Sure Isn't Any With Odds Of The Many!

When you have a lot is it cheating? Odds may never be depleting. A lot to say here at my bay. So my odds go up like a frisky pup. When lots to view the odds sure go up too.

So many to play.
Odds may go astray.
With cats by the ton,
And donkeys to run.

Wow, odds just shake.
They do a triple take.
They are just here.
Easy and clear.

Cats on the bed.
Easy day at club med.
Cats in a tree.
Easy post to see.

Cats in the barn.
Can spin a yarn.
Cats in the grass.
A post comes to pass.

Donkey a rolling.
A post comes a strolling.
Donkey at play.
A post on display.

Donkeys and cats.
Chew no fats.
Double the post.
Odds high at this coast.

The camera gets eaten.
Odds may be beaten.
The cats all hide.
Odds take a ride.

Whoops, there's another cat,
Sitting on the welcome mat.
Another on the car.
Odds sure don't shrink far.

Internet goes out.
Odds may pout.
Computer goes bust.
Odds may rust.

But it gets fixed.
Odds are nixed.
A post on display.
Cat of the day.

Odds = Highly Catty
All That Fur Must Drive One Batty

Got cats every which way at your sea? How about a donkey or three? Hey, you might have a Donkey Kong game. So that can still be a maybe, sorta, yes to that claim. The cat is rather mean to other cats though. So we'd howl near her show. But with so many cats in mass, Marg will keep on a posting as long as my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. There are many cats in my neighbourhood but sad to say I'm not allowed to have any pets myself so enjoy the ones around me.
    Great verse.

    1. Good you can enjoy them there
      As they are near your lair

  2. Thanks Pat for that great verse about the many many cats around here and the donkeys too. You did that well. And it is very true, there is a cat everywhere you look. No one is every lonely here. You have a great day.

    1. Can sure have a cat in sight
      Never lonely day or night

  3. We love Marg and all of her critters too, ya done it up right for her!

  4. I can see that Marg and I are at two opposite ends of a continuum. I love to travel and don't want to be tied down, while she loves caring for her cats and donkeys and is happy at home. Such beautiful kitties (Don't get in a snit, Orlin ~ You still have the loveliest markings I've seen in a cat) and cute donkeys! Have a great day at your bay!

    1. haha the cat is fine with that
      Tied down? So no kinky stuff where you're at? lol

  5. No cats around here, more like dogs ~ If the internet goes out, it will be a dark day indeed ~

  6. Cats and donkeys all around
    Sound like quite a fun time
    Though I'm not sure I would like it
    So I will end this rhyme.


  7. my eyes itch from too many cats
    all that fur, drives me bats
    donkeys can kick
    I'm leaving here quick

    fun saturday post

  8. Fun blog, but isn't it kinda silly to write a blog from an animal's point of view?

    Oh, wait. You do that, and I've done that...

    Ummm, forget I said anything! Mea culpa!

    1. Guess we're all nuts then
      A least the three of ours den

  9. I only have two cats but two is enough,
    Having any more would be too tough.
    Patches likes to fight with Tiger,
    But he runs away which is wiser.
    No donkeys at my pad,
    Which makes me very glad.

    1. Having more than two
      Sure can be quite the crew
      One likes this, the other that
      Each have their own stat

  10. Would that be Donkey and Puss in Boots?

    We'll have cats again on Monday!

    1. Could very well be
      Bet you'll be having fun Monday at your sea

  11. I love all the new sites you're introducing me too! I love me some donkeys and kitties.

  12. I wonder how many Donkey Kong jokes she has to put up with?

  13. Cats are cool
    Except when they drool
    Like my Mongo does every day
    At his drooling bay
    When he sees snack
    In my blue guy shack

  14. Cats can be fun to watch. I've never had one but seen enough online.

  15. It's not cats at my sea, but dogs that are suffocating me.

    1. Got a whole three
      With their suffocating spree

  16. Lots of kitties?
    I will have to drop by
    And donkeys, too
    To sweeten the pie

  17. A computer cat
    Imagine that
    Where are they at
    Under Pat's hat

  18. Pets and debts by the score
    They may eat you out the door
    Pets eat up a lot of feed
    They have to get a job indeed

    1. That they do
      Rent to be paid the month through

  19. Love cats and donkeys are pretty great too. :)

  20. This house sounds like a special place
    With cats and donkeys, maybe not much space
    But lots of love in her home
    And she must have loved your poem


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