whoops, another expense is had.
Whoops, you need that latest fad.
Whoops, you bought more shoes.
Whoops, you act like it is new when you lose.

Not your fault at all.
Nope, not at your hall.
Society says you must.
In a new loan you can trust.

Pfffffffffffffft to such brain dead people any day. It is a bet at your bay. I suppose at least you get something for it. But doesn't mean you still won't throw a poor pitiful me fit. Well poor pitiful you did it to your poor pitiful self. Wasn't a merry little elf. It's a rigged deck any day and yet you still play. Just long term gambling. Know anyone who fits my rambling? Bet you know many in mass. They'll get no sympathy from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    A copy paste would be too easy
    As in easy.... peasy!
    Not my style, you know
    At the blue guy show
    Not now, not ever
    Did James Bond say, "Never say never"?
    Or what it something about some octo...pussy?
    No, not the kind that's bushy lol
    Anyway, it's Friday at my bay....
    Such a fun day!

    Grrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast...
    Have some deluxe toast!

    1. Maybe Pussy Galore
      Came ashore
      Flew right in
      For a spin
      Like a copy and paste
      In post haste
      Or pre haste
      Stuck like paste
      For meeeeeeee

  2. Credit cards cost a bit of dough
    Unless you're baking bread at your show
    Ka-ching! Here we go
    Want to book a room.. a card you need to show
    Just so you know
    At the kitty cat show :)

    1. Unless you can bribe away
      And with cash pay

  3. A credit card is handy,
    For so many things these days.
    As long as you keep the payments up,
    When the bill comes in to pay.


    1. That you must do
      Or get flushed down the loo

  4. I'm amazed by how many people carry balances, but that's how the cc companies make their money.

    1. Yep, that and there year fee crap
      That they charge each silly sap

  5. I have a debit card but not a credit card. That way I won't spend money that I don't actually have. On the minus side, since I haven't had a loan for about twenty-five years, I literally have NO credit rating. Not good, not bad, but NONE.

    1. haha and with that you won't get crap
      Not even from a used car chap

  6. It is a gamble all right. We have a mortgage and a car loan that's almost paid off. We do use the credit cards but easily pay them off every month. When you're ordering online, credit card is the only way to go.

    1. Yeah, credit card is the way to go online
      Visa Debit though is a fine way to align

  7. There's a reason fast food places take plastic. People spend more. But the bill will come due which for most of us is too soon.

    1. Yep, collectors come a knocking
      And yet many still find it shocking

  8. Can someone loan me a number 1?

  9. Almost done paying off a card
    Then no longer using it
    If we don't have the money
    at home we will sit.


    1. If can't be bought
      We don't need it at our plot

  10. I would rather nap that run up the credit card bills!

  11. I bet I have never been in debt. And when I met Ray I got him on the right track real quick. No debtors prison for us

    1. Good way to be
      That track is the best for thee

  12. We're what credit card companies call deadbeats. I used to think that meant someone who didn't pay his bills, but it's actually someone who always pays a credit card bill in full, so the companies don't make any money in interest. We figure if we can't afford it, we don't need it.

    As a corollary, there's another similar type of financial-handling that's befuddled me over the years. Advocates of this type of money management have big expensive houses and cars... for show... but in reality, they can barely afford to provide the necessities for their children or keep food on their tables. Talk about messed-up priorities.

    1. That sure is the way at my sea
      No need, can be skipped by we
      Guess we're deadbeats too
      Of those others we know a few
      Big and shiny and that is it
      Whining they have no dough more than a bit

  13. Do you buy more than you can afford
    That's like striking a losing chord
    How do you pay your bill
    Do beans grow up the hill

    1. That may grow up
      To fill Jack's cup
      But you ain't got Jack
      If Jill gives him flack

  14. Another purchase on credit
    More dreams built on plastic
    Yea I said it
    Living this way is so drastic

  15. Gambling you say. I live in Las Vegas...but I don't gamble. I like my money to much to give it away.

    1. Yeah, no need to flush it down the loo
      Let the tourists do that for you

  16. If I don't have cash, I don't need it. Though I have had to whip out the cc in an emergency a time or two, but make sure that balance is paid off asap.

    1. Yeah, it is good to have in case of emergencies indeed
      But pay the sucker off before it grows like a weed

  17. orlin N cassie.....N then a long comez bank rupt ~~~~~ we iz late in sneekin round two day; heerz two a grate week oh end ~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. A late sneak works
      Yep, they'll soon lose their perks

  18. Ah Pat in the Hatt
    Hows about that
    What do you bet
    I aint got no debt
    I'll give you a loan
    Make you groan
    Thousand percent interest
    Perhaps I jest.

    Gary, Gary nary contrary....

    1. You'll see it one day
      One day when 2999 is the year on display

  19. If you like the Las Vegas scene
    And you think that gambling’s keen
    Then please let me share
    The best odds you’ll fair
    Is found playing their change machine

  20. Crane Your Neck To The Rigged Deck!
    Loans around one right up to the neck
    Lifestyle under control
    To act and be very bold
    Or one destined to writing loan checks


    1. Checks on top of checks
      Have to have sparkly decks

  21. This brings back work. I do have some who played things right but got sick or lost their job and then used credit hoping Time would be on their side but many a time it's just people who say, "They sent me the card so..." I have people who bought a home they truly can't afford. They have a credit line which helped them create a new fence or deck or kitchen or bathroom but they also used it for Christmas, vacations etc... the average person has 6 credit cards and the total balance they owe just on the cards could be around $25,000. Then they have a $1,000 overdraft and usually a couple of payday loans and a couple of old cell phones. The total is usually $50,000 +

    1. Blah, that would drive me nuts
      Payday loans I'd avoid those ruts
      50% interest on those suckers too
      Up and up many go at their zoo

    2. It is actually 59.95% not including penalties and late fees

    3. Damn, I thought I was exaggerating a bit
      Stay far far far away from that shit

  22. I'd like to have a credit card to buy myself a house. A limit large enough and an interest rate of zero would be good. Hey, one can dream??? Apartment living is nice (maintenance is covered, pools cleaned for you, etc.) but I miss having my own home. :)

    1. haha that would be nice
      If you figure it out, send me those lucky dice
      Having one's own home is nicer indeed
      Even if one has to weed

  23. You are so right, Pat!
    Who needs new fancy shoes
    or a better drone where he's at
    followed by singing the debt blues?

    I have compassion for people hit with a devastating disease
    or other costly things out of their control,
    but live below your means, please,
    so you with the hard times can roll.

    No fancy dress is worth the stress
    of a mounting financial mess!

    1. Nope, toss the dress
      No need to guess
      More doesn't beat less
      Like some weird game of chess
      Disease is blah in every way
      But pffft to those who just pay and pay

  24. As a society
    We incur a lot of debt
    Comes to haunt us
    With each paycheque we bet

    1. Yep, everything we get paid
      Sure comes off as a trade


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