Odds On The Redneck Come On Deck!

Hmmm, this one may be tough. Figuring out such odds could be rough. Maybe Vegas can help me out. They know what odds may be about.

The redneck is on deck.
May have to crane your neck.
Yeah, the odds are that low.
I'm sure there is no death though.

Whoops, I was wrong.
Look at her play along.
She's poking fun at super glued sex nuts.
They may get her after out of their glued ruts.

Along come more.
Enemies galore.
They are everywhere.
Odds are they'll only give an evil glare.

But what is this?
She has Facebook page bliss?
The blog is going down?
Uh oh, odds dip in her town.

Wait, she got in the liquor.
The words come quicker.
She needs another outlet.
Blogging is a safe bet.

Hmm, filled her cup.
That makes the odds go up.
Maybe just a little.
The liquor could just produce spittle.

She needs home repairs.
Like some new stairs.
Haven't we been there before?
Is this some rebooted encore?

She stated she'd never be back.
Whoops, lied at her shack.
That makes odds of a new post high.
But will one in August 2017 fly?

I don't know.
She may get sucked into a pimple popping show.
Or have much laundry to do.
Maybe dance disco like without a clue.

So the odds are in.
She may give one a spin.
But you got a 50/50 chance.
All hinges on that disco dance. 

Odds = In Between
Facebook may be her new disco scene.

What was your bet? What? You didn't bet yet? That is just rude. Is the redneck still around giving attitude? The cat shall see if it is true when this post comes due. She could have got sucked into some laundry craze or lost in a Facebook maze. The odds sure pile high against her in mass. Of course she could come back just to curse my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I gave up Facebook a couple of years ago. Found it too invilving trying to keep up with everyone.


  2. No bets just guesses
    Attitude breeds platitude
    Yellow hats and red dresses
    Go from longitude to latitude
    Viewing the world through this lens
    But what are the odds it all makes sense.

    1. Odds are it won't
      Makes sense some things don't

  3. Odds On The Redneck Come On Deck!
    Red Carpet review with a comeback
    To try to take a bet
    Best dressed starlet
    When good-natured fun not a setback


    1. No setback as had
      As she pokes fun at her pad

  4. It'd be nice if she wasn't on hiatus

  5. As Rednecks go, I say this gal ain't
    Take your time, it's all mirrors and paint

  6. I wondered where she did go
    she is busy with the Facebook show
    to that I just say no,,,

    She did leave some funny comments though
    but, that you already know

  7. Lost her to Farcebook, as Gary likes to call it.

  8. I like that, farcebook. Good name for that crazy place. Have a great day Pat.

    1. That ia great name for it indeed
      Hope a great day is had at your feed

  9. If she said she's gone
    And Its been awhile
    I think she might mean it
    Just put her in a file.


  10. Several of my blogging buddies have let their blogs go down after moving to Facebook. I think they're moving because it takes less time. To me Facebook is like empty calories. I'll skim it for a bit to catch up on family and friends, but it's not the same.

    1. I only use it when I need to go all stalker
      Otherwise, I'm not a Facebook gawker

  11. She said " Here, hold my beer" and left

  12. Half the time I forget to even check my Facebook!

    1. Yeah, no use to me
      So no checking comes to be

  13. Odd and Rednecks are the norm down here!

  14. It cracks me up when people on fb or their blog say they'll never be back and then 2 days later...they're back.

    1. Lol, I see that ALL the time on Facebook and message boards.

    2. Yep, or those who say
      I'll never again watch that tv show on display
      Yet they watch and whine more
      With the same old encore

  15. I grew up in redneck country. Odd? Oh definitely.

  16. orlin N cassie; we see a lot oh that late lee; gone frum blogger and ore werd press ta head two who noez wear....we haz pals that taked a hike two three yeerz ago, guess we shuld kleen up R reeder ~ ☺☺♥

    1. Many have sure gone by the wayside
      Taking another ride

  17. Southern tee:
    I can go from sweet southern girl (or Belle) to redneck in three seconds.

  18. I know a lot of bloggers whose blogging slacked off when they joined Facebook.

    1. Facebook sucks them in
      And they no longer do a blog spin

  19. When I first kissed her
    love formed a blister
    when bro shouted mister
    she is yer sister

  20. I wonder if some may move
    Because Farcebook has the thumb's-up groove?
    Farcebook's more common and more frequent feedback
    Might steal away the blogging knack...

    1. Farcebook is all about me me me
      Oh, a thumbs up, whooopppeeee

  21. I only use my blog Facebook page when I have to promote stuff. My personal Facebook only gets used a few times a week, if that. FB is nothing but a bunch of silly memes anymore that used to get forwarded to us in email, now they are just plastered over and over again on our walls. It's become quite a drain even opening FB these days.

    1. Yeah, they switched from that email crap
      To chain letter facebook across the map
      One big load
      With a meme mode

  22. I keep track of friends and family on FB. And then only once in a while. I still use my cell phone to call people when I have news to share.

    And I hate those chain-letter meme's. Uck.

    1. Good to keep track of those far away
      The rest can go get tossed in the bay

  23. She went to Facebook and rarely shows up?
    Facebook has pics of a cat and a pup.
    I don't care what people eat
    I don't care what is on there feet.
    I do like seeing nice pictures and a video or two
    Really, a quick quiz and look is all I do.

    1. A looky lou
      Is fine for a view
      But what people do
      Pfffft times two

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I was ranting about Facebook, but didn't want to be THAT girl. ;) I use it for my blog. Sponsors like it. :)

    2. lmao rant away
      Fine by our bay
      Getting $$$ from it
      Makes it a hit

  25. I like Facebook
    To each her/his own
    Some bloggers are just as "Me, Me, Me"
    As many do moan


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