Odds At Play In Some Dream Bay!

Dreams are grand. Go for them in your land. Except maybe the weird ones. They can be scary by the tons. Some may come true, some may need a new view. But have to keep on a going. Enjoy the nightly dream showing.

Odds are out.
Or maybe they're in.
What's that about?
Let's take them for a spin.

They go low.
She walks a nature trail.
Fast or slow,
That could fail.

Eaten by a bear.
Ouch, and then some.
Catch a psycho's stare.
Who needs that chum?

Then there's the beach.
There she goes.
A giant litter box in reach,
More than sand on the toes.

Catch something germy.
Or get lost in the ocean.
Either makes one squirmy,
Causing quite the commotion.

Lost at sea.
Could be grand.
An island for thee.
Treasure at hand.

Saved and rich.
Can blog all day.
Well worth the twitch.
Odds go the other way.

Whoops, all a dream.
That has to suck.
Wait, still in the stream?
What the umm fluck?

Lost in a dream.
Lost in a mind.
Quite the lost team.
No blogging of any kind.

Wow, odds sunk.
There they go.
On that treasure they clunk.
That was a dream? Oh!

Odds = Keep Dreaming
I Guess They Aren't Beaming

Can you get stuck in a dream? Would they call that some kind of coma stream? Hey, at least there you can be rich with treasure. That has to give one some pleasure. Maybe dream up a post. It could happen at one's coast. Beats get eaten by a bear though. That much I do know. I'll feed the bear the singing bass. He can choke on that instead of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. I have plenty of dreams
    Going on in my mind.
    But they never seem to materialise,
    Just gets left behind.

    Have a great week-end Pat.

  2. Dream all the time
    Then wake up
    Here early today
    Good morning and wassup

    Happy Friday

  3. I have repetitive dreams. And not good ones.

    1. Ones that make you want to run?
      Well those aren't fun

    2. Perhaps, that is something to explore
      or find a way to just shut that door

  4. Haha I just woke up from a dream
    and look a post about me on my screen
    yes, I dream here, there and everywhere
    some dreams are messages to beware
    odds are my dream of a beach will come true
    It may not be Bora, but I'll see waters of blue
    Odds are I have premonitions, what will be
    sometimes, I really don't want to see
    Odds are the cat knows me very well
    as he tells Pat everything where he dwells
    thank you for the feature on this day
    always fun to see what is on display

    hmm maybe, I'll retort with a post about the cat
    and include a little of this and that, imagine that
    Would that make me a copycat. Haha

    Have a good day as about you play!
    You certainly made my day!

    1. Glad a day was made
      As the path was laid
      Dreams sure come due
      All around your zoo
      A retort for the cat
      May be a copycat where you're at
      Pat has a big yap too
      Telling all at his zoo
      So worse than the cat
      Right? You believe that? lol

  5. Had a weird one last night
    Caught in a tight place
    But said to myself I need to wake up
    And then I was out of that space.


  6. How fun to see Truedessa featured in your post today! She writes exquisite poetry. I agree with her that dreams can contain messages and premonitions. I've have experienced both. Sometimes in my dreams I dream about past dreams within a current dream, and some nightmares I have had repeatedly since my earliest childhood. Maybe I should do a dream-based novel. Gotta finish that memoir first! Have a great day at your bay! Oh, btw, did you and Truedessa and the cats ever reach Bora Bora? I know you were having many unusual misadventures along the way.

