The Kitchen Odds With Pea Pods!

The cat will chow down on anything at all. Including tacks at our hall. Hey, it was there to chew. Cassie tried one too. Pat made me spit it out though. Now I just eat things that make me go.

Glory Dear is back.
In cooking she doesn't lack.
She takes pics of stuff too.
Cooks up a storm at her zoo.

Odds are swell.
Hear that bell?
A new order is up.
Can go fill your cup.

Can fill your plate too.
That is easy to do.
Something for all.
Shines on her wall.

Dairy is still scary.
But I can eat a berry.
No mutt will get ahead of me.
The cat shall eat with glee.

Oh no, a hairball.
I splattered it on the wall.
I took a pic of it.
Scared more than a bit.

Odds down thanks to me?
How can that be?
It was just a hairball,
Right here on my wall.

She's poisoning all?
How dare her at her hall.
Those recipes are fake?
No one can even partake?

That is just rude.
Tried to poison this dude.
Her odds sink.
Sink in a blink.

Her camera broke?
Can't show but can choke.
That was the cause of it.
She went crazy with a no pic fit.

Odds are really sinking.
Cooking and thinking.
Can odds cook?
It's poison, don't look!

Odds = Cooked
A Post Shall Be Booked

Did you know Gloria was trying to poison us all? Good thing the cat can have a hairball. But she is every so sly and won't get caught. So I'm sure a new post will be added to her plot. Is dairy scary to you? Not really scary to us but blah at our zoo. Get an enemy to be a food tester with that Glory Dear lass. She'll never get my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. When it comes to the kitchen
    I'm not very good.
    Though at my age,
    I most certainly should.

    Loved the Saturday verse Pat.

    1. Probably better than me
      Not much I do at my sea

  2. The Cherry Clafoutis she has up looks delicious! It's that Lemon Curd Ice Cream she made though, that sends my heart a'singing. Just as she confessed, I love all things lemon too. :)

  3. The pudding is the proof
    My blood sugar would be through the roof

  4. Odds are Gloria makes delicious treats!
    I've seen her tasty recipes...

  5. aah Pat ! Im absolutely touched and happy. So lovely of you write about my kitchen.
    thanks ♡♡♡♡

    1. Glory Dear had to be done
      As she comes and has fun

  6. We never mind someone cooking up stuff!

    1. Cooking up things
      Can lead one to chicken wings

  7. Sounds like something to check out
    always looking for new recipes at my bay
    like them simple and easy
    so I have more time to play


    1. Simple and easy works
      Having more time is one of the perks

  8. Dairy is NOT scary. Ha. After all, I live in the 'dairy state.'

  9. Lucky for me, dairy is not scary:)

  10. She makes more in a week than I do in a year

  11. Replies
    1. You two should get along great
      As cooking is her fate

  12. The Kitchen Odds With Pea Pods!
    Wishing to be young to gobble the lot
    All the sweets
    Happily with it
    Fantastic talents combining hobby to a job


  13. Watching a cat spit up a hairball is really sad.
    Having to clean up the hairball is really, really bad.

  14. My wife kept me good Christian guy
    Whenever a new meal she’d try
    Before we would share
    What stomachs would bear
    I’d offer a prayer of goodbye

  15. It's good to keep those tacks away
    from being cooked,
    but getting in the book
    it's good idea to sway

  16. Goro got hairbll this morning. Luckily (?) it went on the carpet. It's much easier than cleaning wall I think :-)

    1. lol true, easier than the wall
      And the couch, and bed and from something tall

  17. A lady after my own heart with her yummy recipes. I do love a good food blogger ♥

    1. Food for the win
      Never would have guessed at your bin

  18. I all read wa cake! I'm there!

  19. Somehow I missed this post, and I'm glad I found it. Gloria's cherry clafoutis literally made my mouth water! The last thing I need is another delicious dessert to try, but I'm going to have to make this one! So I'm wishing you a day filled with unexpectedly tempting and caloric foods that you succumb to! LOL

    1. lol that wish won't come true
      Pretty bland eater at our zoo


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