Time For An Essay...Umm...Yeah...Okay!

The cat is going to get you to write today. Yep, a ton is what I'm going to do at my bay. You will sure be tuckered out when we're through. Won't be jumping like and kangaroo.

Here we are.
You've come far.
You've come near.
Lend me your ear.

This is your test.
Try your best.
Double check it.
Do every bit.

Show your work.
That is a point perk.
Even for 4x6.
Show the tricks.

No, not lame.
Play the game.
Put dots of a graph,
If you want to join the staff.

Kill brain cells too.
You only need a few.
Less is certainly more,
When you walk through our door.

Now comes the hardest part.
This you must take to heart.
Spelling and punctuation is key.
Capitalization is also needed from thee.

You got that down?
Come now, don't frown.
It's just a little grammar.
I'm sure you won't stammer.

So remember what I said.
Get it clear in your head.
Now look at the pic on display.
Write us a "what's wrong" essay.

Yep, an essay is needed.
It must be seeded.
Come and write it out.
An extra sheet of paper is about.

What was that?
You fell flat?
Our 50 word approximation was too much?
Damn, we must be so out of touch.

Pffffft since when is an essay 50 words? More words in the droppings of birds. That is like five sentences or so. A whole paragraph maybe, oh no! Is an essay really 50 words? There were even some that whined like lazy turds. If you can't write 50 words you kinda suck. Must have the brain cells of a duck. So give me an essay blog land mass. It only has to be approximately 50 words to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. He..he..he!
      Happened to have a look-see!


    2. Lurking at the right time
      Suza missed her alarm clock chime

    3. Cat, is Hank number one?
      Such fun!

    4. Hank is now number one!
      All is right in the universe

    5. I guess I just destroyed that balance.... :p
      Quick as a Flash
      Still no cash
      Still no time
      How about a little rhyme?

    6. Destroyed you did
      Can we get a 1,000,0000 bid?

  2. Interesting subject Pat, seeing that pigeons have invaded my home a few times and left doroppings in the apartment also my widows.

    Loved the verse,

  3. Time For An Essay...Umm...Yeah...Okay!
    Yeah ..ok, 50 word essay that is to say
    Yes,it can be done
    Just give it a run
    Lots to be writing on when happy at play


    1. Happy at play
      Can be by mid day
      Or mid morning too
      With words so few

  4. Fifty words? While that might be stretch for one of my comments, that is no essay.

  5. 50 words for an essay is a joke
    At least when I was in school
    Now no more writing for me
    See you in the pool.


    1. A pool would be fine
      50 words is like a line

  6. Next they'll ask of thee
    I 50-character essay spree

  7. An essay I could write today
    Last night an earthquake came to stay
    Jolted me right out of bed
    Darn near landed on my head
    I'd felt one smaller in the day
    But this one made the whole house sway
    I took the dog, pushed her outside
    Thinking this could save her hide
    Found my flashlight and my shoes
    Coulda used a shot of booze
    Things were quiet for a while
    All behaving with it's style
    What happens next, what shall I do
    Will aftershock be coming too?
    Sure enough, a little quickie
    I screamed, things got a little sticky
    Morning's here, the sun is bright
    No more signs of last nights fright

    1. Some could take that last part the wrong way
      If they quickly scanned it at their bay
      Earthquakes are never fun
      Thankfully have yet to be in one
      A hippy shake sure must scare
      Good you have a still standing lair

    2. Pat, Hahahaha... Not at a time time like this....just finding a word to rhyme with quicky. "They" are always saying Yellowstone is going to blow soon and we always wonder if it's the "big one." That is supposed to take out the whole West. We are really close to Yellowstone. I expect more tremors as we've been having 100 deg. weather for a week and 2 more weeks of it is in the forecast. My friend, Myrna, said that yesterday her dogs were acting really weird. They say animals can tell when something like that is coming. I couldn't tell anything by Lily as she is always a weird nutjob. lol But then, fire crackers were going off all over, too, because of the 4th.
      When I re-read it, it is funny. I bet you really laughed. Haha

    3. haha quickie and sticky
      Sure makes the mind go to the gutter quicky
      Animals usually can tell
      If that erupts, run like hell
      Heard them keep saying it could go boom
      Then again, "they" are always screaming doom
      Got a good laugh indeed
      Hey, never too old at ones feed lol

    4. Sorry to read this, I am sure that was a scary event. Stay safe !

    5. Thanks True
      It was scary indeed. I talked to the neighbors today and most of them huddled together with their pets. I threw Lily outside because I thought if the house fell down, we'd get smashed. But maybe outside, the earth could open up and swallow us..... who knows where is the safe place to be? Ha

    6. haha damned if you do, damned if you don't
      But at least a house crushing you won't
      Could go to the center of the earth though
      Find gold or aliens or dinosaurs giving a show

  8. A 500 word essay doesn't seem so bad if you're used to writing novels

    1. Yeah 500 is nothing when 75000 words come due
      Can write that in a minute or two

  9. What have I got to say
    in an essay?
    Reminds me of of school
    I felt like a fool
    'cos I had to write about my summer
    Not much to say so I felt like Dumb and Dumber!

