To Impress With Less!

Wow, the cat can look good. Not hard in our hood. There are so many of them around that it is easy for good to be found. What's around? Follow along as we exit the pound.

Life is easy.
Life is great.
Not to sound cheesy,
But work I hate.

I live off my mother.
I live off my dad.
I sponge off my brother.
The government gives me a tad.

What more do I need?
I can sit on my ass.
Move at one speed,
And use another's gas.

The food bank is there.
Other hand outs too.
Life sure is fair.
If only everyone knew.

I'm living the high life.
I've got it made.
Not even for a wife,
Would this life I trade.

Work? What's that?
Such a foreign word.
I live like a cat.
So don't be absurd.

I'll get it done.
Next year maybe.
I live for fun.
Don't press me.

Don't push.
Don't shove.
Oh shush,
You above.

What was that?
Cut off and done?
I'm like a gnat?
Boy, you're no fun.

Hey, how are you?
Would you let me stay?
Sister, you have no clue,
Time to sponge away.

Just wow, the cat has to raise an eyebrow. There are so many around that are just fine doing nothing at all. Sponging away they do at their hall. They always find a way as well. Know any spongers where you dwell? There are so many around here. I've seen them giving many a cheer. They make the cat's output seem even more great. Pathetic they are at any rate. Now I'm done with my lazy person sass and I think I'll go rest my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I don't know any spongers
    Guess I'm just lucky
    My friends are go-getters
    They're ambitious and plucky

    1. Good people to have near
      Not ones with an ever growing rear

  2. Great tips for people who want to live off other people's generosity. Excellent poem Pat on NOT how to live.


  3. I know a family member who is a sponger. Not of me, of course. I had to work hard and earn my way. Everyone else should suck it up and do the same.

    1. That they surely should
      But doubt many of them would

  4. I, too, have sponges in the family
    I try to keep them far from me

    1. The farther away they stay
      The better for your bay

  5. I'm just amazed how many adult kids still live with their parents around here. I left home the first minute I could!

    1. Yep, was sure out the door
      And I went to explore

  6. There just has to be some sponges in all families. Luckily we don't have any. Have a good day Pat.

    1. Not having any is a win
      Hope a good day is had at your bin

  7. Dang, a food bank? Don't tell my Sister Gracie, she'll want to make a withdraw!

    1. She could have fun all day
      Bringing quite the haul back to your bay

  8. No living off another at my house
    Work to earn my keep
    And then try to make sure
    The depth is not too steep


    1. Not too steep is the way
      Keeps one able to play

  9. I'm too lazy to be number 1

  10. Most kids don't work in this day
    Just too easy to have daddy pay

    1. Yep, then when daddy runs out of money
      They no longer find things sunny

  11. To Impress With Less!
    Spongers at their best
    Ever nice friendly 'pests'


  12. I think you wrote this about my siblings who don't like to work. When I asked my sister why she quit her job, she said because they only paid $14 per hour. So, I guess she'd rather make $0 an hour? Then again, our government is so generous with the hand outs, she's actually better off than I am with her food stamps, day care credits, welfare checks, free medical and dental it makes me think I'm the crazy one for actually working for a living.

    1. Yeah, if suddenly all thought like that
      Everything would fall flat
      Government gives little incentive to work
      Instead they create many a self entitled jerk

    2. unfortunately, too many abuse the system
      and I know a few of these people as well
      It should be for those who are really in need

      I guess I am a fool as well as I work
      Long days where I dwell...

      Maybe, I need a rich friend
      who has money to lend (um keep)

    3. A rich friend would be fine
      Wait until they croak for all to align lol
      Whoops, ignore that
      I'll go back to being a working cat

  13. No sponges allowed here.
    No sitting around drinking beer
    Get off your ass
    Mow the grass

    You better do something! That means you too Pat

    1. haha even Pat?
      Damn, how mean where you are at

  14. Once upon a time, people were ashamed to take hand-outs and took pride in supporting themselves, but the stigma seems to be gone for a lot of people nowadays. I guess they think laziness pays. Me? I feel sorry for their parents. We knew a fella whose parents were still paying all of his bills... except for his food, booze, and cigarettes... until he was well into his fifties. He didn't even have the decency to be ashamed about it.

    1. The one I know is nearing 30 at his sea
      And yep, not ashamed of it coming to be

  15. Pat in the Hatt
    And the rhyming cat
    Sure not fair on the genuine needy
    Get tarnished with the same brush as the cheating greedy.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary....

    1. Cheat they do
      A time or two
      A life through
      Without a clue

  16. I knew of a guy in his 30's that was still living at home with mommy and she was paying all his bills because he had no job. smh

    1. lol pathetic indeed
      Getting mommy to pay all bills at ones feed

  17. Work is not fun.
    But it has to be done.
    Pays the bills, for one.
    Unless the lottery you've won.

    1. Fat chance of that
      Better chance of getting rich selling scat

  18. orlin N food gurl asked uz ta rite pleez due knot get her started ore this will be de longest ree ply commint in HISS tree ~~~~~~~~ happee fry day guyz ♥♥☺☺

    1. haha we could have used it for Whoopdi Friggin Doo
      If her long one came on through

  19. We all know a good friend like Stue
    Who says call if we’ve work to do
    His word he won’t shirk
    We count on this jerk
    To show up when work is all through

  20. No spongers in my family, Pat ~ We're all driven! (Which has its own set of issues!). I go crazy watching "Survivor!" I want to feed all the lazy spongers to the sharks! LOL Just call me "The Little Red Hen!"

    1. Haha that made be laugh and I bet you would build one hell of a shelter as well...

      That would be the first thing I'd do...

      Of course we would be voted off Fundy

    2. lol violent at your sea
      Keep sharks away from thee
      But yeah, much rather get the task done
      Then sit on each bun

    3. Hi, Trudessa! You're probably right ~ We'd have been voted off quickly! You should have seen me go at thirteen at Girl Guide (Scout) Pioneer Camp. I could put up a sturdy tent, build a latrine, and make all kinds of helpful "furniture" out of saplings and rope. Chop wood, carry water! That was me. Shelter, water, fire ... I'd show up on Survivor skilled!

      And, yes, Pat ~ I'd much rather get things done that sit on each bun!

    4. Look at you go
      When the world ends I want to be near your show


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