Pick A Name Not So Tame!

The cat makes fun of humans as a whole. That is such an easy stroll. You make it far too easy for me. But I never meanly going after one person at my sea. That sure isn't the way of the whole. Many humans need a bash to the head with a lump of coal.

Her I don't like
Him I rather hate.
A fine way to strike,
But then you take the bait.

She's just a bitch.
I don't know her for real.
But oh what a witch.
I say it with zeal.

He's just an ass.
I'd hate his ugly face.
I just know he's crass.
I put him in his place.

Let's up the ante.
Can be so easy.
Go down the umm slanty?
Get even more breezy.

She's a bleep bleep bleep.
I know it to be true.
I read it at my keep.
The internet gave me a clue.

He's a bleeping bleep bleeper.
I heard it from a friend of a friend of a friend.
I never dug any deeper,
But him I'll still offend.

Oh, I'm not done.
Did you see that bleeping bleep?
I hate them a ton.
They are such a useless heap.

I don't agree with that.
I think it is wrong.
I hope you go splat.
I'm right all along.

Because I'm right I have the will,
The will to call you names.
Here, have your fill.
Bleep you, you bleeping bleep and your bleeping claims.

Can't be civil.
Can't sound wise.
Let brain cells shrivel,
As the mud slinging flies.

Pfffft all humans can do as they hide away at their zoo. Okay to dislike something and not agree. But yeah, let's just shout hate at every one of those bleeps from behind a computer screen at our sea. Don't you love haters? Toss them all in moon craters. That will suck the hot air out of them in mass. Such a thing sure wouldn't get any hate from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. If everyone had the same opinion of others in life, what a dull world it would be.
    Excellent verse Pat.


  2. Name calling is juvenile
    What are we, 14?
    Grow up and fly right
    Let's not be cruel or mean

    1. But so many do
      Juvenile through and through

  3. Really can't judge someone you don't know. Although I'm pretty sure the guy who pulls out in front of me and does ten miles under the speed limit is a jerk.

    1. lol get out of the way
      Is usually the nicest thing I'd say

    2. Seems all have this one
      As slowpokes run

  4. Pick A Name Not So Tame!
    So easy to accord blame
    Calling names
    Is a sick game
    More sense but to refrain


  5. Better not to judge
    at least not out loud
    better to keep quiet
    especially in a crowd


  6. Right or wrong, why the judge
    Like eating too much sugary fudge
    It all comes back and hits you hard
    Eat fudge, become a tub of lard

  7. Well, humans are usually joke worthy!

  8. Orlin nailed it. We're experts at dissing each other.

  9. Sticks and stones are easier to dodge

    Sad here when our fearless leader is the biggest name caller of all. Sets such a good example
    Big sigh.
    He is such a -----------! Ha

    1. haha sets the bar
      Maybe he'll fall quite far

  10. We all do this in one from or another
    Diss her, diss him, diss father and diss brother.
    I don't like racists or gossips galore.
    They are not worth a penny or more.

    1. Nope, toss them in a hole
      Or hang them from a flag pole

  11. I often wonder when my cats look at me
    what do they see?
    Someone that feeds them and cleans their litter?
    Or the lady that sometimes gives them medicine that is bitter?
    If kitties could talk, we might be surprised.
    Well, in a way they do as they watch us with big eyes.

    1. Their eyes sure capture all
      We might not like it if they talked at our hall

  12. Spread smiles instead of hateful names!
    I get so sick of political games!
    Have a good one, my rhyming friend!

    1. Sick they make all
      Would be nice if it did stall

  13. If the president of the usa does it, why not us?

    1. That is true
      High and mighty has it in view

  14. Bleep bleep bleep...
    That's pretty deep
    As they share their wit
    Being full of it.

  15. Yep some humans are so mean behind computer.
    If you want to test a man's character, give him anonymity. Decent people are decent no matter what :-)

    1. Yep, that is truly the way
      You really find out with anonymity at play

  16. Ha - sounds like cats are as opinionated as humans!

  17. That bleep bleep bleep
    Thinks he's bleep bleep
    Well I bleep bleep bleep
    Till he's bleepin' bleep

  18. Some people are the worst.
    They make me lose my mind!
    They truly are a curse
    They can kiss my behind.

  19. Just be kind,
    although we all occasionally loose our mind. ha.

  20. Sadly, the high school drama of hating on others never goes away. I think adults can be worse than teen girls sometimes!

    1. Yep, adults sure crank it up
      Overflow their hate cup


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