A Rawkn Time With This Chime!

The cat would like to write this post, but I'm out on a date at my coast. Whoops, that isn't me. Damn, I shouldn't try and channel Robyn's sea. That is creepy. One may also get sleepy.

The odds are in.
They are slim.
Whoops, there goes the sin.
I guess they aren't so dim.

Robyn likes large.
Slim won't work.
Neither will quick discharge.
Large and long is a perk.

Wow, went there.
Odds are I would.
We've got verses to spare.
Were those odds understood?

That could be the why.
Why no new posts fly.
She's off under the sky,
With some new guy.

But that works both ways.
Are you lost in a daze?
I'll get you out of this maze
Don't want to light up and cause a haze.

Odds are she'd write it.
Give all the George flow.
Especially if one's a twit.
So odds may not be low.

But she may go into hiding.
Those erotic readings abound.
Could have the crowd dividing.
Peepers may surround.

Odds fall once more.
Sure not a perfect ten.
Especially if she gives an encore.
Damn, dirty men.

Then there is the chocolate trying.
So much of that at her shore.
Every type you can be spying.
She even gives the score.

But chocolate gum may come.
That would cause her to choke.
Get stuck and all goes numb.
Odds then go up in smoke.

Odds = Moderately Low
Peepers and Bad Chocolate May Show

Hmmm, the cat thinks she will still be posting and the dating nuts shall get a roasting. Always a dating tale to tell. Most not so swell. Wouldn't choking on chocolate gum be a bad way to go? My, her odds are rather low. Slim just won't cut it at her sea. Neither will snip snipped like me. She better avoid choking and the crazy nuts in mass. If so, odds are she'll still be seen by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. HELLO, CAT!
    Where's the party at?
    No work, all play...
    It must be Sunday...
    Such a fun day!
    (No cut and paste
    Just typing with haste)
    Grrrreat post
    From coast to coast!

    1. Erotic readings abound?
      Does the cat like that um... sound?
      You know my neighbors do
      Not Scooby Blue

    2. Got in to the top
      Sure not a flop
      A copy and paste
      All post haste

      The sound when near
      Is fine to hear
      I mean really near
      Like in your ear

    3. I know what you mean
      At your scene
      No wall in between
      That would suck like a bean
      As the neighbors get the beat
      Waking up the entire street

    4. Yeah, no meet and greet
      Just another's beat
      Not as fun
      Blasphemes to a nun

    5. They like the affirmative too
      Going YES YES YES at their shoe

    6. haha have to let the other know
      That the right spot will soon blow

    7. Then you wait for round two
      Maybe change up the view

  2. Rawkn Robyn is a good lass
    Has fun and jokes with lots of sass
    Slim and short is sure no fun
    But long and chocolate covered is the one!

    (nudge, nudge, winky, winky
    Suza's naughty and slightly kinky)

    1. Damn, kinky indeed
      As you double up at your feed

    2. Haha, kinky? Who me?
      Why thank thee! Both of thee!

    3. lol the kink wins
      With some sins

  3. A Rawkn Time With This Chime!
    Being short is not a crime
    Aw, Smucks
    Some good luck
    Stay cool out of the grime!


    1. Stay on out
      None shall shout
      None shall sway
      But may be better that way

  4. Robyn is going to be so excited by that poem! Might be just long enough.

  5. Replies
    1. Fun can be had
      There at her pad

    2. It's usually solo fun
      and I'm the only one
      But that's better than no fun at all
      Or trying to have fun with something way too small.

    3. lol no damper with small
      Alone at your hall

  6. We know lots of nuts we'd like to see roasted!

  7. Robyn is a jolly girl
    She likes to give the guys a whirl
    Chocolate is her favorite sweet
    Can any date get that sweet beat

  8. Robyn sounds like quite the gal. Chocolate is good and so are nuts, well some nuts anyway as long as they are the ones that can be eating.

    1. haha yeah those are the good kind
      Not the ones out of their mind

    2. And not the ones I tend to date
      Those are far from second rate.

  9. Robin is the best
    Her humor knows no bounds
    Bernie is her man. Forget the rest
    And Martha's often crude without a sound

    Chocolate rules any salute to Robyn. Good job!!

  10. How have I never stumbled across Robyn? Gonna have to check her stuff out!

    1. Good to have a look
      There at her nook

    2. I'm not a gamer, perhaps that's why
      Or maybe it's because you're one normal guy.
      Unlike Pat Hatt - who's a silly as can be
      And then there's crazy lil me.

  11. Robyn is surely bubbling
    Engel or Angel but not stumbling

  12. Who will be next tomorrow? Only time will tell

  13. I've been to her blog a time or two.

  14. Does Robyn like quality dark chocolate?

    1. Pretty much anything but Hershey's will do
      To satisfy my fix for an hour or two.

    2. That I knew
      Through and through

  15. I got a kick out of Rawkn Robyn! I can't believe I haven't visited her post before. Thanks for featuring her, Pat! Have a great week where you're at!

    1. She sure has fun
      Hopefully a fine week there is spun
      Here is off to a great start
      Laptop fell apart lol

    2. You two are alright, Fundy and Pat
      Hope that laptop got fixed or replaced stat.

    3. lol nope, still busted as can be
      Have to use work's or steal another's at our sea

  16. Robyn is full of sass, I've read some of her work. I can't help thinking of her book cover.

    1. A good cover sure came due
      There at her zoo

    2. Why thank you.
      The drunken chocolate cover is so elegant. Nu?

    3. Sure works indeed
      There at your feed

  17. I will have to stop by Robyn's. Not sure if I have visited before. :)

    1. Hi, DMS. I don't think we've met.
      We'll have to change that, thanks to Pat
      and his feline pets.

    2. The cat connecting all
      Maybe I should give mating a call lol

  18. Robyn sounds like fun
    so put away the gun
    I promise not to run
    while chains remain undone

    1. No guns for this liberal bleeding heart, new friend
      Unless it's a play gun made of chocolate, that rule I would bend.

    2. A chocolate gun
      Those bullets won't make any run

  19. I feel so bad
    I feel ashamed
    It's nearly Monday
    And I'm dropping by now - how lame!
    I've been remiss from the visits
    I've posted little new
    Thing is, Pat, I haven't had a date for a few...
    years or many months, so no new stories have come due. But I owe you great thanks
    I didn't deserve this post
    I've been a big little flake
    With no reason to boast
    You're a great, loyal blogger
    A silly fun guy
    Who's always generous towards others
    Even when I don't deserve it. I won't lie.

    1. Caught it eventually though
      So at least in the know
      If I posted on dating
      Or even mating
      This blog may be dry
      Even if not done by a snip snip cat guy
      Sure more will come on display at your bay
      Just get into another bar fight and be on your way

  20. Wow most enjoyable to read although I read it later than usual.


  21. Robyn is a chocolate lover
    who makes Hershey's proud
    The one she decides to date
    Will hip hip hooray out loud :)

    1. Hershey's she may tick off
      As with them she does scoff

    2. Pat is so loyal, it's true
      Hershey's, I hate thru and thru
      Child enslavement they knowingly pay into
      But any other chocolate will surely do
      And the one that I decide to date
      Will run scared. But if he doesn't touch my...
      chocolate, I am great.

  22. Some may say Robyn is crass
    I say this lady just has great sass.
    She is funny and deserves lots of love
    No drips, dunces or nuts, they will just get a shove.

    1. Shove them out the door
      Watch as they leave forevermore

  23. Robyn is a funny lady. I need to pop over and say hi. It's been a while since I've seen her pretty smile.


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