An Odd List That Can't Be Missed!

Lists help here and there and they can be used everywhere. Some write them down each day. Pfffft to that I say. I'll keep them in my head. Saves time and doesn't cause trees dread.

Ten Odds For And Against Blabber. Like A Mime May Stab Her!

1. A deadly disease is caught in her mind. Fake diseases really put her in a bind.
So she runs far far away thinking blogger gave her a disease today.
 I hear they make pills for that. You can trust the cat.

2. A bird pecks her eyes out and she gives a hideous shout.
The shouting scares more birds and they eat her turning her to turds.
That would lower her odds of a new post display by the way.

3. She gets a job that requires more hours in some big NY towers.
Then she worries about the building fall over or tramping in the poop of rover.
Back to the birds she'd go and the crap thing, you know.

4. She goes on vacation and the plane goes boom. Oh the doom.
Fear of flying isn't bad. Saves money at ones pad.
Boom = lower odds as well as one rings their last bell.

5. A list pisses off some stalker fan. They throw her in the back of a van.
Wait, isn't her van still in another place? Oh that was another person's parking space.
Where are the higher odds? Not many to give nods.

6. She takes a "break" again there at her den.
May need to seek out the definition of break should she do a double take.
Probably thinks a robbery is about to occur. That won't make her purr.

7. She starts a new blog then goes back to the old time log.
But take her time in between before skipping back to her old scene.
The cat can recall. Odds are I remember all.

8. She hits it big. Runs away and dances a jig.
The odds go way down as she's from short town.
Yeah, she hit a big fat guy. Splat she goes on the first try.

9. She comes up short and files a short report.
Ideas are in short supply. On short notice away she did fly.
Notice my short retort? Sure didn't come up short.

10. She gets lost an in outhouse museum because to her it's like a coliseum. 
Hopefully not lost down a hole. That would be a nasty goal.
Odds are arriving in and it sure isn't a win.

Odds = Panic Attack
Still Stuck On The Disease Way Back

Ever have a fake disease? Did birds come after you like the breeze? Can a breeze come after you? Are you a blog "break" person at your zoo? Like break for a year. Does an outhouse museum cause you fear? Isn't that a great list? Sure one not to be missed. Now I'll watch the panic attack of that LMF...Jax...excuse me...Jaclyn lass. It is so amusing to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I have issues, but fortunately, none of those!

    1. Be scared to leave the house with those
      Could save on money I suppose

  2. LOL - lost in an outhouse museum. Doubt she's be able to smell her way out.

    1. Would linger everywhere
      Stuck at the outhouse lair

  3. For a minute I thought you were talking about me
    But than I thought, "No, that couldn't be."
    The cat wouldn't be that dumb
    unless he wants to live on the run
    from my big dangerous dogs
    who would lick him into a fog!

    Side note: Jax's link didn't work :( Also, update mine in the side bar evil cat!! You're like five behind haha

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. lol nope, not you
      Yep, Jax left the blog crew
      She ran away never to return
      Odds on her won't earn
      Yours goes next week
      lol I should check those at my creek

  4. Haven't taken a blog break in a while.
    Haven't done some of those things unless I am in denial.


  5. I don't think I want any of those on my to do list!

  6. Nice chronology,
    no apologies
    who benefits
    mr. Wits

  7. Where's Jax, Cat?
    What happened to her mat?

  8. Excuse me, cough cough, I am fine, no really
    It's nothing

    I am not into diseases. Good immune system

    1. That is a good thing to have indeed
      There at your feed

  9. Many take blog breaks. Some say they're going away for a little while, then never return. At least I come back after being MIA now and then.

    1. Yep, many never return
      Guess real life takes a turn
      You do come back
      Always around at your shack

  10. Breaks will happen for some
    A time away to sort life out
    Not hiding away drinking rum
    But living daily and about.

  11. I often take blog breaks to take naps :-)

  12. An Odd List That Can't Be Missed!
    Perhaps saves time with just a gist
    Is taking long breaks
    Not at all brain dead
    And meeting up ending with a feast


  13. Fake diseases take the cake
    They should all jump in the lake
    Outhouses musuems on display
    You can visit one everyday

    1. Can visit the can
      May have many a fan
      Toss them in the lake too
      Ever so eww

  14. A fake disease. Nope, don't think I've had one of those.

  15. Hope the birds at my house don't get any ideas!

  16. No snowflakes for me
    For months times three
    But I didn't disappear yet
    On my record I would not bet

  17. I'm scratching my head, Cat!
    I followed the link to where it's at.
    Recipe links that lead me where I don't want to go.
    Not very nice at the Ravioli and Waterworks show.
    But then my world has been crazy this week,
    so my brain needs a tweak!

    1. haha not your brain
      She ran away from blog lane
      Didn't renew her domain
      So no need for pain

  18. Hey, I take a break
    Which isn't fake
    That way
    I say
    You get more coming here
    It's perfectly clear
    Yep, I stay away
    For many a day
    That way you get more attention
    I thought I should mention.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary...

  19. I made a list
    of things I missed
    then came the gist
    my will to move
    I cam't enlist

  20. Can't say I've ever had a fake disease. I'm one who will have a real one and will brush it off like it's no big deal. It's only when I think I'm truly dying do I seek out medical help.

    1. haha that is the way here
      Be dead by the time I got in anyway, I fear

  21. Zero fake diseases for me, though I just did pull out my back and I'm starting to think I may never walk or sit right again, lol.

    1. lol back pain sucks a ton
      Get an ass pillow under your sun
      Works for us
      Much less fuss

  22. Sorry for being late: Loved this Pat.



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