The Odds Fly For Old One Eye!

The cat knows this will be low. That one eye sure makes it so. Pitch forks are at the ready. But we will see if the odds remain steady. Get your bets in. This one is a sure fire win

The odds go high.
High for old one eye.
High to low.
We just don't know.

First she can scare.
No eyes by the pair.
Just that one in the middle.
So scary makes little kids piddle.

The pitch forks come out.
The townsfolk scream and shout.
They want her dead.
Odds sure aren't fed.

Then there's the beach.
She has one in reach.
We know the odds sink there.
So that one isn't rare.

Next it's the stairs.
She climbs by the pairs.
That many and she may trip.
Whammo, goes down with a back flip.

Then she may work.
That is a perk.
A perk with the money.
Posts may not show all sunny.

Oh right, that one.
Can't forget such fun.
She whines every day.
Oh the dismay.

The odds are in pain.
Here comes the migraine.
Down they sure sink.
I can't even think.

Took a few steps.
Checked out some reps.
Migraine be gone.
A cyclops is on your lawn.

Wow, she could get fame.
Old One Eye the scary dame.
Scare your migraines away.
Odds are she'll get pay.

Odds = Giving Me A Migraine
Cyclops Odds Are Just A Pain

Ever see a cyclops at your zoo? Old one eye sure has a one eyed view. Hey, she can't fool the cat. We saw her one eyed pic way back at her blog mat. Like to climb stairs too? She sure climbs a few. Step by step she goes with some sand on her toes. I hope she didn't make any kids piddle in sand. That sure wouldn't be grand. Has a migraine come to pass? I can be such an annoying little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Getting around slow!


    2. Back to the top
      With a streak non stop

  2. I ceratianly require something to stop pain.
    Wonderful verse. Pat.


  3. :) great verse....hate migraines.

    1. They suck a ton
      Deserve every single hate run

  4. The Odds Fly For Old One Eye!
    Chipping in giving migraine a bye
    Cyclops menacing
    Gets frightening
    Headaches make many wishing to die


    1. That many sure wish
      When it fills their dish

    2. The odds are always stacked for me
      I'm the good against evil at this sea

    3. Pfffffffffffffft high hopes
      If all elopes lol

  5. Making kids piddle?
    That's you, with your awful riddles!
    My steps lead me to all that is grand
    or did you forget that already at your poo filled land?
    I have sat upon THE golden throne
    and now our country is his own
    oh wait
    maybe that ain't so great
    and it's time for me whine
    about that time
    I had yet another migraine
    and was laid out in pain
    but then who would listen to me moan?
    I'll just come here, so I'm never really alone
    because I have the evil nasty cat
    who loves pringle cans full of poo at this mat!

    Ah...just like the good ol' days, cat!

    Where's Anne when we need her?


    1. haha no solid proof
      From the orange headed goof
      So we'll stick with our story
      No proof, no golden glory
      The cat is ready for anything
      As the cans sure can fling
      Smack in the eye
      Making the little kids stop piddling and having a cry

      Anne ran away
      Probably having fun huffing paint fumes and being a grandma at her bay

    2. The proof you wanted me to share
      so I gave it at my lair
      for all of those to see
      just how golden that throne was for me
      okay, fine, perhaps it wasn't ALL quite gold
      and the truth was stretched as it was told
      but now you can't get in there with out a pass
      no matter how talented your rhyming ass!
      Or at least a search and a pat down
      as you cross the pickets and the clowns

      Anne did move on to better things
      but if she were here, the poo would fling!

    3. lol could have been stolen from the net
      You aren't fooling this pet
      I could sneak in but then get caught
      In some nasty cell with a loo I'd rot
      The Canadian terrorist guy
      Hmm yeah, we won't let that plot fly

      Yep, she's on to other things in life
      Free from poo and viking fat chewing strife

  6. Those kids need to piddle in the litter box instead.

    1. They need to find one
      After such a scary sight blocks out the sun

  7. No one likes migraines
    To be in that pain.


  8. Never seen a cyclops, unless you count X-Men cosplay

  9. Too conflicting thoughts
    give you migraine
    put ice on top odds
    and feel no pain.

  10. No migraines here. But feel sorry for those who have them.

  11. Good fighting comeback, Elsie!!! I wouldn't wish a migraine on anyone.

    1. Bah, don't cheer Old One Eye
      Next year's Fundy Blue post will have to kick it up a notch then when it does fly lol

    2. And so my fans come out to cheer
      you shall hear them far and near!

    3. That's what ear plugs are for
      Keeps the R and R at our shore

  12. Haha! I enjoyed Elsie's feisty reply!
    She may turn on the cat
    and make him fry
    with her one cyclop eye!

    1. She can try
      But away she'll fly
      Too busy in the giant litterbox
      Or in sandals and socks
      For years she has failed
      Her plans the cat leaves derailed

  13. Ha - work a perk?
    I never looked at it QUITE that way.

  14. Fun too see her feisty reply
    Even though I don't know One Eye

    1. Par for the course with one eye
      As she lets it fly

    2. I am fiesty against the wretched cat
      He's been evil and deserves all of that!

    3. I've had worse from you
      Way back when at our zoo

  15. She can work to get fame
    Better to be sane than insane
    Or maybe not
    Cyclops are to be fought

  16. Migraines are a bitch
    they can make the one eye twitch.
    I am thankful I don't suffer from one
    Migraines equals zero fun

    1. Zero fun comes with those
      Just plenty of woes

  17. I've had a few migraines and they are no fun.

  18. Those migraines. I absolutely hate them.

    1. They sure suck in every way
      No matter the day

  19. Normally a cyclops would be odd, but not in this neighborhood!

  20. Migraines are never good, but would be halved if a cyclops:)

    1. That may be true
      Guess they aren't as bad as she says at her zoo

  21. The cyclops have fame
    Like THE Auntie Mayme
    If ayes were all eyes
    There'd be pie in the skies

  22. Old One Eye
    can also be used
    for a part of a guy.
    Now aren't you amused?

  23. orlin N cassie

    a cyclopz ewe say ...awesum....N iznt ole one eye a characturr in one oh yur dadz bookz ??!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. lol that she may be
      Put in a book a time or three

  24. WE think a cyclopz would be a little scary to see. Have a great day Pat.

  25. I clicked on the link, of course. Quite an interesting blog!

    1. She created a new one since this post was made
      Same musings, just a name trade

  26. At bar once a girl gave me eye
    I said to myself Gosh Oh My
    What else could I say
    Of ghoulish display
    One’s eye isn’t way to win guy

  27. Sounds like Old One Eye and Halloween Nazi should get together. We'd be two peas in a pod.

    1. Scare all the little kiddies to bits
      Make them piddle and give them the shits lol

  28. Elsie rocks, her migraines suck a ton
    Should assign them to the middle of the sun
    A beach at her spot
    Beats a potty pot
    Just so you know
    At the kitty cat show

    1. Stick them there
      Without a care
      Works for we
      Here at our sea

  29. Maybe migraines are worse
    With only one eye
    All that added pressure
    Could make one moan and cry


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