A Halloween Nut In An Odd Rut!

That title could be taken all wrong. But so can Donkey Kong. No butt crack or things to mate. Candy Kong must not find him much of a date. Wow, went off there. Back to the odds at my lair.

Halloween Nazi is here.
Odds are something to fear.
Since the cat outed her,
She's scared people right out of their fur.

Hey, some people are furry.
So hairy they make eyes blurry.
She scared them out of that.
Maybe they'll thank her where she's at.

But not everyone else out there.
They now know to beware.
The Halloween Nazi will scare.
She may pull out their hair.

She has spells.
Much like wishing wells.
Hey, let's pretend they work.
To her ego it's a perk.

The town wants her on a stake.
Don't worry, the fire is fake.
But that could still be had.
Odds are lower at her pad.

She has mutts too.
She may slip in poo.
Landmines galore.
Odds are now something of lore.

Was that a dirty look to the cat?
Did you just see that she did that?
Odds go lower just for the look.
Yeah, I control the odds at my nook.

Or at least I pretend.
Them I won't amend.
So get your bets in.
Is she still giving posts a spin?

Oh, and don't forget the honey.
She thinks it is sunny.
She may cause bees to attack.
They may attack by the pack.

Offed by psycho bees.
Worse than fleas on knees?
Both are pretty pad.
The odds are in for her pad.

Odds = Highly Low
Better Than Lowly Low You Know

Don't fear her voodoo. You can make it through. Are you Halloween crazy too? A few months and it shall come due. Ever get attacked by killer bees? I may be wrong on her blog freeze. I think I am wrong on a lot. But the odds are come up with by some statistics robot. The cat can't help how they amass. Now get your bets in to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Halloween is two months away,
    I don't look forward to that day.
    For the cackling of witches are all to clear.
    There's plenty around where I live I fear.


    1. Have to watch those witches
      And their cackling pitches

  2. Psycho bees sound scary
    Best to be wary
    Avoid the Hallowe'en Nazi
    Grab some candy and send the posse

  3. Highly low? Now you sound like a weather forecaster.

    1. Can I add that to the resume too?
      May get me something new

  4. The stores will soon be filled
    with Halloween fear
    I think this will bring her cheer

    The town wants her on a stake
    Don't worry it's fake
    I think that would be a mistake

    You might get her mad
    she speaks her mind at her pad

    1. Bah, the cat doesn't scare
      Can take it at our lair
      Even if she does cackle
      And her voice begins to crackle
      Christmas stuff will soon show too
      All kinds of a cheery view

  5. Is there a Halloween Nazi Party?

    That's scary

  6. Looks like a good one to follow if I decide to throw a party.

  7. Halloween is fun
    Curses, vampires, witches..all must be away from the sun.
    Sounds like a good place to have a look.
    I'm going over to her nook.

  8. A friend I have who looks forward to
    Halloween more than Christmas blue
    Her countdown must be
    In tandem with the Halloween Nazi

  9. Halloween is not our favorite time. But it is a fun holiday. Have a great day Pat.

    1. More for the kiddies who run about we find
      But one can have fun of some kind

  10. Starting early with the Halloween stuff, huh?

    1. That she will
      Halloween stuff fits the bill

  11. Oh no, the nuts will be ringing our doorbell before too long!

  12. Saw Halloween candy at the store yesterday
    I said no way
    But it was there
    And not going anywhere.


  13. Mixed nuts in a Halloween bag
    Pretty crazy time
    But it gave you
    Good rhyme

  14. I've never celebrated Halloween in my life, I guess it's not popular here

    1. Seems to be more a NA thing
      As many give it a ring

  15. I enjoyed visiting Theresa's blog today, and I remember her as the Halloween Nazi from previous posts of hers. I love Halloween, but it's been rather tame in the past few years since I retired. I used to have so much fun at school with my kiddos at Halloween. I continue to enjoy your "odds" series, Pat!

    1. Odds are it will keep on going
      At least until next Wed's showing
      Then it may go more
      Halloween sure is a win at her shore

  16. Psycho bees sound scary! But my boys might fear door bells more!

    1. They make Cassie growl and run
      As a ringing doorbell is spun

  17. A Halloween Nut In An Odd Rut!
    Halloween Nazi in with a cut
    At the stores on offer
    Knick-knacks all over
    Still fun for felines and mutts


    1. Fun times all around
      As the knick knacks abound

  18. She has spells
    She rings bells
    Halloween is not for me
    But its always fun to see.

  19. Really sounds scary but Im not a Halloween fan :)

    1. No treats for you
      There at your zoo

    2. hahaha! But always I have treats for the kids that coming in halloween ..silly

    3. Keeping the kiddos happy
      So they won't get sappy

  20. Psycho bee's? Sounds like the bee's knee's.

  21. orlin N cassie....therz a shitz load oh howl o ween goin on in polly tix rite now, bye de time candee day o fish ul lee getz heer ....we mite all bee "in coztoom".......az de living dead ☺☺♥♥

    1. Walking about for brains
      Time to board some far away going trains

  22. That Theresa is a fun one
    She gives Halloween a year-long run.

  23. Halloween Nazi's time is just around the corner.....

  24. Most spirits of Halloween night
    Are now in their beds sleeping tight
    But sweets seen on telly
    Those treats made of jelly
    Their ghosts in my belly will fight

    1. A rip roaring time
      Until the loo pays for the crime

  25. I've already made my first Halloween purchase of the year. I'm getting ready. And no, that wasn't a dirty look I gave you. I named my voodoo doughnut Pat and pressed the pretzel steak into his heart extra hard before biting his head off ;)

    1. lol figured you had one made already
      Damn, is that way this back pain comes steady?
      Did you go all voodoo on me?
      Am I going to have to go all Supernatural on thee?
      At least I kept my head here
      Halloween Nazi is someone to fear haha

  26. We do not celebrate Halloween here in India. At least not outside the major cities. Reading Americans discussing it feels exciting and wasteful at the same time.

    1. Yep, that it sure can indeed
      NA is wasteful big time at each feed

  27. Halloween is the time when voodoo is cast
    Join on in for one huge blast

    1. A blast from the past
      With a trick that may last

  28. I always know exactly who you're talking about when you say Halloween Nazi. You've given her a new moniker, lolol

  29. Mutts? Oh my....
    Does that make a cat cry?


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