Odds Have A Say Come What May!

Everything sure likes to have a say. Some are sure weird when their say is at play. Weird can be fun unless weird is a scary one. These odds have a saying though that is not such an odd show.

Odds are in.
They are a sin.
Almost as bad as snow.
Not quite there though.

She likes 110 degree heat.
Even thinks mowing the lawn is sweet.
Did she fall and hit her head?
Maybe when she rolled out of bed?

Odds are she'll survive.
No heat stroke at her hive.
If you like it you must.
In such heat you trust.

But they may sink,
After she gets a drink.
Why is that?
A farmer may lose their hat.

Farmer's almanac may lie.
Could piss off some girl or guy.
So could get a farmer stalker.
Or maybe just a stern talker.

Or could be a nut,
With brains in their butt.
Your almanac lied to me.
Now I will get thee.

Wow, such people may need heat stroke.
Or just a good smack or poke.
But odds are they are out there.
Better watch out at her predicting lair.

The heat may never make her faint.
But she may have to paint.
Have to help the hubby out,
With no time to shout.

Blogging goes down.
Odds now frown.
Plus there is family time.
Odds now aren't sublime.

She goes to conventions too.
At least a few.
We know the odds there.
Travel takes on a whole new fare.

Odds = Too Soon To Predict
Those Almanacs Are Strict

Read the farmers almanac at your sea? Can be fun to see what comes to be. Enjoy the 110 degree heat? Bah, that sure isn't sweet. All that sweat sure isn't for me. Right up there with snow at my sea. But at least there is AC. A lot easier than some shoveling spree. I predict her posts will still come to pass. Although I could be a wrong little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Not bad for a dude on blogging break.
      Susan does know her Farmer's Almanac facts! She can keep the heat though.

    2. On top
      Even breaking not a flop

      She sure has that down
      Send all the heat to her town
      And the snow
      When it does blow lol

  2. My grandparents used to swear by the farmer's almanac. (Meaning they believed it to be fact, not that they swore while standing near it or anything.)

    1. haha taught them how to act
      As they took it as fact

  3. She has an interesting blog
    Always a good read
    110 heat here
    Is very easily achieved.


    1. That is all yours
      We'd rather do some weird tours

  4. 110 is way too hot for me
    I like 70s at my sea
    Farmer's Almanac is a good read
    Beats the TV forecasts so many need

    1. More entertaining a read
      And yeah, blah to 110 at our feed

  5. I can't bear 110ยบ F heat, Pat! I'm a 70s person. Terry likes hot, definitely not cool or cold. Still no decision on if we're going to relocate a lot. Definitely won't be going to the Gulf Coast or Florida!!!!! Have a good one!

    1. Still contemplating that
      Do you ever stay home anyway wherever you are at? lol

    2. My husband is a thoughtful decision maker! LOL I'm a firm believer that if we haven't made a decision, it's not the right time to make that decision. Meanwhile, Victoria here we come!

    3. Well he takes his time to make it
      Your way works in until he's done his bit
      A win win
      See? Never at your own home bin lol

  6. Hot is hot- dry or humid. Ugh to that

  7. Susan's got the right idea. See, when it's 110 degrees it's unbearably hot, so you have to drink extra beer to stay cool. You also sweat a ton, meaning you sweat out all of the beer and don't get massively drunk. That way you can keep drinking beer.

    I'm just excusing my alcoholism. We do love Susan, though.

    1. Too bad it wouldn't work the same with the wallet though
      Then back in the money would flow

  8. I'm fine with the heat. About this time of year, people start posting on fb that the Farmers Almsnac is predicting a really bad winter. I have to chuckle, as we had two really mild ones in a row, despite that damn book's predictions!

    1. lol yep, they seem to say that every year
      And not recently has one bad one been near

  9. My grandmother's Bible was the Farmers' Almanac and she had a garden that put every other one in the area to shame. Here's to heat. That means tomatoes!!!!

    1. Heat for tomato lovers
      A garden that makes all spectators hover

  10. Susan is sassy and sweet
    In cold and wind, rain, or heat
    Her lemonade is top notch
    There's nothing that the gal will botch.

  11. It's funny: my dad actually bought me a farmer's almanac back in July because I was growing a number of veggies and he decided that it would be the ideal gift.

    Am I a monster for not even opening it since I got it?

    1. lol have to go flip through
      Just to rectify that at your zoo

  12. Susan sounds pretty cool throught it all though!

  13. 110 degrees? I couldn't take that!

  14. 110 degrees, we have that here this week. I hate it.

  15. I love Susan, but I could do without 110 degree heat and mowing the lawn.

  16. It;s always good to have your say whatever language you speak.


  17. Thanks for getting everything about me just right. I'm not helping the husband to paint. It's the only household chore I can get him to do when I'm busy being a granny without profanity. Not much anyway.

    1. haha a little profanity granny for the win
      That works at any bin

  18. orlin N cassie....it getz past 78 heer N we think itz hotter N sounds like swell ~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaa...cours we get crankkee azz when itz bee low 40 two !!!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Yep, so do we
      Below or high doesn't work at our sea

  19. I'll take a pass on the 110 degree heat.

  20. Thank heavens my son mows the lawn,
    So I can sit back and just yawn.

  21. I once met a girl really hot
    For evening of sex that I sought
    My sexual yearns
    To hospital turns
    For third degree burns that I got

  22. There was a time almanacs reigned it all...but change comes quickly now ~ I am enjoying the heat but not too much ~ Much better than snow season which I dread ~

    1. We dread that too
      Stupid snow through and through

  23. I hate it
    When it's cold
    But when it gets hot
    I am not any more bold

    Sometimes I think I just like to complain

    1. Don't we all
      When the temp is high or it continues to fall

  24. Happy in 110 degree heat
    That makes for a sweaty seat.
    I'd rather have -10 to be true
    I know, my seatmay turn blue

  25. I don't mind the heat as long as I can dash to nearby AC as soon as I start getting too sweaty. Vegas was hotter than hell, but there were plenty of places to duck into to cool off before hitting the streets again.

    1. Good when AC is about
      Sure would suck if the power went out

  26. Some like it hot some like it cold
    Weather simply won't do as it's told

    1. Comes as it pleases
      Through storms and breezes

  27. Cheers to Susan
    The heat is for the brave
    'Long as there's ice in the cave
    Hurrah to her and her man.

    1. Ice in the cave is a win
      Cool down after a spin


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