    1. haha there you go
      A second novel to show
      Could do two at the same time
      That wouldn't be a crime
      Double the fun
      With a double run
      They may have reached there
      But got bored and are back to sea fare

    2. Blue's a liar
      His trip did expire

    3. I am still here no Bora in sight
      well, maybe in my dreams at night

    4. Dreams can flow
      Bora can grow

    5. I didn't lie
      Bora said goodbye
      Should have been hello
      At the Blue guy show

    6. Sure sure
      We'll believe your allure

  7. I do not have dreams
    Which is rather odd it seems
    And I wonder what it means.

    1. Everyone dreams, some just have no recall of their dreams,

    2. That would stink
      Some are fun to have and think

    3. Ah, so my just float away,
      Perhaps they will return some day. :)

    4. Mm, that should be Ah, so my dreams just float away. (I must be asleep now.)

    5. lol float into the air
      As dreams can't even be typed at your lair

  8. Truedessa dreams and likes the moon
    She wanders on a big sand dune
    She is a mystery draped in blue
    Writing poems so very new
    If I'm absent, I'm still alive
    Computer appears to take a dive (dang)

    1. Haha I do like the moon
      It makes my head swoon

    2. Mooning dreams?
      Hmmm some weird streams

      Maybe the cat jinxed you.
      For our computer is toast too

    3. Like the song, "Thanks for the memory"
      ......."no thanks for the jinx"

    4. lol got one thanks at least
      Works for the furry beast

  9. Sometime I have a really good dream and wake up to find out it was only a dream!

  10. I have always had very vivid dreams. So vivid, I still remember some from my childhood... and that was a loooooong time ago.

    1. wow, that is a loooong time indeed
      Some real great ones must take seed

  11. Nice to see a post dedicated to Truedessa!

    I've been dreaming a lot lately. I'm pretty lucky, though. It's been a very long time since I've had one that I could classify as a nightmare.

    1. Yeah, I don't have many, if any, of those
      So no nightmare woes

    2. Well nightmares are no fun
      I don't like to give them a run

      Thanks Silver Fox

    3. what about a daymare
      Can they come to one's lair

    4. A daymare can be found
      even if not sleeping sound

    5. Good we avoid the nap
      And don't fall into that trap

  12. Sometimes I dream of being number 1

  13. Odds At Play In Some Dream Bay!
    Dreams we do, good or bad everyday
    Just have to beware
    It's not a nightmare
    Brings lots of ideas every which way


    1. Ideas sure can be had
      Big dreams at ones pad

  14. True rocks
    With or without blue socks
    Just so you know
    At the Kitty Cat Show!

    1. Barefoot is better?
      Do socks make her a sweater?

    2. Barefoot for me is the way to go
      at the Truedessa show.. lol

    3. fun indeed
      who knows what will take seed...

    4. Thanks Blue, you rock as well

    5. Taking seed
      May result in an oopsy deed

    6. lol I guess that didn't sound quite right

    7. Can go many a way
      With what one does say

    8. An oopsy deed....
      At whose feed?

    9. haha guess its kiss and not tell
      Where she does dwell

  15. Stuck in a dream. Nope, wouldn't want that.

  16. I've been lost in the ocean...if you close your eyes on a raft and just chill, it doesn't take long for you to get carried away. Luckily, I floated parallel to the beach instead of out to sea. It happened a long time ago, but it was a lesson well learned. ;) When I think of Trudessa, I think of that voice you use for her in your videos, lolol

    1. Lol that would be the seductive voice.. lmao
      Oh how I loved those videos Rosey..!

    2. lmao that voice sure was fun
      As we gave it a run
      Good you didn't go all Castaway
      Eating bugs in some far off bay

  17. He married his dream girl they say
    And swore that he never would stray
    So he doesn’t roam
    Too far from his home
    He sleeps in a comma all day

  18. I have vivid dreams every night. Some are great- some not so much. Wouldn't want to be stuck in a bad one. :)

    1. Yeah, getting stuck in a bad
      No fun would be had

  19. There are some dreams I would love to be stuck in forever. However, I'll pass on getting stuck in any nightmares.

    1. Some would be grand
      Like rich across the land

  20. Dreams are a great way
    To survive a rough day
    Keep your head high
    And reach for the sky

    1. They sure can help
      When all you want to do is yelp

  21. I love that you featured Truedessa! Her poems so often feel like I've entered a pleasant dream!!

    1. She sure can bring one into a dreamy state
      Just her trait

  22. I love Truedessa poems and love yours adventures with her !


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