A Sliver Of Odds In Silver Pods!

Before we begin today's post looky, Fox will love looky, what we won at our coast.

And if you want to give the next one a go, hop on over to WEP's show.

Now back to our regularly scheduled post as we go all looky at Fox's coast.


See what I did there? The old switcheroo at my lair. Blogger even says switcheroo is not a word. Isn't that absurd? Maybe Grammar Nazi will agree. I guess with these odds we may see.

Odds aren't slim.
They may be trim.
Out of a limb.
But they aren't slim.

For comics abound.
Litter the ground.
Or maybe a box.
Maybe behind locks?

That may be bad.
Lowers odds a tad.
A thief breaks in to steal.
A rather messy ordeal.

His internet goes.
The library has woes.
No way to speak.
Odds up the creek.

No one dies.
Good that no one cries.
But no post to be had.
RIP posts litter his pad.

He sees it all.
Throne up on my wall.
There very annoying.
Grammar Nazi skills deploying.

But I'm not threw.
That you new.
Odds may be sinking.
The bad grammar is winking.  

He goes on a spiel,
About the whole ordeal.
The odds go up.
I filled his annoyance cup.

Then again he may stammer.
Just curse all the bad grammar.
He cries foul.
Throws in the towel. 

Hmm odds either way.
That's new today.
Depends odds is weird.
Diapers are to be feared.

Odds = Check The Grammar
Don't Want Him To Bring Down The Hammer

A grammar nazi at your sea? That is a fun thing to be. Or umm maybe not. Depends on the plot. Maybe no one will die and no one will cry. Whoops, as I post that people did. Guess those odds we can get rid. More bad grammar from me. Silver Fox may flee. Could trip on his boxes of stuff in mass. Then he may really curse my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I am one myself
    Insist on proper prose
    No patience for lazy grammar
    Or punctuation woes

    1. Technically you lie
      As you still respond on the fly
      For this isn't all right
      With my rhyme going all capital letter and such taking flight lol

    2. When I go
      With the flow


      Just like that.
      Should be from the cat.

      When I go
      with the flow

      No capital allowed
      But looks better so it joins the crowd

  2. Depends on what kind of litter is on the ground - trash or cat.

  3. A Grammar Nazi yes indeed
    Grows on you NOT like a weed

  4. Work for grammar Nazis
    Where they deduct 0.25 point
    If you miss an A
    That is why I want out of that joint..


  5. I've seen his Blog many tributes can be found
    To him good grammar would astound

  6. I hope my response is correct
    I do not want to fail the grammar course
    A silver fox frown
    Would give me remorse

  7. I saw an arctic fox 2 days ago at the zoo. Their coat looks much different in summer time. Surprised they can tolerate the heat

    1. Yeah, wouldn't suspect they'd like the heat
      Or find it neat

  8. Hey, Pat! I'm having so much fun exploring the bloggers that you have featured. You are really nailing the essence of the bloggers and blogs in a funny way. The Silver Fox made me stop and think about the amazing artwork in comics, something I've rarely done. I could use a clone just to read comics ~ LOL Have a great day at your bay!

    1. A clone you say
      Could be fun to play
      Clones of you
      With comments times two
      Or one to comment and one to retort
      Easy peasy with no abort

  9. A Sliver Of Odds In Silver Pods!
    Congrats Passionate Nights delivered
    On with a big blow
    With a novel to show
    Prolific as always bearded Batman nods


  10. "But I'm not threw. That you new." Cute.

    Thanks so much for making me the subject of your post! I had been afraid that if you ever did so, it'd post on a Sunday and I wouldn't see it because the library's closed on that day.

    1. lol figured you'd like that
      Was fun to do at our blog mat
      Never knew that about Sunday
      Just checked next year's, Aug 8th, and it will be a Wednesday on display

    2. Just popped in
      When I gave it a spin

  11. Congrats Pat on the cool win that's not odd at all!

  12. I am one of those creatures who can't send a text message unless it's punctuated properly!

    1. Stupid spellcheck keeps "fixing" things though
      It surely is my foe

  13. Congratulations on your story!

    Blech to grammar Nazis. And spell check doesn't know everything!

    1. Spell check sure can lie
      This grammar nazi isn't a bad guy

  14. I admit to enjoying correct punctuation and grammar.

    1. Makes things better to read
      And much easier at ones feed

  15. Hate typing with my phone
    To many mistakes I am prone
    Spell check sometimes makes me mad
    But sometimes it makes me glad

    1. Oh, and congrats on the win
      Was that your really creepy spin?!!

    2. Yeah, spellcheck is a pain in the ass
      Changing words after a pass

      The creepy spin won indeed
      There at the other feed

  16. This is really funny , a really picture of him ! :)

  17. orlin N cassie; silver fox's blog iz awesum.....FSG's uncle had...HAD... a furst edition superman....til it went on a trash burn pile bye miss take ~~~~~~~~~~ yiiiiiiiiiiii

    N conga ratz two dad pat; total lee awesum storee...vampire; sigh co...we dunno... but itz grate ! ☺☺♥♥

    1. sigh co would probably be
      That really sucks that that was burnt at her sea

  18. Good grammar
    Without all the drama
    Punctuation at its best
    Laying auto correct to rest.

  19. I make too many mistakes with my typing on blog posts to be overly upset by grammar mistakes. I don't like to read grammar mistakes when I am reading though. :) ~Jess

    1. Yeah, some stick out
      And can make one a shout

  20. I used to care if I typed something wrong. I'd go back and re-do it. These days it depends on where my mistake landed... if it's no big deal (i.e. not going to my boss) I just keep moving.

  21. A grammar Nazi at sea
    is not what I wanna be
    while back on the shore shouting Wee
    are hillbillies 1003

  22. Congratulations on being a winner it's so much fun.
    You can smile and say just look at what I've done.
    As far as grammar goes.
    It causes me lots of woes.

    1. That you can indeed
      Woes it can sure create at ones feed

  23. Congrats on your win.
    If bootylicious is a word, switcheroo is most definitely one too.

    1. That works for us
      Blogger can continue to fuss

  24. Congratulations on your win, great post to read abeit later than usual.


  25. Congrats to you! Well done and all . The Grammar nazi would have a field day with me.

  26. The Silver Fox is The Godfther of Comics, you know
    Knows quite a bit at his grey batman show
    RIP posts making me stare
    As another one bites the dust at their lair.

    1. Yep, knows waaaaay more than me
      Supposedly comics fort sale near my sea
      Could be worth something, maybe
      But beats me
      Sure many bite the dust
      In death you can trust

  27. I cried a little (for myself and for Silver Fox) in the middle of the poem where you used the wrong words. I loved it, though! Great way to capture him.

    1. haha had to do it
      Just to give him a bit of a fit


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