Odds Of Creation Get A Notation!

Isn't it fun to create? Can be anything that takes the bait. From words to cards to weird plants in yards. All can sure be done. Go for it as long as you find it fun. Don't go for it you are a mime. Fake things is just a crime.

Odds are slim.
Slim and prim.
Prim and proper?
Bah, call a grammar copper.

See? Created?
Is it dated?
That it may be.
Like cards to see.

Christmas ones.
She's got tons.
Birthday ones.
Even for nuns.

Up and up.
Fills her cup.
There is no stopping,
The card cropping.

Made and waiting.
Even after dating.
A new post to show.
Odds sure aren't low.

Movies of old.
There to take hold.
Movies of new.
There are a few.

High are the odds.
Dangling on fishing rods.
Not sinking in the lake.
No need for a double take.

Wait! A paper cut,
There at her hut.
Her finger can't linger.
She may lose the finger.

Ah, now it's the hand.
Odds sure aren't grand.
Wow, the arm too?
What a paper cut can do.

Hey diddle diddle.
Odds are a riddle.
Maybe stuck in the middle.
With no fingers to twiddle.

Odds = Flip Card Open To See
Two Flipping Arms Will Make Them Higher For Thee

Wow, she may need a card after that paper cut. A get well one would do at her hut. Must have been some bacteria filled paper. Maybe it was really an attempted murder caper? The paper cut serial killer. Could be the next thriller. Do you create at your sea? I'm sure some things come to be. Thankfully most paper cuts just get sass from my ever so sassy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. What a great start to the day, wonderful verse Pat.


  2. Odds Of Creation Get A Notation!
    A paper cut in a card plantation
    To keep on waiting
    There is no stopping
    So it might not be a reincarnation


    1. Can't stop
      Until you drop
      Then may return
      Or never learn

  3. What's a creation without BB
    Paper cuts and colour schemes
    No waiting or stopping you see
    Life is better with laughter it seems

  4. Thank you a bunch
    I even read this before lunch!
    I have had paper cuts and more!
    I sneezed and created glitter galore.
    Up the nose , all over the place
    It was glitter in my hair and on my face.
    Glad you like my Movie Picks
    I am humbled that you wrote about me which gave me kicks:)
    Ok..not a great poet..and you know it:)

    1. Hey, it works fine
      As the rhyme does align
      haha glitter up the nose
      After there she blows
      That would stink
      Could turn into the missing link

  5. Birgit makes great cards at her place
    And her knowledge of movies is out of space.


  6. Just getting to know her at my bay
    Her cards could brighten many a day

  7. Nice. One thing worse than a paper cut is a folder cut. So much bigger!

  8. Cards are grand
    Blog through the land

  9. I barely can get commercial cards out on time, lets alone make them and send them! BB's post on summer blockbusters was thoroughly enjoyable today! Sad to think that during my lifetime people died in isolated outports in Newfoundland when they got cuts that lead to blood poisoning and they couldn't get out to medical help. Have a good one, my rhyming friend. Hey, just a suggestion ~ Have you thought about putting a link to your new blog here? Or maybe you have, and I just can't find it. You think I'm bad with blogging comments? Well, I'm much worse with emails! LOL

    1. Ugg, that would sure suck
      A little cut doing one in like they were hit by a truck
      She sure makes many at her sea
      New blog? The one at Pat's non rhyming that doesn't star me?
      Would it being almost 3 years old count as new?
      Hmm what is a cat to do

    2. Boy, oh boy! Three years??? What is a cat to do? Add a link! LOL

    3. lol persistent aren't we
      There at your sea

  10. I often create some odd things, then I get into trouble!

  11. Glad you recognized Birgit. She's the best:)

    1. She is grand indeed
      Always visiting our feed

    2. This is sweet, like a chocolate treat

    3. Hopefully no diabetes though
      While on the go

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  13. take two, boohoo

    I like the creatives
    BB sure is one
    I can't help but wonder
    Did she invent the BB gun?
    Either way, she's loads of fun.

    1. haha if she did
      Keep your buns hid
      I hear it stings
      If at it a bb flings

  14. Birgit certainly does design some incredible cards, and her knowledge of movies is spectacular.

    1. She sure does know a ton
      Giving many a movie run

  15. What a coincidence,
    that today I lived through a similar incidence,
    but instead of a paper cut,
    a knife nicked my finger at my hut,
    who knew preparing chicken,
    could hurt like the dickens

    1. lol that chicken may be finger lickin
      But on some fingers it may be pickin

  16. orlin N cassie

    de food gurl came home frum her place oh employ a few ago yellin how her had two paperz cutz....eye toll her ta wash it out with sum salt water.....my add vize waz ignored....be de last time eye offerz a health tip ☺☺♥♥

    tuna of moon ~~~~~~

    1. haha she needs to listen more
      Or wear gloves at her work shore

  17. Love to create in one way or another!

  18. Her husband would lay it on thick
    To prove to his wife he was sick
    One day in this cause
    He gained her applause
    When funeral was his best trick

    1. Died and left insurance money
      Now all was sunny

  19. Paper cuts are so painful Pat ~ That's a lot of cards...

  20. Paper cuts are certainly dire, one needs a nurse called out for hire.

    1. Have her on speed dial
      When dealing with a paper pile

  21. I was actually introduced to BB Creations thanks to this blog. I do love her crafts, especially those homemade cards of hers!

    1. The cat introduced you say?
      Damn, I need to start getting paid at my bay lol

  22. Ironically none of the creations are the famous children's air rifle


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