    1. That is a bad feeling
      As they were so dumb with each dealing

  10. Is it an essay if it's only 50 words? :D

    1. That's what they called it
      I think they're full of umm spit

  11. 50 word essays
    Hmmm what next 5 word résumés?

    1. Probably will come due
      2 word cover letters too

    2. Two word cover letter - Hire me.. haha

    3. haha Big money!
      All will be sunny

  12. Are you a teacher too?
    They can't even write about good ole Scooby Doo...
    "Who is he? That's way too much work
    Doing Scooby Doo research..."
    "He must be a jerk"
    Fifty words... are you serious?"
    Some students are delirious
    And lazy ass um... lazy
    This 50 word stuff is getting me all hazy.

    Just so you know
    At the Kitty Cat show!
    Hey, it's Thursday....
    Such a fun day!

    1. Lazy ass by the ton
      They just want fun
      And want to get paid
      Doing nothing for such a trade
      Pffft to that
      They can go clean scat

    2. Or sit on a stick
      That's a fun trick
      Or so I hear
      When they go, "Oh dear!"

    3. Stuck right up there
      Forever to walk limped and bare

    4. So it is
      As they do the limped and bare bizzz

    5. Blinding all
      Short or tall

  13. Dang, I didn't even do 50 shades of gray!

  14. Oh no, not an essay. I think the last essay I wrote was back in high school.

    1. haha a while ago
      50 words you could do though

  15. Kids these days have it easy with Word Count. I remember having to try to count 500 word essays on my handwritten notebook paper.

    1. And make sure the write side of the page was used
      Forgetting those holes didn't leave one amused

  16. 50 word essays, who thought of that one?
    At least it wouldn't be long until it was done.

  17. 50 words?
    That's no essay
    Could do it in my sleep
    Or on a breakfast tray

  18. orlin N casie; sew....dee fine....spellin !!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥♥

  19. Ha, a teacher would never accept a 50-word essay!! Grade - F! (Sigh)

    1. F is the whole thing
      With them at their wing

  20. I'm confused. Who said it had to be fifty words, who says fifty words is enough for an essay, and what "pic on display" are we supposed to write about? Today's post has no illustration that I can see.

    1. Was on some test I had to write for a job thingy
      Write a 50 word essay about a picture saying what safety hazards aren't being followed by a dingy

  21. If spelling is key, I'm screwed. I can mess up a word so bad, Spellcheck has no idea what I said.

    1. lol stumping spellcheck takes skill
      Sure not run of the mill

  22. I've got writer's bloc/My head is as heavy as a rock/I just need to check the clock/12 noon and I haven't even done a mock. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. No mocking yet
      Geez, you disappoint the pet

  23. Can kids count to 50? How many emojis?
    Begin, middle, end
    How to comprehend
    A complete thought
    To send
    In just fifty words
    That are not turds?

    1. Turds they are
      Lazy by far
      calculate 50 with their phone
      Emojis at the tone

  24. The worst words that I’ll ever know
    They show just low life can go
    Oh I’d rather die
    With spikes in my eye
    Than hear wife say I told you so

    1. Gets said a time or three
      In the run of a day at many a sea

  25. Fifty words to write on the wall, fifty words to write.
    You write one down and pass it around, forty-nine words to write on the wall. Sing it w/me, brah! lol I haven't thought of that song in years, though I think it was beers on the wall, which is just weird.

    1. Yeah, need one big arse wall
      For that many beers to cover it all haha

  26. You want us to do grammar???? Grammar???! Methinks you ask too much ;)

    1. Too much you say?
      Damn, I should be handing out pay

  27. A fifty word essay
    oh, all the things I could say
    here at the cat's hideaway
    Hank was number one today
    Finding Blue's shoe would make his day
    Watch out for the Ninja he can surely slay
    Silver Fox was confused with the display
    Orlin and Cassie like to play

    1. There you go
      An exact flow
      Now you passed the test
      Time to look your best
      10 minute interview will be had
      A whole 3 questions they ask at their pad

  28. 50 word essay sounds easy enough to do.
    But proper grammar? No thank you!

    1. No grammar nazi allowed
      Maybe just try a pretty cloud

  29. An essay, maybe a mystery, one called Who Killed the Cat? Or should the title be Who Killed Pat? Especially after ordering assignment to start or end our day. Don’t look at me, fifty words are much easier than one hundred and I’ve no quarrel with the master of rhyme!

    1. Should I get a gun?
      Maybe get ready to run?
      Go out and double up
      Then blame a silly pup

  30. How ironic that you want spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, Cat! There's something definitely wrong with that picture. Thanks for not assigning rhyming, because I'm brain dead from packing. And I am definitely not going to lend you my ear. There is something really wrong with that picture. Thanks to you, "Ewww!"

    1. haha the cat got all kinds of wrong
      With that he can play along


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