To The Hilt Comes The Guilt!

The cat just shrugs it off and trots away. I may make you feel it at the end of the day. Ignoring you for being gone so long. After all, leaving all day is just so wrong. Catch on yet? You will with this pet.

Out to work.
So not a perk.
With the 9-5,
You try and survive.

Slaving away.
Out all day.
Can't stay and play.
Need that pay.

Kids get less time.
That's just a crime.
Pets see you less.
House is a mess.

Spouse isn't around.
No one is found.
Tired at the end.
Guilt becomes a trend.

I'm not there.
Must think I don't care.
Those poor dears.
They must shed tears.

Therapy will come.
A need and then some.
From all my neglect.
Time I did deflect.

Gag me a bit.
Who needs that shit?
Stay whelmed each day.
Guilt won't stay.

Guilt you made.
Let it fade.
For it's easy to defeat,
Even if not sweet.

Guilt where there's none,
Now that sure isn't fun.
Poor poor you.
Weighs heavy, so true.

Err umm, not!
Add to the plot.
They aren't living on the street.
Hmm, maybe life is sweet.

Do you let stupid guilt come over you? Pffft to that says the cat at our zoo. Slaving away for pay may suck. But it beats living in the wilderness and bathing in a pond like a duck. So to such guilt you can say fluck and pass the buck. Although you should feel guilty in mass if you miss a post from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I knew I was beat when I couldn't get in!

    1. Taking long to load
      Sure can leave one in #2 mode

  2. We have all we need and then some and without debt. No guilt, just feel blessed.

    1. The best way to be
      Shove the guilt in the sea

  3. Yes, having to work all hours,
    Family and pets you don't see.
    But think of years to come,
    When you'll be ritired....just like me.


    1. Retired for me?
      haha that probably won't ever come to be

  4. Those who are pulled
    In many directions
    Might lose support of their family
    And all its affections

  5. Nine to five sounds like a drag
    I'd rather sit on a bag
    Or a flag
    But a job is still a job
    Unless you're like the government and like to rob
    You know what I mean at the kitty cat scene
    Pets see you less
    The house a mess
    And, let me guess,
    Less time to play chess
    Not Russian roulete
    Making you break out in a cold sweat
    Or a dog on a log
    Or a cat ob a bat
    Or a chick on a brick
    Not a stick
    Or a toad on the road.
    Anyway, it's Thursday....
    Such a great day!

    (Not Scooby Doo)

    1. A big drag
      Like the boobs of an old hag
      Did I say that?
      Whoops, shame on the cat
      That it is
      The job biz
      Screw those bozos
      Whack em with a hose
      Such a great day
      With a frog in the bay
      A dog that won't play
      A cat in the fray
      A pig in a sty
      Oh me, oh my

    2. Well, look at you go
      At the Scooby Cat Show
      Did I say that?
      Shame on me and my blue suede hat

  6. Guilt is the bananas
    Creeps up like telaphanas
    Someone has to do the work
    Maybe one per family perk
    If a grand daddy did it long ago
    No work and sing a mighty ho ho ho

    1. Sing and take the dough
      A fine show
      Squirrel away it all
      Never spend it on last call

  7. Only guilty if we don't get out and live a little now and then.

  8. We do like to guilt trip the peeps!

  9. Yup that guilt trip is always there. Luckily, our Mom is home most to the time.

    1. Stays home and watches all
      A fine way for cats at any hall

  10. 9-5? I wish, they don't pay me for lunch :(

  11. No guilt here
    Just keep working at my shore
    Though at times
    It is a bit of a bore.


  12. ugh yeah - those days at work can be long - and then there's still a lot to do at home - need to work on my work/life balance - ha

    1. haha think we all may need work there
      As we work away at many a lair

  13. Every once in a while I feel guilty about something or another.

    1. Likes to seep in
      When a blue moon goes for a spin

  14. orlin N cassie

    eye gotta ree mind de food servizz gurl everee now N then { onze a day } bout how nastee azz her iz for leevin me all dam day long { N eye N joy it two } sew eye put on me most pita full face { snickerin in me mindz eye de hole time } !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha that is the way we all go
      They'll never really know

  15. guilty as charged. I confess....

