Try Your Best...Not That Pest!

It's been said a time or ten. All have heard it at their den. But is it ever really done when given a run? Some may say yes and then later no they may confess. They cat can prove it as there you sit.

Try your best.
Pass the test.
Don't be a pest.
Be best of the best.

Working or not.
Best is hot.
Hotter than hell.
Best not to dwell.

Relative at best.
Like a hit or miss fest.
Feast your eyes on that.
Whelmed where you're at?

Best get to it.
May cause a fit.
You're not trying your best.
Come, be a polite guest.

Oh, you were to those guys?
Now you tell lies?
Your best is better for them ones?
Don't tell the nuns.

Best is better at work,
For those with a perk.
Boss best kiss his ass.
Oh look, a pretty lass.

An awful great tipper,
Best beat a free double dipper.
They get more attention.
Maybe even a mention.

Best ways to teach,
High scores in reach.
An either or approach,
That some may broach.

The best across the land.
Isn't that grand?
Those with money get the care,
With much best to spare.

But really, I'm trying.
So quit your spying.
That just makes you a pest,
You'll get a whole different best.

So are you trying your best? Best with winner or pest? Different levels can be at play. Did you even realize that at your bay? Ease, money and what it does for me, can more often than not decide which best comes to be. The more of each and the more many's best seems to be in reach. The cat better now go best Cass. She best watch out for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. You're the best
      a cut above the rest

    2. Top of the world
      T no S curled

    3. It's lonely at the top!
      No Hank
      No Blue
      Just True


    4. Hank and Blue
      Must be on the road at their zoo
      While Suza's a napping
      No keyboard tap tap tapping

    5. No Hank, no Blue?
      No one-shoe Scooby Doo?
      Say it ain't so
      At your show!

  2. Do your best because perfection is impossible.

  3. Replies
    1. Relative like related?
      My best has to be fated lol

  4. Best I can do is get through the day
    To have then some time to play.


  5. Try my best?
    Then I'd get no rest.
    I love my beach time
    almost as much as you love to rhyme.
    If I gave it my all
    I might instead love the fall
    and breeze right through the summer
    and that'd be a real bummer.


    1. A real bummer
      Sound of a drummer
      Drumming right through
      No summer for you
      Then you'd whine
      Oh the ears of the feline lol

  6. I am the best lazy ass I can be
    Work hard at it, make it look easy
    I am the best
    It is easy- peasy

    Especially on a Friday. Good luck with your day

    1. Easy peasy is the best
      Can pass any old test

  7. I think the best is yet to come!

  8. One can only try their best at what they are doing. It all depends on what you think is the best. Have a great day.

  9. I used to have a shirt that said, "Damn it, I am D' Best!" I wore it to school one day in high school and got sent home. lol

  10. Good post, but not your best. Ha.

  11. Can only try our best whatever the test.

  12. We can all try our best, but unfortunately, we can't all BE the best. I'm kinda competitive, so yeah, I like to come out on top. Winning isn't everything, but losing sucks. :)

    1. losing sure can stink
      But can't let it bring you to the brink

  13. orlin N cassie

    we R de best with out a doubt at sleepin snoozin restin chillaxin nappin N zone inn out !!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Can't beat such ways
      No one can top your laze

  14. Some days I give my best, some days I just half ass it. Gotta shake it up to keep things interesting.

    1. That you do
      Unless the half ass comes back to bite you

  15. If you have tried your best then one can't ask for more.


    1. Well they can try
      But then you poke them in the eye

  16. My mom always told me to do my best.
    And let God take care of the rest

  17. My parents always encouraged me to do my best ~ followed by "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. That set this perfectionist up for a lot of hard work! Now I'm working on "Good enough is good for most things." Have the best weekend possible, Pat!

    1. Working backwards now
      Does it make you have a cow?

  18. My wife always says I’m the best
    A feeling which brought me much zest
    One night wild thoughts flew
    In search of a clue
    I wondered just who were the rest

    1. You never know
      Or may not want to at your show

  19. My best is always my goal
    Less than that would crush my soul...

  20. Sometimes I'm good
    Sometimes I'm better
    I'm always the Best
    With a capital letter

  21. I try my best
    But sometimes I fail the test.
    Oh well, better luck next time
    Just like this rhyme.

  22. Is that your best, I said to the mountain
    You sprinkle rocks like a spindly fountain
    Shake it, make it a little bolder
    Make it extreme, that's what I told her

    1. Make it harder to climb
      Stave off many a mime

  23. Finding the best way to teach is a grand plan. :) It's not always as easy as it looks. ;)

    1. Nope, definitely not
      The kiddos are always trying to plot

  24. I try to teach my grandchildren to try their best
    even if they are not #1. I think it is an important lesson
    for them to learn & for us to remember!


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