Not There By A Hair!

The cat has had it done and then I have a little fun. Some are just so lazy, but that isn't something any find hazy. Except maybe for the brain dead and the lazy crew. So I guess there may be quite a few.

It's not there.
Nope, not at all.
I checked at my lair.
I followed the bouncing ball.

It lead me nowhere.
I could not find it.
I had time to spare,
But it never showed a bit.

A site, information or even a pic.
Nothing was there as I went, click!
Is there some trick?
You can do it slick.

Why don't you do it?
I'll settle for that.
You make it a hit.
Come on, rhyming cat.

Do it for me.
I can't find it.
You'll cause me glee,
As here I sit.

I searched and searched.
I tried and tried.
As here I'm perched.
Oops, I lied.

I wanted easy.
I wanted you to do it.
I won't get cheesy.
But you're a hit.

Do it for me.
I declare it now.
You'll love such a spree,
It will just wow.

Then send me the link.
Send me what you know.
I'll read as I drink.
I've also got a lawn to mow.

Feel free to do that too.
You are just the best.
I haven't a clue.
But you pass the test.

Pfffft such idiots put more work into not doing it themselves than the collective work of Santa's elves. Some can't use a search engine worth a damn. Others have a brain of spam. Ever get asked to do it for someone instead of them giving what they needed a run? The cat will screw with them and then give sass. That is the best the lazy sobs will get from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Here we go again
      Late by 1 minute
      Still made some gains


    2. A minute late
      But still a #1 fate

  2. My husband's answer to everything - "Google it." I don't know about everyone else, but I've learned not to ask and just do it myself.

    1. Yep, ends up getting done that way
      Google can lie too at ones bay

  3. Annoying sometimes it can be
    Answering questions posed to me
    Too distracted and fancy free
    To look it up for themselves and see

    1. That they are
      So hop in the car
      Or on the train
      Or in the bike lane

  4. The last place you look well there it is.

    I'm talking about my car keys of course.

    Search engines work pretty good. However, I can't find parts to my riding mower online. What a bummer.

    1. That is rare
      Is usually parts or whatever else out there somewhere

  5. We need to GPS track everything

  6. Do lots of searches here for work
    Don't have any one to ask
    So have to do my own task.


  7. Ask Siri or Alexa or in my house Ask Joanne
    If I don't know I'll make it up. Ha

    1. haha that may lead to trouble
      Putting things in rubble

  8. Not There By A Hair!
    Bidding for a Dare
    Do it yourself
    Just do it well
    So they'll end up bare


    1. Bare with nothing to show
      As away you yourself did go

  9. Those spam brains need put back into the can!

    1. And lock them up
      Toss them away with the cup

  10. OH my goodness, every single day at camp I have to ask, 'where's your (fill in the blank).' One day last week we were up to 6 things missing and I sent him right back in to find them, he came out with nothing. I had to park my car and walk in with my little darling. I located 4 out of 6, which I consider a win. Still hoping for the other two since they're both swim shorts that he needs. -_-

    1. haha couldn't find
      So now may have a bare behind
      A skinny dipping away
      In a nearby bay

  11. orlin N cassie...and az crazed..... de food servizz gurlz employeez sendz each other emailz coz they iz two lazee ta get up N walk...four feet...ta de next office & .... SPEEK~~~~be jezuz ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. Yep, that is as lazy as can be
      On that we'd pee

  12. I cannot tell you how many times I get asked to search for something. Even had a guy ask me to find him some homes that were for sale and a realtor. At least I got paid to find him a realtor but how hard is it to search for one yourself?

    1. Yeah, a few types and a little reading
      Not that hard to get seeding

  13. Do it for the love
    Scratch that people are a pain
    A riddle too easy to solve
    But they'd rather drive us insane.

  14. That's why FAQ sections on websites were created, in hopes that people will read them instead of asking questions that could be answered by doing some of your own legwork.

    1. And yet many don't
      Then they whine when answer back they won't

  15. They knew that the kid had a brain
    So why did he act so insane
    Some questioned his dome
    Where does your mind roam
    I keep it home he’d explain

  16. I Googled "Pat in the Hatt"
    How about that
    Ended up here
    Is it something to cheer
    Or fear..

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary...

  17. All behind with my comments.
    A great verse as expected from you Pat.


  18. I am the Queen of Google
    And I do it in a snap
    Don't rely on others
    Whose brains are like sap

    1. Sap they are
      Get things done and stay on par

    Too soon?
    Only once in a blue moon!

    1. HELLO CAT!
      My students want it easy
      As in easy peasy
      But their grades had better be good
      Or they start whining in my neighborhood
      "Didn't study, how come my grade's an F?"
      What's that they're saying...
      I must be deaf.
      The easy way out
      An app or they'll shout
      One question, not ten
      Or gone's their zen
      Do you know the type?
      Most stupid than a blowpipe
      Except for maybe two
      And Scooby Doo.

    2. Easy is the road
      They are the toad
      They mosey along
      Wondering what went wrong
      Then they get crushed
      Their dreams shushed
      All because they were lazy
      While thinking you were crazy

  20. Stupid questions I really hate. I'm sure that's why Google was invented, but some people sure can't grasp how to use that either.

  21. I remember the moment a young nephew of mine clicked on my computer Google to ask a question. I was supposed to be monitoring him while he took an on-line admissions test at my home in Colorado for entrance to a high school in Jakarta. But non-technical me was having computer troubles getting him going. A few Google questions (I was Apple, he was Microsoft), and we got the technical difficulties cleared up. Then he helped me submit my monitor's form when he was done, because it required a few things beyond my computer capabilities. More Googling. He passed his test with flying colors, and I learned the value of a search engine.

    It literally opened a new world to me! Just amazing, a world of knowledge at my fingertips! Me, who used to live in an isolated outport in Newfoundland where the telephone was yet to arrive and I had to wait ten days for a library book to come by mail. The search engine is revolutionary, and it has changed the lives of countless people around the world.

    1. You sure know the exact opposite of what it can do
      Having lived in no man's land at your zoo
      Can sure solve many an issue
      Leaving one without the need for a tissue


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