Oddly Blue Shining Through!

The odds are blue today. I guess they change color at my bay. Beats red I suppose. He'd cut off your rump and your toes. That pointy stick is mean. Odds are I will now get on with it at my scene.

The odds are blue.
The odds are red.
Both are true,
As he snores in bed.

Whoops, on the couch.
That's just mean.
Must make him a grouch.
Snoring loud enough to rupture a spleen.

Odds go down low,
With a blown up spleen.
But that you know.
Basic anatomy at one's scene. 

Then there are humpers.
They may get payback.
Those crazy wall bumpers,
Like a rocking shack.

Blue fixed their wailing.
They want to keep rockin.
So the wall may be failing,
And they may get Blue if he goes a knockin.

Skinny jeans nuts,
May come a showing.
With their tight butts,
After his showing.

Skinny jean killers.
They hate his hate.
So forget the fillers,
The give him a skinny jean fate.

Bora Bora could come to be.
He may travel across the sea.
Tramp in the waste left by me,
And never come back to see.

School may be in.
Over worked and under paid.
That sure isn't a win,
So blogging may fade.

Whoops, there is a remake.
It's Jaws the reboot.
A post he'll have to bake,
As another movie goes in the trash chute.

Odds = Highly Blue
Remakes, Reboots and Redos In View

Blue shall still be around, unless killer snoring is found. Then he may go to jail for snoring spleen blasting. The movie is already casting. Been to Bora Bora at your sea? Have you tramped in cat pee? Ready for Jaws the remake? Wouldn't doubt it will get a triple take. Are you a skinny jean nut stuck in a skinny jean rut? The cat will now go roll in the green grass, adding another color today to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Was on the road
      Side-stepping the toads
      Even though 2 mins slow
      Still made it 3 in a row!


    2. Toads can't stop you
      With the phone in cue

    3. Wait till August 29
      I'll be back, bring the wine
      Or some milk or tea
      Well, brace yourselves for Scooby Dooweeee
      Number one every day
      As I come back to play
      No copy and paste
      Just typing with haste

    4. School it out
      Blue can be about
      Counting the days
      Out of the maze

  2. Good to read first thing on this oddly blue sky day Pat.


  3. I know many shades of blue
    imagine that, but it is true
    thinking about who we are
    dreaming upon a far away star
    on this blue marble we do spin
    waiting for the tide to roll in
    wearing jeans with holes
    will that make us feel whole
    working hard, day and night
    in our dreams we take flight
    drifting to Bora Bora bay
    feeling the ocean's spray
    enjoy your moments in the sun
    as a new tale is softly spun
    splashing in hues of a new day
    may love always find a way!

    1. Many shades
      Some not so fair trades
      But all a spinning
      Sinning or winning
      Or maybe the pair
      Like the humpers at his lair
      Or all at bora bay
      With the wild mutts at play

    2. Wild mutts can jump in a hole
      Or have breakfast with Bora mole

    3. They'd want your feet
      A tasty, sandy treat

    4. And then take my shoe?
      Give them the flu

  4. Replies
    1. Need that or we'll get flack
      Maybe he'll choke on a scooby snack lol

    2. Bijoux knows the deal
      Time to spin that Scooby Wheel
      But no fortune you say?
      As in broke night and day?

    3. Broke every which way
      With no pay

    4. Works for me
      Then we'll flee

  5. Skinny jeans fate means he'll suffocate.

    1. That he will
      Also scrunch things up so he can't thrill

    2. Skinny jeans they want me to wear
      Gave him that angry look, made him lose some hair
      Nutty salesmen types
      Don't believe the hypes

    3. Don't believe?
      So skinny jeans grieve

    4. "But it's modern, you know..."
      So is the Bieber show
      Or Baywatch at their sea
      Can't beat a Scooby flea

    5. A modern take
      Your knees shall quake

  6. A roll in the grass sounds like the best idea.

  7. Blue is my favorite color

    others are too,but this is utter

    ocean is blue and blue is sky

    mysterious depth and inviting high

  8. Blue shows up at interesting times
    And is all over the place with what is said
    But that may be the blue in him
    And helps him avoid red.


