The Right Takes A Flight!

The cat is right. Right at my site. Right about what? Who cares at my hut. I'm just right. Pffft to any of that taking flight. Having a wrong can be fun to play along. But that we've done. So right on with the fun.

I'm right.
Right in my plight.
Right in my life.
Right about strife.

I'm right about it all.
Writing is on the wall.
Can't you see?
I'm right in front of thee.

Don't walk away.
Get back here, I say.
I'm right in everything.
Answer when I ring.

I'm sooo right.
Right day and night.
Don't talk to him.
He is just dim.

Talk to me.
I'm right, you see.
So talk to me alone.
Don't throw them a bone.

They aren't right.
They'll never see the light.
Their brain is dark.
They can't hit the mark.

I am right.
Right on sight.
So stand and hear.
Lend me your ear.

Don't go there.
Don't just glare.
Don't run away.
Don't say, hey.

Just listen to me.
Shut up at your sea.
Listen to what I have to say.
Damn everything else on display.

You don't agree?
Pffft who are thee?
You are just dumb.
I'm always right, chum.

Such idiots need to go take a hike. Or maybe get run over by a bike. Because while you may be right, saying it in a dumbass way won't make anyone bite. Some dogs may bite you for being an sob at your zoo. But that's the only bite you will receive as the rest leave. All depends on how you say it and if you aren't full of shit. The latter sure helps too. Can you get your point across with ease at your zoo? Can you do it without one wanting to give you sass? If not, you may get ignored by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. You're right, you're right. :)

  2. Of course you're right Pat.


  3. Besides, there are three sides to every story - yours, mine, and the truth. And arguing yours is the truth won't win over anyone.

  4. Some people won't admit they're wrong no matter how many facts you hit them with!

    1. Even when you write them down, tie them to a rock and throw it at their head
      They still repeat what is said

  5. Don't always have to be right here
    Its better not to be
    Gives me more freedom
    And a chance to be me.


    1. Freedom it gives
      And provides learning where one lives

  6. Whether we're right or wrong we should be polite.
    Otherwise we might end up in a fight.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Polite is the way to be
      Or at least not push it at ones sea

  7. I know there is a drawing where there is 6 or a 9 and it makes the point that two people can be right with different answers

    but I also noticed that whoever would have left the 6 or 9 would of intended on making just one, not both.

  8. I'm baaaaaaccckkkk:) I took days off and did not look at too many blogs but now I plan to look through all of them at my zoo. This post reminds me of my brother's 3 wives...he sure can pick them.

    1. lmao damn, a whole 3?
      Glutton for punishment at his sea

  9. Republicans are Right and Democrats are left. Does that mean Democrats are always wrong, or just 'left?' I dunno. ;) Sorry, whenever someone says 'right' it makes me think of politics.

    1. lol can go all politic way
      Could scare some away at your bay
      But not the cat
      He'll have to work with that

    2. left does not mean wrong wing
      just as right wing does not always mean it's 'right'
      confusing myself now
      with all of my might
      and thinking perhaps chicken wings are the route to go (for dinner, that is)

    3. But then you could be calling people chicken
      You may get blasted for pickin'
      They may picket you
      Oh what are you to do lol

  10. The Right Takes A Flight!
    No feelings of any slight
    Is always right
    Need not fight
    But not to succumb to might


  11. LOL ~ I couldn't help but think of my husband who often says to me, "I'm right--again!" Although he will sometimes throw me a bone by saying (when I'm right), "I'm usually right, except when you are." With us, it's just joking with the knowledge that comes from living together for over thirty years. But some people so have to be right that all you can do is disengage when they go on a right rant. Have a good one, my friend!

    1. haha can sure make for fun
      When used on a picking run
      Sure have to ignore those other nuts though
      As they run to and fro

  12. That all sounds right to me!

  13. I could be wrong...but I'm not. Does that make me right? lol

  14. Lets get right to the point
    We'll blow this joint

  15. You are so right about being polite.

  16. The worst words that I’ll ever know
    They show just low life can go
    Oh I’d rather die
    With spikes in my eye
    Than hear wife say I told you so

    1. Ouch to the eye
      May want to give something else a try

  17. These days I am not crazy about the word 'right' at all....brings to mind our current political scene. Sigh!

    1. haha can sure spur it on
      When right does dawn

  18. I'm always right
    Don't you know that by now?
    If you deny it
    I'll have a hairy cow

    1. I guess I'll deny
      I want to see a hairy cow fly

  19. Even when I know I am right, I don't rub it in. Don't want to come off as a know it all, like some people do.

    1. Yeah, sometimes just best to say it and be done
      Can beat rubbing it in a ton


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