  16. Oh, c'mon, what does the cat do all day?/Sleep, yawn, meow and laze away! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  17. It seems like I don't really do anything to feel guilty about nowadays. Maybe that's a sign of maturity, or maybe it just means I'm getting too old to keep up with my earlier tendency for causing trouble.

    1. Also no guilt for me
      Either don't care or no trouble causing also are we

  18. I used to feel bad for the cat, but then came to realize he was probably happy to have that time for napping in peace. He seems well adjusted and content...well except for the presence of the young and very active cat we are babysitting for my granddaughter while she is on vacation, hahahaha

    1. haha sure can't nap in peace now
      As the active one runs around giving many a meow

  19. My cats can tell when I'm going somewhere.
    Tiger curls up on the bed and gives me a stare.
    Patches hides to show me she doesn't care.
    Aren't cats sweet?

    1. So sweet they are
      With a glare and a nudge to the car

  20. When I worked at neighborhood store
    I told boss that I wanted more
    So from job as clerk
    I received his perk
    To beggar who worked the front door

  21. Guilt often comes my way
    For ignoring dust in the house so I can play
    For letting weeds grow
    So I can sew
    For not reading email timely
    Because there is too much to do and see

    1. Bah, dust will come back
      The weeds shall too at your shack
      Email is faster than mail
      Even if returned at the pace of a snail
      So go to it
      Life is a hit

  22. My kids love it when we aren't home, but my little pug will bark the entire time that I am gone. Just me. Even if other people are home, she'll still bark. Funny thing is, she hardly ever barks when I am home. Drives my family nuts.

    1. haha she misses you
      Will bark until you hear her call and come home to your zoo

  23. Haha, Mr. Hatt! My husband is amazing in his ability to deflect guilt! Me less so. Your sentence "But it beats living in the wilderness and bathing in a pond like a duck" brought back unsettling memories of a fossil dig I was on in Wyoming years ago. We were about 40 miles from the nearest town, and I so wanted a bath. Baby Wipes only work so long. Two of us desperate stinkers braved washing in a stock pond with range cattle gathered all around. I was doing okay until I saw some kind of pink worm swimming in the water. I still freak out thinking of that! LOL A few days later we managed to get into Rock Springs and tried to check into a KOA Camp, just so we could get a shower. They took one look at we dirty, smelly paleontologists and refused us entry. We tried checking into several hotels ~ No go! Finally, we parked around the corner from another hotel and sent the tall blonde female in our group to rent a room. When she had the key, we all piled into the room. She claimed the shower first and used up all the hot water to shave her legs. The four other guys and I were ready to kill her over no hot water! Let me tell you, it's no fun showering and shaving your legs in cold water. Well, that's not a guy problem! The hotel room was so bad that when one of us opened up a drawer to check for a Gideon Bible, there was rotten food next to the Bible. All was forgiven though, when we got some hot food. That dig was one of the most difficult things I've ever been through. It went down in the annals of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science as a disaster that was somehow survived. At another point, after we had been wiped out by a hail storm and flash floods I called my husband from Rock Springs in tears and seriously told him I would die on the dig. Poor T! OMG! But the next year I went right back again. And that year we were nearly destroyed by a camp fire that got out of control. The things you remind me of, my friend! have a good one!

    1. Wow! Sorry! I had no idea I had written such a big comment!

    2. lmao wow, you went through the ringer and then some
      The blonde sounds like not the best chum
      Dirty and swimming with worms
      Or cold water shower terms
      Hmmm think I'd still take the cold
      Wouldn't want warms inside you to take hold
      Bad kind of pregnant there
      haha yep, no worries about shaving leg hair
      Just the armpit stuff
      So Orlin doesn't get rough lol
      A glutton for punishment you were indeed
      Always going back to that feed
      Just need a meteorite to hit now
      Every other form of nature took a bow

  24. Huge guilt I feel each morning I have to go to work! So I tell my kitties that I'll be back as soon as possible...and I do my best not to work overtime :-)

    1. Yep, try to get back when we can too
      Stupid 9-5 at many a zoo


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