  9. I don't read the Blue Grumpster's posts nearly enough! His is a wonderful blog. You nailed the challenges of teaching in a few lines of rhyme, Pat. But I was hijacked by Truedessa's, "in our dreams we take flight, drifting to Bora Bora bay, feeling the ocean's spray, enjoy your moments in the sun." Big dream of mine!

    1. Blue sure has fun
      With his posting run
      Nailed it you say
      Works for our bay
      A big dream for you?
      There are hundreds of wild dogs so watch out for poo

    2. Fundy Blue and True Blue
      And there's Scooby Blue too
      Bora... here we come
      Partying all night and then some...
      Who knows, maybe one day
      Having a blast at that Bora Bay

    3. A liar Blue
      Years ago came due
      Said we go
      False you know

    4. That President let me down
      Made me look like a clown
      But Blue doesn't lie
      Or make you cry
      Or make you sleep on the floor
      Or show you the door
      Or call you a wimp
      Or make you say hi to The Gimp
      Just so you know
      At the typing-with-haste show

    5. Good none of that
      Cat would send scat
      Left some in the bora sea
      It floated there from me

    6. That we are
      And still no fast car

    7. Can be a hoot
      But no worthwhile horn to toot

  10. Sometimes grumpy is an odds on favorite here!

    1. Grumpy for the win
      Can work at one's bin

    2. I would fire a bunch
      Between breakfast and lunch
      Give Pat a grand job too
      And a snack for Scooby Doo

    3. Grand job you say?
      We'll take it with the pay

    4. All I need is some power
      And a hot shower
      For a hour
      And a blue flower....
      Maybe a couch, too
      You know it's true

    5. Power to the little guy
      Yeah, that won't fly
      Hot shower is good though
      Helps the back at our show

  11. Oh blue
    It's true
    I like the depth
    If your posts
    But it's the subtle humour
    That I love the most

  12. Yeah, Blue sure is opinionated about movies... in a good way. That's one of the things I most enjoy about his posts.

    1. Yep, just lets it flow
      As most remakes blow

    2. The Fly is great, Roboflop is not
      Give me that 1982 Thing, not that 2011 Ding-a-ling
      Just so you know
      At the Kitty Cat Show
      The Silver Fox is cool
      Not a flop, not a fool,
      No need for a reboot at his bay
      Might even stop by today
      Reboots overall suck
      A Commando reboot?...
      Good luck!

    3. Commando may play
      With The Rock in display
      Or old fart Hogan
      The Hulk not Logan
      Roboflop wasn't for you?
      Ghostbuster lover at your zoo lol

    4. Ghostbuster Babes fooled Mister Blue
      Putting a spell on me and Scooby Doo
      Roboflop wasn't for me
      In the flopping place to be

    5. A spell you say
      I'll pretend to buy it at my bay

  13. The odds are blue
    Well, Scooby Dooby Doo!
    Both are a fact
    Check out my snoring act.

    Whoops, and then some
    Making me feel like a bum
    As I surf that couch
    Then slip and ouch!

    Those neighbor humpers...
    I wish they were jumpers
    As in off the roof
    Making them go poof

    Fixed their wailing and my walls too
    But they can still go sniff my blue shoe
    That wall's ok
    Not great when they play

    Skinny jeans with holes and whatnot
    Hairs sticking out showing the rot
    Tight butts a-showing
    Fat galore mind-blowing

    Trying to get me wear that stuff too
    No, sir, not at my shoe
    Except when Bora's my reward
    Beats chewing on lard

    Overworked is what I am
    I'd rather do the Clam
    As in a Bora Beach jam
    Singing with True, no scam

    Blogging's down in August all right
    Working my butt off day and night
    Just so you know
    At the Kitty Cat Show

    But thanks for the reminder at your sea
    I'll be rebooted in the place to be
    A place, not a gridlocked road
    As I get stuck like a blue suede toad.

