Now We're Talking With Odds A Gawking!

Maybe you can gawk at the odds. They could be on paper attached to fishing rods. Maybe I'm fishing to make that work. Isn't being crazy a perk? Gawking can be too. But never ever is using one hand to wipe your poo.

Odds Make Me Run
(link dead. oh the dread.)

The Gawker is back. his shack?
Is he though?
The odds are low.

He goes everywhere.
Places that are rare.
Even sleeps in a back alley room.
Odds are that can lead to doom.

Like wiping your butt with your hand.
Blah, that is so not grand.
We'd run far far away from that land.
Or at least take plenty a tp strand.

Plus he's gawking.
That doesn't take talking.
Just large eyeballs.
No posting on walls.

May catch some long named disease.
That is worse than fleas.
His odds aren't gawking well.
Again they just fell.

Could take a nerf bullet to the eye.
Oh me, oh my.
Half blind would stink.
Wonder if the eye would still blink.

A half blinker.
Be quite the thinker.
A half gawk.
Now he can talk.

Could have an enemy arise.
Go after him in disguise.
He repoed their car,
A long time ago at his sand bar.

Or maybe a comment nut.
In a comment rut.
Post on my whine of the day.
Come on, Gawker, do it I say.

You didn't? How rude.
Here's more than attitude.
More of my whining thinking.
Odds are sure sinking.

Odds = Gawk Later
I Think They Fell Into A Crater 

Ever go to a place with no tp? Ever have to use your hand at your sea? Blah to that in every way. Got any whiners at your bay? Comment back on their daily whine? Yeah, pfft to that says the feline. Hopefully no repoing comes due. The Gawker and Betsy are both sneaky with it at their zoo. The cat warned you should it come to pass. Don't say nothing is done for you by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Loved this very much Pat. Plenty of Gawkers where I am.


  2. A lace with no tp? That doesn't sound like a good place to be.

  3. Yikes - check those links to "Waystation" and "Odds" above. They lead to other sites. It seems Brian has just disappeared, and you might not want to give these other sites traffic.

    1. Damn, he just ran away
      Someone else stole his bay

    2. Seems so. Very sad really.

    3. That it is
      Must have stayed in Africa and left the blogging biz

  4. Are you saying the Gawker is a squawker???

  5. What is life without a gawker
    Same as life without a stalker
    Gawks may come in many styles
    Send a message out for miles

  6. A place without tp
    Is somewhere I dont want to be.


  7. Wear glasses to gawk. Avoid a poke in the eye
    Move along, move along
    Say goodbye

  8. Being without tp- not something I want to happen!

  9. No TP, now that is not good at all. Or fun either. Have a great day Pat.

  10. Place with no tp sounds like one of the worst nightmares! Always check before using facility!

  11. May catch some long named disease.
    That is worse than fleas........ very true.

  12. Shouldn't it be Waystationfour now? It's not 1995 anymore

  13. Gawkers/stalkers all the same
    Wiping with your hand? Ew, terrible shame.

  14. Wife winked as she turned off the light
    It signaled a night of delight
    Then in bed we flew
    And curtains we drew
    So we could both view neighbors’ fight

  15. Odds are the original owner of the blog
    no longer leaves poetry dialogue...

    Brian you are missed - always remember to carry some
    TP when visiting distant lands...

    1. Out and about
      Maybe in Africa once more he is out

  16. Yuk to no tp and I have been there
    Into the shower I went without care.
    Now I make sure tp is at hand
    Or I won't use that stall where I stand

    1. Yep, make sure it is there
      Thankfully always is at our lair

  17. I'd take twelve gawkers
    over one stalker
    But an endless talker?
    Nah, I'd block her (or him).

    1. Block and smile
      While they yap all the while

  18. Too bad the Gawker is gone, Pat.
    I always carry tp wherever I'm at!
    Have a good one
    under your sun!

    1. That is a good thing to do
      As you travel to many a zoo

  19. I keep a stash of wet wipes in my purse in case I ever find myself in a place without any tp. I definitely wouldn't use my hand though! Eww!

    1. Yeah, I'd rather let it be there
      If there was no tp to spare


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