Caption The Odds With Some Gods!

Xerxes sure has had many a fling and he had many a ring. All stabbed and golden. A sight to beholden. Captioned and storied. Told in all his gloried. Along with old Trump. Odds are one is more of a chump.

Xerxes is dead.
So there's no dread.
Unless he's a vengeful spirit,
Then odds may fear it.

Others though,
You never know.
Captioned at will.
Fitting the Bill.

Hey, all can fit in Bill.
He just wants a thrill.
But odds go down,
If he comes to town.

Bush may send out a hit,
For all Al's caption shit.
Of maybe Fifty Shades of Smut,
Will force all to his hut.

After all, no pics came due.
They may blame him too.
Or some regular Joe.
You never know.

He loves his underwear pic.
Those guys may not think it slick.
Unlike Richard Simmons cheering.
I'm sure of him there is no fearing.

But camping comes due.
Odds go into the blue.
Or would that be red?
Who cares when the forest is your bed.

Animals galore.
Some even roar.
Some even eat.
Tough or sweet?

Or just a hillbilly.
Going all willy nilly.
Deliverance comes to mind.
Odds are so unkind.

Maybe he catches disease.
Doesn't even need to say please.
Schools hand them out like candy.
Better keep some Lysol handy.

Odds = Closed Captioned For The Blogging Impaired
Hmm, I Guess The Captions Made The Odds Scared

Do you caption photos too? Are you a captain at it at your zoo? Hopefully you avoid hillbillies and bears whenever camping. At least Al has a sidewalk loo so through the wilderness he won't have to go tramping. Xerxes may throw a fit. He was only mentioned for a bit. The cat better watch out for his vengeful sass. His piercing fetish may blind my little rhyming ass,

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. My captions aren't nearly that funny.

  2. He did show a pic sitting on a loo
    at least he showed us no poo!

    1. At least nothing brown
      That would make one frown

  3. Captions give life to
    An otherwise boring photo
    No pic then nothing to do
    Sit in underwear when you win the lotto.

  4. no Lysol necessary - believe me - water and soap will do the job - ha

    1. haha should we trust that?
      Nasty germs may get us where we are at

  5. No captions here
    Have trouble just uploading pictures
    That's why on my blog
    You don't see that mixture.


    1. No views for a bench
      Throws in a monkey wrench

  6. Many of my photos do
    Have clever captions true
    But mouseover must be done by you
    To read them at my zoo

    1. New to me
      Damn, so slow at my sea

    2. Always good to make me smile
      Need that every once in a while

    3. Good that it came do
      as we learned something new

  7. I can think of nothing to say,
    So hope you have a good day.

    1. No caption from you
      suppose a pic needed to be in view

  8. As usual, I clicked on the link. That was an enjoyable visit.

    As far as captions go, I usually put captions under the photos I post. Sometimes I'll make smartass comments, but usually they're serious but informative.

    1. Smartass is our way to go
      But that you'd probably know

  9. I add captions, how else are people going to know what's going on? 50 shades of smut...well that sounds awful. lol

  10. Hahaha "blogging impaired" :-)
    I add caption on my photos all the time!

  11. I use captions with every photo, plus other things like sources, copyrights, and/or licenses. I guess I'm a little driven!!! LOL I got a kick out of Al's latest post. Laughter is very much needed in our crazy world! Wishing you lots of laughter today!

    1. That it surely is
      Laughter works for the cat with it's biz

  12. Captain Captions takes the cake
    Slick tongued like a well-oiled snake
    There's Richard Simmons, he likes him too
    Richard's old but jokes are new

    1. He sure likes Richard and to pick
      Richard might love him if he's a umm dick

  13. Captions capture quotes quickly!

  14. orlin N cassie; we R crackin UP.... at de foto header on al's page !!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺ best fishes two him on hiz moove ~~~~☺☺☺

  15. Did not know Al was back. I need to wake up and get in his orbit. Though maybe he should update that pants down pic

  16. Like Beverly, nothing to say here--brain is overheated with desert heat.

  17. The captions I wrote
    left nothing to note
    Plus this made me weep
    put masses asleep

  18. Al captions this
    and he captions that
    He's silly and clever
    like you and the cat.

  19. Al is funny
    He makes my day sunny.
    Especially when he brings out old bones
    Who's usually laid back having a few snow cones

  20. I usually don't caption mine, simply because I am not as witty as Al.

  21. I like captions that are clever
    Or show a modicum of wit
    Better than saying nothing
    And saying nothing is better than


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