A Musing For Your Perusing!

The burbs are scary. Things can get hairy. Just ask Tom Hanks. You may need tanks. Hey, if Gremlins come you just may. So don't go rolling your eyes at your bay.

A little musing,
For your perusing.
That I've said.
Let's put it to bed.

A little musing,
For your perusing.
Damn, the burbs are in my head.
Stuck there and bring dread.

Bijoux lives there.
Must be a tough lair.
All those houses looking the same.
Odds are not all is tame.

Odds are she may get bored,.
Odds are she may stick up a billboard.
Look, my house is different from yours.
Odds are it may start wars.

The neighborhood watch,
Will treat her like a sasquatch.
They can't allow change.
That in the burbs is strange.

Keep change inside.
Mayberry needs it's pride.
No changing of the tide.
Or in comes the death ride.

A dog may crap in her yard.
To them it isn't hard.
She may slip and fall.
Whoops, damn it all.

Her odds are sure sinking.
The neighborhood is linking.
Linking up against her change.
No way can she rearrange.

Oh, and she takes trips too.
Odds have went down the loo.
The neighbors will get rid of the change when's she's gone.
They'll "accidentally" set fire to her lawn.

No more computer at her sea.
This is one weird odd spree.
The burbs is such a scary place.
Everyone wears a smiley face.

Odds = Rather Low
Should She Become The Neighborhood Foe

Do you live in the burbs too? Is it as scary as her zoo? Did I embellish a bit? Hey, at least there is no hillbillies with it. That would be twice as bad. Think she'll survive at her Bytes from the Burbs pad? Odds aren't in her favor if change comes to pass. Or I may just be a crazy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Just missed! Almost impossible to hit first when using an iPad.

    2. Good morning Hank
      Good Morning Alex
      Good Morning Pat
      Good morning cats

      Odds are I'm odd
      to that many nod

    3. Seconds for the win
      Ninja attack slower with the ipad spin

      Odd is grand
      In any land

    4. That's 2 in a row
      Grow let it grow!


    5. Good morning True
      Getting crowded again
      Even without Blue
      Many hoping to gain


    6. One a streak
      Once more at our creek

  2. We live in a subdivision but it's really relaxed. I have a neighbor who I swear is going to open his own used car lot soon.

    1. haha always have parts that way
      With many on display

  3. Lol, thanks for the feature, Pat. We do have way too many dogs in the hood and rude folks who don't PUP (pick up poop). And yes, I did do a post on the county's program that used PUP on their signs. Website: dogscantflush.org

    You can't make this crap up! 😂

    1. haha a crap load of signs
      Crappy if they hand out fines

  4. Burbs certainly was not a high point to me in Hanks' career

    1. Turner and Hooch was better
      By more than a letter

  5. No more big cities for me
    I can work there for a fee
    But living there? No, Siree!

  6. Cute how you featured her
    Here at your zoo
    No burbs living for me
    That would be something new.


  7. Older burb hood
    No association that's rude
    Keep things nice is the general rule
    No folks mad- froth or drool

    1. A good rule to go by
      Drool is nasty on the fly

  8. A Musing For Your Perusing!
    Home in the 'burbs frightening
    Is little scary
    Should be merry
    Odds they're temp dwellings?


    1. Temp may not be
      Unless they chase her out of her sea

  9. Bijoux earned a feature oh snap
    Too many dogs in the hood
    Who let the dogs out to crap
    Where is the road to sainthood.

    1. Have to let them out to go
      As they run to and fro

  10. Hail to Bijoux in the burbs
    It's got hot tar and lots of curbs
    It's hard to keep up with Mr. Jones
    He's just got way too many loans

    1. Loans and lines
      And plenty of whines
      Wants so much more
      A new credit encore

  11. I never saw The 'Burbs. I like Tom Hanks, but I've never loved him like the rest of the world seems to.

    1. He made some fun movies back in the day
      Now most are all meh he makes on display

  12. orlin N cassie......frank lee we due knot noe wear de hell trout towne iz sew itz hard ta tell if we iz citee countree ore de burbz....what we due noe iz R header izza dam lie coz we iz noe wear neer de beech ~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. lol no giant litter box in reach?
      Food service girl needs to get on that so one is in reach

  13. Ah The Burbs. Funny movie. :)

  14. The flame of their passion severe
    The fire of their sex all could hear
    So what did town do
    About sex crazed two
    Well they built new fire house near

  15. Save me from the burbs ~ Okay, so I live in them, but we've got a pretty reasonable HOA. I miss the outports of Newfoundland that used to have wildly mismatched colored houses and lots of wild spaces. Too much blandness is not good for the soul.

    1. Yeah, blandness would suck
      Cookie cutter stuff we tend to not give a fluck

  16. Dog poops are usually picked up in our neighborhood. But bunny poops are different story!

    1. And they do more
      All kinds of balls at your shore

  17. I kind of regret not going with a house in a HOA area. I have 2 neighbors who never pick up their yards and my next door neighbor has an ugly ass RV parked in their driveway blocking my view 10 months out of the year.

    1. Sure is a crap shoot when going that way
      Never know what next door will do or say

  18. Me Pat are fed up with pigeons, they're ok outside but they like to fly through my window, plus leave their calling cards all over the wondows. YUK!!!!!


    1. That the nasty things can do
      My old balcony used to collect plenty of pigeon poo

  19. I would hate to live in the burbs
    All the same just like turds.
    I know one couple who live there
    All must be the same and no one would dare
    Change one thing. One man tried.
    He bought red mulch, yup, its true
    Got a Nasty letter, change it or will sue.
    Well not that strong but a letter was sent.
    Now the mulch is black, he won't have to go live in a tent.

    1. Damn, no thank you
      Would piss off a few
      And then piss on their lawn
      Probably some time before dawn

  20. I like her posts about travel. It's nice to see places I've never been.

  21. Accidental fires in your lawn while you're on vacation...are a good reason to stay home. ;)

  22. That dog is not a cat
    Crapping on her mat

  23. Lived in the burbs
    When I was young
    But now a city girl
    Where the fun's spun

    1. Fun is there
      But costs waaaay more than a hair


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