Fill The Gap You Silly Sap!

Point A to Point B is where you go. But there is a middle you know. Wait, you do? I guess you are one with a clue. Other humans tend not to have one. I guess they think fake things like luck will be spun.

I've got a plan.
I'm a big fan.
Here's where I start.
Start with a fart.

As I know where to end.
No need to amend.
Start and end done.
Time to enjoy the sun.

Awww, such a nice day.
I think I'll go play.
Time just slipped away.
Not enough hours in the day.

I still have my start.
I've filled my cart.
I'll soon fill the gap.
Everyone will stand and clap.

Oh, there's a new game.
I'm ready to kill and maim.
Come here you online troll.
Such a noob as you stroll.

My ending is still in tact.
That is still a fact.
I'll close the gap,
It'll fall in my lap.

Netflix has that show.
Always wanted to give it a go.
Let's watch all 100 episodes this week.
A sure fire challenge at my creek.

It seems so far.
My start is on par.
My end is still there.
I have no time to spare.

You want to go play ball?
Sure, I hear that call.
I bet I help you win.
Let's give it a spin.

What was it?
Start some hit?
End it that way?
Forget it, time to play.

Does the gap scare you? Can't do it at your zoo? Poor poor you has no time and such? Pfffft the cat says more than a touch. A start and finish gets one nowhere at all if all they do it make excuses and stall. Could have the best idea for whatever and you can think it oh so clever. But if you are afraid of the gap between Point A and Point B. Whoopsy, may as well go climb a tree. Or maybe you should go roll in the grass. That is enjoyed by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Yes, there's a big gap
    From point A to B
    Sometimes I fill it
    Sometimes I flee

    1. Flee comes a calling
      When the gap is appalling

  2. Yes, the gap do scare,
    Don't know where I'll end.
    Try not to think about it,
    To worry is wrong on that one can depend.


    1. No worry needed
      As one way or another the gap shall be deeded

  3. it's the middle
    that's the riddle

    I'm a middle child
    my imagination is wild...
    I'm always turning that dial
    I have my own style
    dreams that could beguile
    makes the middle worthwhile

    ok, back to sleep
    here at my keep

    1. Own style wins
      With the middle spins
      What comes due
      Up to you
      Sleep once more?
      Try not to snore

  4. I'll skip the gap and go lay in a lap!

  5. laying on the lashing grass
    looking at the sky across
    am thinking about the moon
    who will peek in the lake so soon

  6. Filling the gap one thing at a time
    and that is how I will end this rhyme


    1. Fill it in one by one
      Before you know it, you are done

  7. Very rarely will I binge watch something on Netflix

  8. Yep, there are never enough hours in the day.

  9. I don't watch more than two episodes of a series at a time.
    I would go stir crazy watching the 'tube' that long!

  10. I'm just afraid of the hipsters that work at the Gap.

    1. Not your cup of tea?
      Hipster wedding is just for thee

  11. 24hrs I need/24hrs indeed/What do I do with them , you ask?/I ride on a horse wearing a mask! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Could turn some heads
      and get them out of beds

  12. Oh I can fill the gap
    Maybe take a nap
    Busy busy then rest
    Often just hang in the nest

    If I overbook one day, I must do a lot of nothing the next. No over do for me.
    Mind the Gap

    1. A yin and yang
      So you don't come down with a bang

  13. The gap doesn't scare me, the middle is fun
    but if Fuller House is on Netflix we're doing the whole run ;)

    1. I only do 3 or 4 episodes at a time
      Can only take so much cutsy chime lol

  14. Mind the gap!
    Sorry, lived in London for a while and that always comes to mind...

    1. Never heard that one before
      Looked it up and now know at my shore

  15. You never take me anywhere
    Said wife as I plopped in my chair
    Completely unplanned
    I took her by hand
    Into kitchen land and said there

    1. Took her for the win
      May have to go stay at an inn

  16. I binge watch Netflix all day long, but no on my butt. I carry around my iPad while I am doing my chores and kind of let the shows just play in the background. It's the only way I can watch anything these days.

    1. Nothing wrong with that
      Only could miss plot points easy where you're at

  17. The process is the middle is the most important! And obviously, you've got that nailed down, Pat!


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