Odds Make A Splash In A Flash!

Can something that isn't a thing make a splash at any wing? How would that work? Imaginary thing meet imaginary water for a splashing perk? The cat sure went on there. Odds are I always will at my lair.

Words are splashing.
Dine and dashing.
Can words dine?
So confusing to the feline.

Odds are good,
There at her hood.
Although she does drive,
Way away from her hive.

Yuck to that commute.
I'd give it the boot.
Then we'd go broke.
Maybe more of a poke?

Oh, she gave a review.
A good one too.
Oh, there's a bad.
Odds drop at her pad.

She gets tracked down.
Author is from crazy town.
They demand she retract.
Then they surely act.

Act what, who knows.
But odds go to new lows.
Then they may spring back,
As she lives vicariously at her shack.

Pics from others shown.
Maybe even uses a drone.
That is a good way to be.
No travel death spree.

Look, another review.
One for a movie came due.
It is a good one as well.
Damn, some critic raised hell.

How can she think that?
Drones on like a gnat.
Then she runs away.
Stalker critic won't let her play.

Isn't online fun?
Stalker and nuts by the ton.
Odds sure are slimming.
The lights may be dimming.

Odds = In Need Of Review
At Least They Aren't In The Loo

Do you review? Got a nut after you? Even if a review is good a nut may come after you at your hood. Don't you love the crazy internet nut cases? They usually won't even show their faces. Odds are she'll still be a blogging lass as I'm sure she can ignore any nuts like I do with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I've managed to avoid the nuts on my blog, but unfortunately, not on other sites.

    1. In they shall come
      Beating their strange drum

  2. I like Joanne's reviews
    Always fun to read at my zoo.


  3. Thanks Pat for the odd rhyme. You crack me up and captured the essence of word splash. Cheers to the weekend!

  4. I generally review every book I read, and even though I occasionally give a less-than-stellar rating, so far, no nut jobs have come after me. (Knock on wood.) (Not that I'm superstitious...)

    1. lol good no nut jobs came after you
      That just wouldn't do

  5. The nuts are everywhere and one day I will review each of them!

  6. Odds Make A Splash In A Flash!
    Intelligent review not to smash
    Must be fair
    All are aware
    Have a peek and then make a dash


  7. Nuts belong in a bowl, not after people
    Put em in a house with a big tall steeple

    1. And let them get stabbed
      Or maybe just grabbed

  8. I don't normally do reviews but I left one for the tv show which I love and really want it to get next season. Fingers crossed :-)

    1. Hopefully renewed it will be
      These days who knows at any sea

  9. Plenty of nuts and I don't mean mine
    Should drown them in a bucket of wine
    Stalkers reviewing my butt
    Like a butt-sniffing mutt
    Say it ain't so
    Yes, I know
    At the blue guy show
    Hey, it's Friday...
    Such a fun day
    I will come and play
    The number 1 game at your bay
    Just so you know
    At your kitty cat show
    Gotta go!

    1. Stalkers for much
      Just reach out and touch
      In they will come
      Nuts can go get stuck in gum

  10. Your rhymes are on point! I'm jealous of those skills :)

    I do review. I actually really enjoy doing it :')

    1. I suck at reviews at my sea
      Can rhyme, but reviews sound so generic from me

  11. Not bad! I click on the link and the first thing I see is a Spider-Man costume (kinda).

    1. haha good timing for today
      At least for your bay

    2. Dear Silver Fox- I have been in summer trip mode. Come back soon for a review. Variety at my zoo- mon, wed, fridays

    3. Variety wins
      With many spins

  12. orlin N cassie

    with R speech, we never get, N never will bee asked ta due a ree veew.....N thatz oh kay with uz

    { courz ther iz de bull shitz we make up everee octoburr for scaree mooveez !! }


    1. lol see it can be done
      Might make a fun review run

  13. I can't believe you haven't ran out of folks yet. So many people who could be number one

    1. Can do a whole month and more
      But only cut it to a month at our shore

  14. I had a stalker on my page. I put on moderation. He (or she) went to my Facebook page and started posting things like bloody water with heads beside it and foreign writing. I blocked him/her from there too. It went on a good long while though (with them making new facebook pages to do it again). I thought I might know who it could be, but the stat counter when they would post a blog comment showed them to be from a country far away.

    1. Yeah, well that is bull too
      As they could be using a VPN on you
      So they could be right next door
      And you'd never know it at your shore
      Had one or two
      Thankfully they hit the road at their zoo

    2. Good gravy, you think you know what's going on and then find out you don't have a clue. Technology definitely has it's pros and cons.

    3. Yep, cons are sure there
      Be in the know to beware

  15. they review even if you delete them as spam,
    promise the followers or swags or boats-come...

  16. When wife asks me "How do I look"
    Her question is bit of a hook
    for no words of praise
    or looks that amaze
    Explains the beating I took

  17. I agree with Belva, Nuts belong in a bowl:)

  18. Oh, the life of a blogger. If you don't have a stalker or two, you ain't doing it right.

    1. lol that is true
      Guess we are in the right at our zoo

  19. Late reading but all the same a wonderful verse.


  20. I'm late reading too,
    but I enjoyed your review
    of Joanne's blog ~
    It's definitely not a dog.

    I rarely give reviews, but I enjoy reading them.
    Maybe if I had more time ~ LOL
    Enjoy your weekend, Pat!

    1. Gave some to me
      We give a yippeee to thee lol

  21. Reviews are fun, when I have time to read
    Seems I don't get enough of the time I need
    I like to read reviews by others, too
    And now I've found another at your zoo

  22. Blogging can be scary
    With nuts in the bushes
    I would send Tarsier Man
    And fry their big tushes

    1. Let bug eyes do the trick
      He takes credit cards some slick lol


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