Odds Blog In A Fog!

Odds can blog themselves they say. They may be me today at my bay. We shall skip the me they thing as it is time for the odds to spring. Maybe with a bad Friday the odds may run away.

Is Friday here?
It's almost near.
What if it's not?
Odds sink with this plot.

If Friday is skipped.
Posting may be tripped.
No good weekend mention.
She goes into blog detention.

Bah, she travels too.
Odds sink on cue.
Grandkids as well.
Oh no, not swell.

Little germs machines.
Could stop all screens.
Making her sick.
No posts to click.

Cats at play.
More than our bay.
What do you know, 
Attention on the go.

Too much attention.
Back in blog detention.
How can that be?
Maybe they should write like me.

But movies galore,
Are sure still in store.
So then comes the review.
A trailer may show too.

The odds go up.
She fills her cup.
But then the weekend is taxing.
No time for relaxing.

The odds sink.
Drives one to drink.
Weren't you doing that anyway?
That is sure a weird thing to say.

Fun pics all aglow.
They put on a Wednesday show.
So odds for once a week,
Are still given a peek.

Odds = Happy Weekend
Must Be Some Friday Trend

Waiting for Friday at your sea? Do you start on Monday as it comes to be? Review movies too? Was the weekend taxing for you? Any germ machines near? They can be hard on each ear. At least on Friday all these questions didn't come to pass. No need to thank my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Yes Friday will soon be here,
    The end of another week.
    With the onset of the week-end,
    Peace and contentment I seek.

    Great verse Pat.

  2. Friday is my fave day of the week!

    1. One of the best
      Unless hump day comes to the test lol

  3. I like her Wink and a Nod and also those illusions she posts are very cool. I have read a couple of her books that she offered for free. That was very generous!

    Nice to see her featured..,

    1. She has a fun spot
      As the illusions and a winking adds to the plot

  4. Fridays are a grand day
    Sometimes hard to stay focused at work
    When you know you can play
    The very next day.


  5. My grandson has gotten me sick I don't even know how many times.

  6. Always ready for Friday
    No one in a sick bay
    Movies galore in my zoo
    She has a fun blog, yahoo!

  7. Weekends are no friend to me
    Must give up all my pri-va-see
    Five days I own the neighborhood
    Like a child lost in the wood
    The noise I hear is always mine
    Seclusion suits me mighty fine

    1. haha then out they come
      Making you glum
      The workers stay home
      Maybe on weekends you can roam

  8. Her Wednesday pictures this week are so fun!
    Thanks for making me curious enough to check under her sun!

    1. Good one to check out
      With August's final shout

  9. Weekend is here
    And no movie to review
    Just inspiration will do
    Weekend is near.

  10. Once I saw my name I knew you'd get the early Friday in there somehow:) Ha.
    Thanks for the creative mention. I loved it:)

    1. haha know the cat's tricks
      With the Friday picks

  11. I checked out her blog and enjoyed the post featuring the three cat photos, and I loved that optical illusion with Freddie Mercury.

  12. I find Sandra a charm!
    and she never means any harm.
    In fact she is the real thing
    Kind and thoughtful, to this ding-a-ling (Me:))

  13. Fridays are amazing! I can't wait for this week to be over.


  14. We all need illusions
    how often confused
    but feeling in fusion
    with muse...

  15. Nothing like a full cup to bring smiles to the heart!

  16. I'm going to have to bounce over there and check it out!

  17. orlin N cassie

    we loves franky; { himz a familee memburr ya noe } N his mom { whooz all wayz takin credit for franky's werk } ~~~~~~ wavez dood ☺☺♥♥

  18. WE sure don't want any germ machines around here. We love Fridays here and are looking forward to the week end. You have a super week end Pat.

    1. Hope you have a grand one too
      With no germ machines near you

  19. I hate it when wife smiles anew
    On weekends when breakfast is through
    And though heart she’d strum
    I knew what’s to come
    It meant I had something to do

  20. Friday is overrated. I live for Saturday. No work and getting to sleep in. Best day of the week!

    1. Saturday is the one day
      Where you can just sleep, eat and play

  21. Little germ gremlins at my school made me sick. I can't call off because no one likes to sub my grade, AND the teachers in my area know my son turns 10 today, lol, so they'd swear I was calling off for that... ODDS are they'd think they were right, even if they were not. ;)

    1. lol so you get to go in runny nose and all
      Just don't water the gremlins at your hall
      Or feed after midnight
      Things may not turn out all right
      Hope he has a happy birthday too
      Double digits at your zoo

  22. I'll have to pop over
    And check out Sandra's blog
    Every day is Saturday
    In the retirement slog


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