    1. haha look at you go
      As the reminder does show
      Two in a row
      With yesterday's show
      One a foe
      One in the know
      The Clam is a thing?
      You and True have a fling?
      Angie may not like that
      But I'm not a rat
      Just a cat
      Can be bought where we're at
      Blah to the butt off
      Those buns must scoff
      But sure on the go
      So that we know
      A reward for the beach
      Years been out of reach
      Maybe one day
      As the diet let's skinny jeans come to play
      Can be a model Blue
      For the Bora film crew

    2. Angie'd slapped me twice
      Then put me on ice
      How nice
      Years is a long time
      But the Cat won't whine
      Which is grand
      Where's that Bora sand?

    3. lol at least you'd be cool
      After she took you to school
      Sand in a bucket
      Down in Nantucket

  14. Blue and red is purple
    Can't be grumpy with that
    Snore during school time
    Dream of Bora Bora says Pat

    1. A purple Blue
      That should come due
      Barney though
      hmmm don't know

  15. Oddly Blue Shining Through!
    Making a bid for red and blue
    If it's Bora bora
    Not the Tundra
    Having fun through and through


  16. When I tell my wife that she snores she comes right back that I do too. That can't be right though because I can hear my wife snoring and know that it's a fact whereas I've never heard myself snoring. If I were snoring surely I'd wake myself up.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Funny how that goes
      And one can claim never knows

  17. Blue is such a nice guy. I feel bad that he sleeps on the couch though. lol

    1. I always think that, why does he sleep on the couch?

    2. A sarcoidosis snore
      Loud as an exhusted boar
      Not a bore
      At the no-bore shore

    3. Might want to add the a
      Not for apple today

    4. Angie doesn't get any loving at night
      As Blue snores on the couch and the humpers take flight

  18. Snoring is a problem. My kids used to wait to come in late at night until husband snored very loudly. Thank God for CPaps.

    1. lol snoring can sure stink
      Drive one to the brink

  19. They say "Don't be blue."
    Yeah, that's kinda true
    The Blue Gumpster's so good.
    To compete, no one should.

  20. Let's hear it for the Blue Guy:)

  21. I wish they'd leave classics alone. I do imagine today's technology would make it look more real for the younger generations, though.

    1. Yeah I suppose it would
      But they come out as dull as wood

  22. orlin N casie...odds R ya did a grate job with thiz one two day ~~~~ 984 pawz UP ~~~~~ N oddz R dadz gonna take credit for it...... { will have ewe see in red ♥♥

    1. Yeah, tries to take credit for it all
      We need to get him for that at our hall

  23. I don't think I know Blue. Off to check out his blog. :)

  24. To help keep her husband from snoring
    A noise that she found so deploring
    It may sound like hoax
    But silence to coax
    She stopped telling jokes which were boring

    1. Keeps the snores away
      Easy peasy at ones bay

  25. Blue needs to get a CPAP machine for his snoring. Without it, Jason would be banished to the couch too. Nothing worse that listening to someone snore all night long!

    1. Thankfully I'm good there
      Cassie snores, but we're hardly aware

    2. Theresa's got a point
      At her joint

    3. That she may
      But it takes pay

  26. I must not read Blue enough
    Know nothing about this tight jean stuff
    But I know about the shoe
    Plenty of times it's been in view

    1. View it has a ton
      As he goes on a no shoe run

  27. I used to be anti-skinny jeans. I don't mind them now (on boys or girls, though I was slower to come around for the former).

    Hi Blue!

    1. Ah, but then you got to look at many a butt
      Liked it on guys after that at your hut lol

    2. Will she return?
      In time we'll learn

  28. To hate your hate you need some bate
    It's plain and simple, natural fate
    I was late to cheer the Blue
    Should I drink some mountain dew?

    1. Suck it back and rot your gut
      Maybe feats on a squirrel nut

    2. A mountain dew coming up
      With a straw or in cup?

    3. Straw has less germs
      And won't give you worms


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